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Karen M. Umminger, LCSW, CHT
I am an interpersonal psychodynamic therapist who uses various approaches to assist clients in reaching their goals. I specialize in improving relaionships, family of origin work, trauma issues, depression and anxiety, grief and loss issues, life transitions, gay/lesbian issues and career/workplace concerns, self-esteem and recovery. I am certified in the Hakomi method of body centered psychotherapy and give attention to your whole person--body, mind, spirit, emotion. I often work in the "here and now" and take an interactive role in helping you to problem-solve. I encourage clients to experiment with new behaviors and attitudes and sometimes offer homework between sessions. I work with individuals and couples and create a safe, confidential environment where your concerns are heard and addressed.
Karen Umminger
1109 Southwood Road
Austin, TX 787045352
United States
Phone 512-442-4117
Fax 512-442-4117

Soulight Healing
I began a search over 20 years ago that allowed me to experience healing in ways that honor the entire human being -not just the mind. My approach is one that honors each client's strengths and path towards wholeness. I empower clients towards their own self-healing. My work is integrative - utilizing mindfulness and inviting the soul/spirit, mind & body to drive the process of therapy. I specialize in non-pathologizing therapies. I strive to create an atmosphere of safety first and foremost. I feel that spirituality is an integral part of the healing process
Chapel Hill
Susanne Kaiser, MA, LPC
1829 E. Franklin Street, Suite 100-D
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-5865
United States
Phone (919) 932-4367
Fax (919) 968-2998
ABC Rug & Carpet Cleaning Hampstead
Bacteria, allergens, and dirt hide within the fibers of your carpets and rugs and often cause health problems within your home such as watery eyes and sneezing along with allergy flareups. If you are tired of looking at a dirty carpet or smelling your rug, now is the time for you to reach out to the team at ABC Rug & Carpet Cleaning Hampstead. We offer you the best and most affordable rug cleaning services to ensure your carpet is as spotless and odorless as it can get.
carpet cleaning
1400 Panther Dr #222
Hampstead MD 21074
United States
Phone 443-291-8707
Porsche Leasing
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New York
Porsche ny
1439 1st Avenue
New York NY 10021
United States
Phone 646-217-0229