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A Body of Information...Loving Your Body No Matter What

"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.. "

Thank you Bob Marley for this amazing and uplifting anthem. Every time I hear anything from the late, great Rastafarian, I can feel my cheeks tighten as a smile forms across my face. This song resonates with me for some reason. Listening to Marley's music is like a warm hug as it embraces every cell of my being.

Speaking of cells, here we are.. A collection of trillions of cells each with a specialized function. An intelligent and divine organization of light and information.

Ah, the beautiful and delicate dance of our cells. The complex tasks that are performed just to keep us alive. Can you believe it? We are literally walking miracles.

I've worked with hundreds of people. Many of them felt prisoners inside their bodies. Some of them believed their bodies were "failing them" and making their lives miserable.

This is just an example of what happens when we view ourselves with a limited lens of perception. I remember my own experiences with chronic pain. I suffered pain in my hips and would take about 20 minutes to rise in the morning. My body literally creaked! At 36 years old, this is unacceptable. I was feeling like someone twice my age.

I began to shift my view of my body not as something that's holding me back or in need of fixing, but as a temple for the divine. A walking miracle!

Once this shift was embedded in my cells, I began to think differently about my relationship with food. I prepared my own meals before going to work. I followed a somewhat ayurvedic approach to eating.

All things in nature have natural rhythms and the human body is no different. For instance, the digestive system is barely awake upon rising and needs a gentle nudge. I usually start with something gentle like a peeled and cored stewed apple in the morning. (organic and sweet apples are preferred)

A stewed apple may not seem like much in comparison to that huge bacon and egg breakfast so many Americans adore, but once you hear the health benefits of a simple stewed apple, you will soon find yourself purchasing an apple peeler-corer-type thingy of your very own.

For starters, apple has lots of pectin. Pectin is a soluable fiber. In fact, an apple has more pectin than any other fruit. Fiber alone has lots of benefits such as regulating blood sugar by regulating it's release into the blood stream. This in turn, keeps insulin levels at bay as well. How often do you feel a crash about 1/2 hour after a standard American breakfast? Fiber also keeps your appetite satisfied as it's a bulky food. As you know, fiber also keeps things moving. It's stagnation that can lead to many chronic degenerative diseases and imbalances. Fiber literally absorbs the toxins and send them on their way!

A stewed apple contains lots of flavinoids such as quercetin. Quercetin has been linked with slowing down the effects of estrogen. From my own experience, I no longer have PMS symptoms. Also, too much estrogen has been linked with certain cancers.

Let us not forget the anti-oxidant properties of this simple morning treat. In addition, there are several trace minerals in them.

Movement is now a part of my daily regimen as well. Movement helps pump the lymph system and rid the body of cellular waste. Movement also helps increase oxygen levels in the blood and nourishes the cells. Nourished cells communicate well!

Let's not forget water intake. I typically drink over a gallon of water. I'm over 200 lbs so approximately half my body weight is 128 oz of water. Since it's summer and I live in Phoenix, AZ I require a little more that's why I'm pretty safe with consuming a gallon of water steadily throughout the day.

Another practice that is incorporated into my daily regimen is "checking in" with my body. Remember, cells all have intelligence and speak to one another. In Auyvedic medicine, a cancer cell is one that has lost it's intelligence. In addition, it can no longer speak with other cells.

A simple exercise is to simply sit quietly for about 10 minutes or so and imagine you are walking into a concert. Does this concert sound like a symphony or a musical equivalent to nails on a chalkboard? If it's the latter, imagine taking in divine light and send this through each cell of your body until you hear the symphony. This is a good way to check in with your body.

While I haven't eliminated meat from my diet, I consume it in small amounts. Typically, I have some red meat during my "moon time" where I need some extra iron. Plus, I do enjoy a little 6 oz steak every now and again. Most of my diet is fresh vegetables that are almost always cooked with turmeric. Turmeric has lots of anti-tumor properties and is good for fighting inflammation.

I eat my mid-afternoon meal until I'm about 75% - 80% full. I no longer have a need to pig-out during lunch or snack during the day. Also, I'm mindful regarding food combination as I don't want to get weighed and lethargic after a meal. If I do go out for lunch with co-workers, my meal choices are those based on how I will feel after eating them. For instance, no pasta and meat dishes.

I do not eat 3 hours before bed time because I know my digestive system is beginning to wind down. Since I'm honoring my body, I am in tune with its cycles.

Another daily practice is loving myself unconditionally. Cells talk to cells and you don't want to fill up the receptor sites with nasty neuropeptides with constant bad feelings. That's right, I love myself. Not in the arrogant egotistical sense but I truly love the walking miracle that is my human body. I am happy to report with these simple shifts, the extra weight has been coming off - 21 pounds since April just by tuning in to my body's cycles!

I hope my experiences will resonate with someone reading this. I cannot tell you what a change it has made in my life just by making simple shifts in my perspective of my body. I went from feeling imprisoned in my creaky large body to connecting with my divine being and realizing what a miracle I am!

Warmest Regards,

JoAnn Clinton
Posted on: 2008-09-21 23:12:58. Comments