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GMI Renters Insurance
GMI Brokerage is in the business of providing businesses and individuals in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area with a variety of insurance options so that all of your insurance needs are taken care of. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with excellent service and a plethora of options so that nobody in the Flushing area has to go uninsured. GMI Brokerage is a full service insurance agency that has been serving clients all around the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas since all the way back in 1995. We are well known in the community for our outstanding service, incredible attitude and competitive rates. Customer satisfaction is our agency’s biggest priority, and we strive to make sure that our clients walk away with a smile on their face after every meeting. We specialize in many types of insurance, but business insurance is one of our top specialties. This includes (but is not limited to): small to medium size business of any industry, workers compensation, commercial insurance and many other types of insurance policies. We do provide free claim assistance to our perspective clients, as well as a detailed policy comparison. Our agents will go over your current insurance policy and provide free explanation of every little detail to ensure that you fully understand exactly what is covered and what isn’t on your specific policy. The best part about this is that you don’t even have to be our client in order to receive this service. We are dedicated to changing industry standards and making insurance something that is easy to understand by giving you all the information you need and ensuring that your best interests are always being looked out for.
Renters Insurance
Flushing NY 11354
United States
Phone 646-693-0118
Kalpesh Patel, LMT
Backgound in Taichi Chuan, spontaneous chi kung, buddhist meditation. Clinical experience in orthopaedics, sports rehab, and pain management.
Kalpesh Patel
805 NW 35th Av
Gainesville FL 32609
United States
Phone 352-256-1739
Long Island Garage Door Spring
Which bring us to an important question: Which is the most vital and used part of any garage? Of course it’s the garage door & the garage door spring in it! The torsion spring, as it is technically called, is the most used part of any garage door. Which brings us to the next question; what is a torsion spring and why is it required? In simple words, the torsion spring is nothing but the spring that winds and unwinds every time the door opens and closes. Each time the torsion spring does that it stores energy and uses energy to open and close the garage door. And each time it does that it wears and tears. That is where we come in. And the goodies don't end there. We provide assistance 24x7 within minimum time. Our, technicians know the workings of a garage door and torsion springs like the back of their hand and can repair any garage door in a matter of hours. Moreover, we use the best tools and technology available in the land of garage door and torsion springs so you can be rest assured that the integral part of your home is in the hands of qualified garage door experts. Moreover we also help in design and construction of entire garages. You may be surprised to know that the humble garage can even be designed and decorated like furniture in our homes to give the most energy efficient and useful garages. Some of our experts have been in this field for years and are considered one of the best in business. So, if you ever need any assistance with garage doors, torsion springs, garage openers or any other garage item for that matter, all you have to do is give us a call at Long Island and our experts will be there to assist you.
Long Island

Levittown NY 11756
United States
Phone 516-605-6497
Morgan Legal Will Preparation Lawyer
Our firm provides legal representation in all areas of immigration, consumer advocacy, debt collector harassment, corporate formations, business sales, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, as well as consumer and commercial real estate transactions. The Morgan Legal Group PC has represented individuals who have been harmed by the conduct of others as well as corporations. In New York City, wills are to be written by individuals of 18 years or more. The testator person writing the will must be of sound mind and must sign the will in the presence of two attesting witnesses. Other than a typed will the NYC acknowledges nuncupative (oral) wills which are made by armed forces members while undertaking their naval or military service. The armed force members may also make holographic wills which should strictly be in the testator’s handwriting. The Morgan Legal Group PC is experienced in the latest technological advances of trial preparation, and, the emphasis is on hands-on personal legal service unlike most other law firms whether large or small.
New York
Preparation Lawyer
New York NY 10023
United States
Phone 212-547-8962
Morgan Legal Will Preparation Lawyer
At Morgan Law Group PC, our probate attorney can represent you in all aspects of estate litigation including contested will litigation. The last fiduciary duty in estate administration is conferring inherited assets and trust funds to heirs designated by law or named in the deceased will. Estate planning helps to eliminate any discrepancies or legal issues that may arise after the death of the testator. Even though it is not compulsory to have a will notarized in NY, it is highly recommended for one to notarize it. This means it is “self-proving” and can make probate easy and fast. A will must be kept in a safe and easily accessible place. Upon the death of a testator, the will needs to be filed in the New York Surrogate Court and in the county where the decedent lived. The original last will is to be accompanied by a petition for letters testamentary. The executor or his attorney file probate and furnishes the court with information about heirs and beneficiaries. Heirs and beneficiaries need to be notified of the ongoing probate proceeding. A probate proves the validity of a will and in some cases, there is a will contest.
Morgan Legal
Brooklyn NY 11218
United States
Phone 718-489-9175
Ortho Pro Associates Inc
Ortho Pro Associates is known as the premier facility for custom orthotic care in South Florida. Ortho Pro Associates Inc specialize in all types of orthopedic conditions that require bracing. Our approach is to treat each patient as an individual and we will work with you to customize your orthosis so that it functions in a way to help you achieve your goals. Our practitioners provide caring service and are trained in the latest orthotic technology. We take pride in helping our patients achieve their goals.
Ortho Pro Associates Inc
9150 SW 87th Ave # B100
Miami FL 33176
United States
Phone 786-503-0832
Ortho-Bionomy Connection
Ortho-Bionomy is an effective form of bodywork which uses gentle movements and comfortable positions to unlock tensions and relieve pain.
Darlene Smith
156 Wedgewood Drive
Lincoln NE
United States
Phone 402-484-6800
Polish MI
Polish MI nail salon (previously known as Beautiful Nail Salon & Spa) is excited to reopen its doors in April 2018. Conveniently located between Taco Nazo and SuperCuts, Polish MI nail salon has been completely remodeled and lead by new owner/management. We offer SNS dipping powder, and we specialize in pink and white acrylic powder. We have a wide selection of OPI gel polishes and we do Cat Eye nails and Chrome nails.
La Habra
Polish MI
121 S Beach Blvd, Ste B
La Habra CA 90631
United States
Phone 562-691-7029
Richard Valasek, RN
Classes and training and private sessions. Change from within.
Pearl City
Richard Valasek
1683 Hoolana Place
Pearl City HI 96782
United States
Phone 808 455-7508
Rug Cleaning Greenwich
Your rugs are an important piece of your home and they showcase your style and love for a beautifully crafted piece. If you notice spots or stains on your rug, then it may be time to clean it. The experts at Rug Cleaning Greenwich are here to help you as we offer some of the best and most affordable rug cleaning services. When we return your rug to you, it will be odorless and spotless. We treat each one of our clients just like family and we will provide you with a free estimate to have your rug cleaned. We know that your rug is a piece of art and it adorns your home so flawlessly. We want to provide you with the best clean for your rug and that is why we only hire the best techs in the area. Our team is trained on how to clean your rug, handle it, and what products to use on it. When you hire us to clean your rugs, you will have the confidence knowing that our team has been trained extensively on the different types of rugs out there. We also offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee too. If your rug is in need of a cleaning, do not delay and call Rug Cleaning Greenwich today. We are here to care for your rugs and clean them efficiently and properly. If you would like to learn more about our handwashing process, do not hesitate to call us or visit our rug cleaning page today.
Cleaning Greenwich

Greenwich CT 06830
United States
Phone 203-496-8414
Rug Cleaning Jersey City
When you look at your rugs, do you see stains and dirt? Or, do you think that your rugs are smelly? If so, now is the time to call Rug Cleaning Jersey City. We are one of the top providers of rug cleaning services in the local area. Our experts treat you just like family and we offer free quotes too. When you choose a company to work with, it is important that you hire professional rug cleaners in Jersey City. Improper care of your rug can lead to damage to the rug itself. Our team handwashes all of the rugs that we clean, and we even make sure to pay special attention to the colors and dyes in the rug as well. Your rug is likely an extension of your family and it may have been passed down as an heirloom. Because of this, you want to make sure it is in good hands and you want to make sure the cost to clean it is affordable too. We have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible and the quote that you receive from us will be the price you pay. We do not surprise you with any hidden fees. When you hire the team at Rug Cleaning Jersey City, you can rest assured that you will receive the best services in the NJ area. Our techs are experienced and licensed to provide you with top-notch rug cleaning. If you would like to learn more about our services or you would like to receive a free quote, now is the time to call us.
Jersey City
Cleaning Jersey
Jersey City NJ 07311
United States
Phone 201-298-4826
If your rug is dirty, stained, or has an odor to it, now is the time for you to call Rug Cleaning Fair Lawn. We offer you some of the best cleaning services for your rug and you will be able to enjoy a spotless and odorless rug once we are done cleaning it. As the number one provider for rug cleaning services in Fair Lawn, we will work closely with you to make sure that your rugs are cleaned and completely spotless. Our team of experts will handle your rug as if it is their own and will even come to your home to provide you with a quote. Your rug is likely a serious investment that either you put the money into or it was passed down to you from your parents or grandparents. Because of that, you want to keep the rug as clean as possible and to do so, the cleaning services must be affordable. Professional Rug Cleaning for Your Fine Rugs – Fair Lawn, NJ. Fine rugs cannot be treated just like a traditional carpet and they must be cared for in a professional and special way to preserve their quality and beauty. It is important that you only trust a professional to care for your fine rugs because improper care can lead to the deterioration of your rug.
Fair Lawn
Cleaning Lawn
Fair Lawn NJ 07410
United States
Phone 201-298-4825
Shodo Spring
I use Ortho-Bionomy and energy healing to assist people with well-being, recovery from accident or injury, and healing from emotional or spiritual wounds. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, effective and non-invasive form of hands-on healing. I've worked with Ortho-Bionomy for over 20 years, and have professional experience with mental health issues as well.
Shodo Spring
1676 S Olive St # 7
Bloomington IN 47401
United States
Phone 812-339-4021
The Healing Connection
Ortho-Bionomy and Therapeutic Massage in Omaha - Ric Chamberlin, LMT
Ric Chamberlin
900 S 74th Plaza - Suite 116
Omaha NE 68114
United States
Phone 402-850-0752
Toni Liljengren (formerly Rames)
Toni is a holistic health practioner her passion is Ortho-Bionomy also Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a speciality with over 20 years professional experience
Toni Liljengren
1736 Kaehulua Pl #1
Kapaa HI 96746
United States
Phone 808-821-0135
Trust Law Attorney
According to the terms of an agreement setting up an Irrevocable trust, it won’t be legally possible to change, alter, modify or revoke the trust once it has been created. Once property and other assets have been placed in an irrevocable trust, it is not possible for the trust maker or any other person to remove any assets from it. Survivorship life insurance can be held in an irrevocable trust. It is possible to use this type of life insurance for estate tax planning with large estates. A trust maker may want to discuss this with a tax professional. This type of insurance policy in an irrevocable trust could provide significant negative tax consequences. This trust is designed as a way to protect assets from any type of claims by creditors after its creation. It is possible to legally create such a trust in a country other than the United States. The goal of creating this type trust is to insulate certain assets from creditors who would want to obtain them. They are normally revocable trusts, and the assets are often returned to the trust maker after a specified period of time. A trust maker is usually able to regain control of their assets after creditor issues have been resolved. This is created for individuals who get government benefits. The goal of this trust is to make certain a person’s financial situation continues to make them eligible to receive such benefits. It is a legal trust and governed by Social Security rules. The disabled trust beneficiary is not permitted to have any control concerning the amount or frequency of any type of distribution from the trust. It is often an irrevocable trust.
New York
Trust Law
New York NY FRRRRR44
United States
Phone 212-547-8973
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