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7/28 Tuesday

Another discussion with a friend who’s been grappling with knowing self as eternal. Each of us is eternal but this is about potentials, possibilities and responsibilities, investing time and effort, going beyond the mind and what we think we know as true. I remember the summer I made a similar decision, I think it went along the lines of “If this (soul) is true, show me.” Thankfully there was more energy on the desire than on the doubt.

Examination starts somewhere. What did I feel was eternal about myself? Soul. The understanding I had of soul remained that of the child who went to parochial school. Talk about an unconscious belief! In short I had the image of the soul as a white heart, with dark spots symbolizing the concept of sin. Where in the body was the soul? ”In the heart.” mmm. Nowhere else? ”Not that I know of.” What about the rest of the body? What about your cells? ”Never thought of it.” Then what keeps your cells alive? ”Blood, oxygen…” Where does the gift of life come from? This one took a while, “God.” What is your connection to God? “Soul.” Is it not possible that a divinity of consciousness exists within each cell? That soul exists within each cell? Oxygen and blood are the mechanisms of life, not the essence. Shift.

That shift felt like a tuning fork resonating within my body. It was an energetic earthquake. Over a short time, it expanded consciousness and the potentials and possibilities of life.

My friends experience was different but resonant. Having been led through a personal examination its easy to lend a hand to others. That saves time and cuts down on some frustrations.
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7/26 - Sunday

Another chop wood, carry water, be present kind of day. Household, family and garden chores each had their turn.

Perhaps it would be helpful to explain what I mean by the first sentence and how the second sentence is now approached. When I’ve written something like chop wood, carry water, be present part of what is meant is that as the day goes on emotions and thoughts are monitored and aligned with the highest good. After years of practice this is done on a moment to moment basis, as not to do so puts me in a space that doesn’t feel right. It might take twenty minutes for me to interrupt it but that is as it is.

Any harmful emotion, be it fear, anger or whatever form it takes, is aligned with compassion, the highest good. The choice to choose that emotion is not tolerated. Even harmful emotions are a choice, I’ve been shown/realized. That choice can be changed.

That anticipated outcome or thought, associated with that harmful emotion, is aligned with the highest good as well, along with the phrase - no thank you - and perhaps a “be safe” when warranted.

“No thank you” is a choice not to engage an imagined outcome.

Simply using the phrase “be safe” protects self and others from harm. The more often it is used, the more powerful it becomes. The more it is given away, the more it is received. In my life it is applied liberally to anyone I meet, causally or otherwise. It is most effective when spoken (and heard) but it is effective sent energetically. It creates an energetic field around someone that deflects harm, in whatever form it takes. I know its efficacy personally, with my children and loved ones.

As for how household, family, garden chores or any daily task is approached, for now I’ll simply state that the potential is for these things to be done with an attitude of gratitude and service. Gratitude is thankfulness that the house keeps you dry when it rains, that you have walls to protect you instead of being homeless, that you have food to eat. Any household task can be done with an attitude of service to Source, Creator, God within each person. The first application is always the hardest and to be effective it need not be held for the entirety of a task. It need only be attempted consistently and can be picked up again should practice falter.

My first attempts to employ any of these strategies closely resembled my first attempts to drive a car with a standard transmission.
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6/25 - Sunday

Another interesting conversation between a friend and I about being eternal. It arose around the question of “Who am I?” The why/how that examination had been put off. The reasons given were along the lines of “not now, I’ll get to it later.” It’s like saying I’m thristy now but I’ll drink later. We’ve all done it or are doing it. However it a question that will be answered. The matter of timing is our decision. There are no prerequisites.

Now that the examination of that question had begun my friend could find no reasonable explanation why it had not been done earlier. It made no sense, such is the nature of illusion. It’s not like it’s a one time examination, but it is a beginning.

In my own examination of the same question, which has become a marker for things that I feel, think, say and do, part of what I grappled with were the emotions of anger at God, fear of God, resistance to God. The beliefs that I was not worthy, had not done enough, and on and on. In the end, a whole lot of “nots”, not this, not that. It’s amazing the list of things we come up with if we sit down to write them out.

Harmful emotions required healing, beliefs that limit or separate, choices and behaviors were exhaustively examined, changed, transformed, released. It was physically demanding;emotionally and mentally draining. Meditation renewed. Prayer informed. Life transformed.

It is a process. One undertaken even when results are not recognizable, progress elusive. Not everyone desires to take this kind of journey and that is ok. Each effort made softens the experience of life.

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7/12 - SUNDAY

A quiet day in life belied the inner landscape of unresolved emotional memories. Even after years of aligning thoughts with the highest good, unhealed random memories with no recognizable outer catalysts can surface. That’s what happened today.

These catalysts, which require no other person to manifest, are opportunities to heal. An act of will is required to align these thoughts as every thought has some amount of energy attached to it. The energy is emotional in nature, and life being as challenging as it is, the emotions attached to these memories are usually harmful in nature. I understand fear and anger to be harmful emotions and these random memories would fall under the broad emotional category of anger.

Anger includes feelings of displeasure, irritation, fury, impatience, resentment, aggravation, annoyance, bitterness, abusiveness, criticalness, or slander, just to name a few. Harm can take the form of thought, word or deed and is usually more harmful to self than another, though as we are dealing with Unity, both parties experience the effects. You cannot wish upon another that which you do not also experience. Unity again. Which underlines the importance of aligning thoughts with the highest good, which could have a base definition of; do no harm.

In these kind of memories the belief that the other person or persons involved are “other” is part of the package. Anyone seen as “other” or separate is unconsciously, automatically also seen hierarchically. The other being less than, while we, unconsciously, are viewed as more than.

So the perceptions involved were complex. Therefore my healing process required a multifaceted approach. Instead of separating out the shades of emotion, I used the broader understanding of anger and proceeded to align self, emotions, beliefs, desired outcomes and the person(s) involved with the highest good. I could tell that a measure of healing was reached by the feeling of relaxation that came after the contemplative/meditative approach I used in this instance. The benefit of using anger, as opposed to irritation or any other of anger’s forms, is that any other memory that also has anger associated with it, was also simutaneously healed to the extent that it could be in that moment.

Unity in action.
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It was a quite day around the house and within. I was up at dawn and tended to the details of life on a week-end. Peace is an incredibly rich eternal quality, which I am thankful for.
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