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Encouraging Artists To Paint

Labeled as design 'artist' for over 20 years, one day during writing my autobiography, I picked up a paint brush and start painting the chapter illustrations on canvas. It was an organic process full of fun, joy; much to my astonishment. It was clear that something other than me was painting.

After successfully selling my art in many venues, I was given a gift by a friend. It was a review by an established local art gallery. It was 'the gallery' if you know what I mean. The reviewer was highly critical,” It is like pop art, naive art you know what I mean." No, I didn't know what she meant. My heart shriveled like a thirsty flower in the blazing sun. The shock lasted for months. Thoughts went through my head such as: I have no right to be successful. Why are people buying my art, maybe they shouldn’t. I shut down. All I could think was I have to go back to school and get a formal visual art education, before I sell my work.

Soon after, while walking the eclectic sidewalks in Asheville, N.C., I was drawn into a gallery for emerging artists. Introductions took place. Next, I was placed in front of an incredible kind loving teacher, Vadim Bora. He was a world renown artist and sculptor. He proceeded to tell me that I had what it took as an artist. He volunteered to be my teacher. Graciously, I accepted the honor and was his student for the next few years. Before meeting him, I had pulled all my art out of the galleries that I was showing in. After all, until I learned how to paint professionally, I couldn't sell art, right? I painted over some of my earlier paintings because they stirred too much emotion, or so I thought. I had no idea that the reactions that stirred emotion were good, not bad. Like a sponge I proceeded to soak up as much as I could from my teacher.

After awhile, I was ready to start painting on my own again but I had I hit a wall. I struggled for months feeling that my joy had left me. I questioned if that organic creativity would flow from me again. After meeting another famous artist at the dentist. An Asheville workshop opportunity emerged. It was a 'just be',Jonas Gerard workshop, meant to encourage the technique of freely painting from the heart. You have probably figured it out by now. The way I was painting naturally from inspiration, in the beginning, was exactly what the hot new workshops were teaching. You can pay as much as $3000 for a week end workshop available across the country that teaches you to just pick up a brush and just paint. I had a chuckle. When I gave myself permission to paint with no agenda, the joy returned. Paint and they will come! On my website,, the first thing you will read is, “ I encourage and support everyone with a desire to pick up a paint brush, to do so. Vincent Van Gogh did not begin to paint until age 30. Self taught, no one's expectation or political fashion ruled his sole or defined his heart. Some call him crazy. I call him inspiring.” To the artist in you. Love, Arrachme.
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Encouraging Artists to Paint
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