Twin Flames

Feeling tired and sad in your Twin Relationship

So many of the Twin Couples and all those who are still trying hard to be a couple have the same problem right now: sadness and being tired of all the ups and downs.

You might ask yourself... will it ever really happen for me ?

It is true that you see and hear about so many cases where it seems that it is impossible, but sadly enough you don't hear enough of all the other Twin stories:
Stories of success and happiness.
Stories of final reunions that are amazing.
Stories of Twins who had to overcome the most painful obstacles but still succeeded and became one.
Stories of miraculous help from the Universe when it seemed hopeless.
Stories of the Runner returning and joining his/her Twin for the greatest union of all.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of these kind of couples and have seen them reunite successfully. Many are too shy to share their story and would rather just live it, which is understandable after some of the hardship they have been through. I have seen couples come together from across the globe, traveling thousands of miles and leaving behind everything to be with their Twin.

You might think that every story has to be one of struggle and heartship when you see some of the videos on YouTube. Not all are like that.

I would like to set the record straight about the failed reunions: there are more success stories than failures. Like with everything else in life, the Twin story is part of the journey and we decide where it will lead us: into the light or into a place of loneliness and despair.

You might say but we are not in control... I say you are ! The Universe guides you in the right direction, but it is up to you to walk your own path. You already know that the timing is the most important thing in the Twins reunion, so instead of worrying on when it will happen you should allow for it to happen naturally.

When manifesting, you have to let go after you manifest what it is you need, allowing the Universe to work its magic. Most of the things that seem important to you when you are struggling with being apart are most likely just things that are minor and would not cause any problem if you were together. It is the Ego telling you that he/she should be calling you more, telling you I love you more often and expressing the need to be together all the time. Just remember: even if your Twin does not do all the things you expect him/her to do all the time, it does not mean he or she is not feeling the pain and the love the same way you do.

All of the couples that I know personally and worked with told me that during the waiting period that they often doubted every little thing that was not exactly the way they felt it should be. Very often this silly doubt and the feeling of not being treated the way we should be treated by our Twin can be very damaging for both. Never forget that living in duality is still a big part of the uncertainty we are all experiencing all the time; don't let it get the best of you.

When you are feeling like there is no hope and you are ready to give up, try to find and read about all the success stories rather than watching another failed and bitter Twin story on YouTube. You have a choice of how you want to live your life, make it the very best choice and don't take second best as an alternative.

If you realize that your reunion is not possible at the present time, put it in the hands of the Universe and let it be until the timing is perfect. Even if you could force it, it would not be long before you would be right back to square one. So if you are feeling blue and sad this summer because you are still not with your Twin, try to envision how amazing it will be when you finally reunite, at the right time.

On a personal note, if you are in Florida and interested in a personal consultation or would like to attend one of my workshops please contact me.
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Twin Flames Twin Souls

What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Twin soul ?

This question has come up several times when I talked about my own experience living with my Twin Flame / Twin Soul.

The major difference is that Twin Souls are always romantically involved and carry out their spiritual mission together. Twin Flames reunite to fullfill their mission and can be romantically involved, but in most cases they are not.

The reason for this is simple, there are two kinds of reunions:
The first one is for the sole purpose of assisting this planet in the raising of consciousness for the upcoming ascension of each individual inhabitant of planet Earth.
The second one is also about assisting and helping with this important mission, but the difference is that when the Twin Flame souls were divided in the beginning by Source it was agreed on bringing them back together for the final reunion.

So there are Twin Flames that will find each other, get together to help humanity and then might leave each other to follow their own path. The others stay together in a loving relationship, living in harmony and continuing to help with the preparation for ascension.

The idea that Twin Flames are the perfect partners and lovers is therefore not completely correct. Much has been written about this and some information can be very confusing when you are seeking for answers. Some web sites focus on the ecstasy part of the reunion and how it will be the perfect intimate experience. Like every relationship is unique, so is the one of the Twin Flame couple; the focus should be on the spiritual mission rather than the personal part of the union.

All of the above applies in the case of the Twin Soul couple: you have the mission part and eternal love. Divided and reunited at the right time, this is the ultimate in personal and spiritual union.

Twin Souls vibrate at a much higher frequency level than Twin Flames and in total harmony, a vibration that can be felt and even become visible in rare cases.

You can see their auric field in the colors of the rainbow, but much stronger on the purple and white colors.
Twin Flames

You can see how their energy fields seem to merge if you able to see auras, it looks like a giant bubble of iridescent light around both of them rather than two bubbles like you normally see with two people.

Twin Souls are true mirrors of each other and have experienced many lives together in the past, but they are not aware of the fact that they are indeed Twin souls until the final reunion. Not everybody has a Twin Soul counterpart, Twin Souls are very special beings put in place by Source for a reason. The timing to reunite is off for some, and in most cases it causes difficulties in the mundane life. There is usually a big age difference between the partners, but it generally does not cause any difficulty at all. I can say from personal experience that age plays no role at all in our relationship.

The way the Universe has designed this union is to grow together and the one that has the greater knowledge brings the other one along and up to his/her level.

This should help you understand a little bit more about the difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls if you are only seeking for the love of your life and are attracted to the ecstasy part of the union.

You can check the Twin Flames / Twin Souls Reunion page to get an in-depth reading if you would like to find out about the possibility of finding and reuniting with your Twin Flame / Twin Soul.

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Awaken all Lightworkers

In seeking guidance and clarity I have communicated with my Guides the Council of the Ancients and Ariann.
The Message is CLEAR
Seek,Find and Unite All Lightworkers and Starseeds on this Planet
This is the Message:

Greetings to the Keeper of the Memories Crystals

It is time you shine in the brightest light and vibrate the message, to all who are awaking and waiting for the call

Vibrate our message to all and make them find the way to the light, in time we will show you the code to activate all Lightworkers to their full vibration and Oneness. All will be be One, the Source Energy

Ariann: We have chosen you to bring together what was spread apart to keep from harm, shine bright and vibrate this new and powerful energy we have activated in you, Oh Sister in Light, bring it fort and create the colors

The Council of the Ancients:
Be well Keeper of the Memories Crystal and Shine
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