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Cerise M. LaCore, CMT, RMT
Medical and Therapeutic Massage
Reiki Master-Teacher
Animal Communicator/Intuitive
Energy Work, Distance healing
Cerise LaCore
5 Sierra Gate Plaza #350
Roseville, CA 95678
United States
Phone 916-786-2595
Fax 916-786-2606

Chrissy Reseigh
VOM,Animal Communicator, Canine & Equestrian Massage , Reiki Master and Nutritional Options to address Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of our animal friends. Long distance healings available.
Chrissy Reseigh
5325 21st ave sw
Naples, FL 34116
United States
Phone 239-825-0939

Christina Montana
I perform Shamanic Healing Journeys for both people and animals. Through journeys, I am also able to bring back messages from deceased animals. These have been some of the most powerful journeys. Animal Communication can be done as a "house visit," if you are in the Northern Virginia area or by phone if you are out of this region. Past life information for animals and people is something I've just started doing, so no request is unreasonable if it's important to you and/or your animal. I teach workshops on Shamanic Journeying and Star Journeying. The latter is advanced shapeshifting. I also do small group Animal Communication workshops.
Fairfax Station
Christina Montana
PO Box 102
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
United States
Phone 703-946-6973

Christine Cole/Full House Farm
Horses remind us of our core intention and inner rhythm. Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, herds of horses move with synchronicity of motion; as one entity. Their communication is understood on a vibrational level, creating alignment of the whole. Humans have the capacity to move with the same harmony, resulting in an alignment with our desires that heightens our pleasure and sustains well-being, improving our experience of life and creating health from the inside out. Tapping into this “vibrational awareness” allows expansion of creativity and develops a dynamic that attracts matching intentions.
Christine Cole
1000 Sexton Road
Sebastopol, CA
United States
Phone 888-596-6006
Fax 707-824-0802

Christine Jefferson
Powerful private healing sessions, readings, and workshops to assist individuals with physical trauma, emotional grief, mental stress, and personal Soul evolution by utilizing Transformational Reiki, Etheric Surgery, Psychic Chanelling, Intuitive Empathy, Animal Communication, Akashic Records.
Christine Jefferson
Loretto, Ontario L0G 1L0
Phone 905 729 4824

Cindy Westen
Cindy has an incredible ability to heal animals. Her special gift in both communication and energy work, help release pain and emotional issues from the animal leaving them with peace and understanding. Cindy splits her time between her radio program called Cindy’s Pet Talk, taking private appointment sessions, teaching others and writing a book about all the interesting and wonderful things animals have had to share with her.
Cindy Westen

Escondido, CA 92025-7917
United States
Phone 760-533-4603

Shifra Nerenberg
85 Alabama Ave #2
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-252-6716

Shifra Nerenberg
85 Alabama Ave #2
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-252-6716

Crystalline Energy New Age Store
Shop with us for incredible healing jewelry, crystals, stones, books, Faery Devas, Angels, Crystal Singing Bowls, Candles and Incense, Stained Glass and original artwork from locals! We're a great place for Metaphysical Stuff! www.crystallineenergy.com

For local visitors stop by for a private hot rock massage or Reiki session. Our psychic readers are here for you Tuesday through Sunday! Why not join us for a class? (check out the online newsletter for schedule)

Visit the store at 3625 West Bowles Ave in Littleton, 80123. We are just about 1 mile West of Sante Fe and Bowles at the Middlefield and Bowles intersecion. Or call for directions at 303-797-6244.

cheryl Watson
3625 West Bowles Ave, Unit 12
littleton, CO 80123
United States

Cynthia Attar
Welcome to my site! I thank you and your pet thanks you! Do you have a pet who has a challenge? Maybe some problem that the vets say there isn't anything wrong with him--but you know there is? Sometimes pets develop problems due to emotional stress. Sometimes they take on their person's stress. I specialize specifically with pets, ailments, injuries. What I do is utilize my animal communication ability to have the pet tell me why the disfunction is there and everything that surrounds the reason you brought your animal to me. This may include the owner’s mental and physical state, and/or that of other household members. Once we get a clear picture of the problem, we then work through the mental root cause of the ailment and ask the pet if s/he can let go of it now. Once I get agreement from the pet that it will be okay to let go of the challenge, I then utilize my visualization skills to dislodge the disharmony and bring the animal back to health again. Generally, the chat changes things for the person also, and everyone is finally on the road to recovery.

Cynthia Attar

Chehalis, WA 98532
United States
Phone 360-266-0199

Dancing Spirit Healing Center
I am a natural medical intuitive with a gift for seeing to the core of physical and emotional pain. As a result, I approach "pain" with Love, compassion, and a deep understanding of its cause.

I offer my intuitive gifts to help one discover, understand, and release the "root cause" of illness, dis-ease, and life crises (pain). Through one's own efforts and willingness to heal, one begins a powerful journey to self-Love.

Kim English
3228 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818
United States
Phone (916) 204-3506

Daniel Wagner
Known for his unusual abilities as a psychic and healer, Daniel has toned his gifts through work with secluded figures and world reknown figures like Doreen Virtue, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Susan Gregg, Lynn Andrews and others. Daniel is trained/certified in distance healing, psychic healing, reconnective healing, reiki healing, angel healing, silva method, chakra balancing, psychic reading, mediumship, dream interpretation, and animal comunication.

Daniel Wagner
Triad www.psychicdaniel.com
, NC
United States

Diana Beuchert
Diana Beuchert utilizes her intuition, personal power and training to help her clients lead healthy and happy lives - be they human or animal. She is a Reiki Master, a Shaman and a professional Animal Communicator. She reads Tarot cards, talks to Spirit Guides, journeys through traditional Native American Shamanic methods and channels loved ones in order to bring wisdom and healing into her clients' lives. Appointments are conducted in Diana's Japanese healing garden (or in the house during inclement weather) on her horse farm in Central Maryland or over the phone.
Mt. Airy
Diana Beuchert
3430 Watersville Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
United States
Phone 301-829-5048

Dianne J. Shaver, M.A., dba Lifeworksunltd
LIFE READINGS for information, insight, clarity about career, relationships, finances, life path,also on pets alive or deceased. Demystify what's going on to make better decisions and create the life you desire.

INFORMAL WEDDING CEREMONIES that truly reflect your path together. Ceremonies created for you in your favorite location in historic Charleston, South Carolina: the beach, an historic Inn or Plantation. Wedding planning for elegant,unique weddings.
Dianne Shaver

Charleston, SC 29412
United States
Phone (843) 762-7820

Divine Directions
Christine Gagnon

Paris, ONT N3L 3M8
Phone 519-442-5314

Dr. Christine King
Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses

The focus of my practice is on restoring and maintaining good health and well-being:

* Manual & movement therapies - hands-on techniques for identifying and resolving areas of tension, soreness, and resistance

* Nutritional therapy - using foods as the building blocks for good health and well-being

* Homeopathic support - using remedies aimed at optimizing the body's natural repair processes

* Exercise therapy - tailored exercise programs to aid recovery, restore balance, rebuild fitness, and avoid reinjury

My goal is to provide you with simple tools you can use to optimize your horse's health and well-being, better manage existing problems, and recognize and resolve minor problems in the future before they result in injury or illness.
Dr. Christine King
Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
Phone (425) 876-1179

Elizabeth Barnett
Elizabeth Barnett is well regarded, by her peers and the public alike, as a professional Psychic Counselor and a trained and certified Holistic Healer. She has over 26 years of experience helping clients from all over the world deal with the past, the present and the future. Due to her popularity, she has also been frequently featured on TV and radio in several states. This also includes the ability to link with loved ones who are in the spiritual realms, when those who miss them wish to connect and receive messages. Topics such as career, relationships, finances and health are typical of the subjects that are often discussed. There is also a very educational side the the couseling sessions, since Elizabeth feels it is important to provide clients with a deeper knowledge about their soul's chosen path and opening up to higher spiritual awareness. Elizabeth has a steady flow of regular clients which attests to her high level of accuracy and honesty in dealing with the public. She is dedicated full time to the Path of Light !
Elizabeth Barnett
424 Salem Pike
Cynthiana, KY 41031
United States
Phone (859) 234-7722

Energy & Relaxation Therapeutics
Energy & Relaxation Therapeutics is a gentle and profound energy-based bodywork that is soothing, rapid, and remarkably effective. It is a blending of Emotional Freedom Techniques,Reiki,and Energy Medicine. A session will deeply relax you, provide personal clarity & insight and help you to release emotional, physical and energetic holding patterns that cause pain and limitation in your life.

Phone sessions available. My clients would love to share their remarkable results with you. Expertise: Personal Growth, Stress & Anxiety, Trauma, Rape, Struggling Young Adults and Animals :) Namaste', Mary

Nine Mile Falls
Mary Willard

Nine Mile Falls, WA
United States
Phone 509-465-4534

Essential Healing for Pets



I use very powerful – yet gentle and non-toxic – flower essences to help animals overcome emotional and behavioral problems. I can also assist in the healing of physical problems as additional support to veterinary care.

Your consultation will involve an intuitive, or psychic “reading” of you pet, combined with my tuning in energetically to the precise Flower Essences that are needed for your pet’s healing and growth. The right essences given at the right time can often turn the tide to healing when nothing else seems to work. (See attached article, What Are Flower Essences and How Do They Work?)

I have some special gifts which enable me to be highly effective:

1) I “tune in” to animals to accurately assess their mental/emotional state.

2) I use muscle testing and other energetic and spiritual techniques to identify precisely which essences are best for a particular animal.

In addition, I maintain an inventory of about 900 essences to address a wide variety of issues with pinpoint energetic accuracy for each animal.

I consider it a privilege and great joy to assist animals in releasing their burdens, heal what ails them, and live their best lives.


I have a strong record of successes. Here are a few:


“Dancer (horse) has been sterling – so good she scares me! She was unpredictable, desperate, and in pain. Now there is no self-destructive behavior, she is unbelievably obedient, flexible, and no longer frantic or hyper.”

A. McCoy

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the flower essence healing that you’ve done with Leela (dog) and Rosie (cat). Last Sunday, you did it again with Leela. I can’t thank you enough. Leela had dropped from 69 pounds to 59 pounds recently, and was skin over bones. Her emotional issues interfered with physical recovery. She’s up to 62 pounds now. What a relief. Thank you for being there!

Regina H., Animal Communicator

“I want to thank you for your help in restoring harmony to my home. A few months ago, before we met, my female cat, Nyx, attacked my other female, Rhiannon, at every opportunity. Rhiannon rarely came home anymore, and I had been keeping Nyx separated in her own room for fear that Rhiannon would leave and find another home. When you began treating them, there was almost immediate improvement, and now they have a spat infrequently. They even both sleep with me on the bed without fighting. It’s like a miracle, and I am very grateful.

Kathy W., Laboratory Manager

“Judy’s work with all three of my animals has been invaluable. She helped my elder dog, Sheba, accept death and let go when it was necessary for her to do so.

“My horse, Spyder, was debilitated after several months in pasture. Judy alerted me to his feelings of abandonment and gave me essences to restore his spirits. It worked – he regained his lost weight and came back to his usual, chipper self.”

Linda N.

“Judy, thank you so much. Your insight and essences are the best. Wicket and I are both so grateful”

Jean L., Animal Communicator

To read about additional successes, click “articles” on my Profile Page.

Judy Aizuss

Fairfax, CA 94930
United States
Phone 415-459-2383

Esther Sager, MS, BFRP, RMT, IARP
My practice as a holistic consultant touches those people, animals, plants and minerals to whom I am connected for mutual growth and healing. I welcome you all with a strong heart and much gratitude.

I am a Registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, offering classes and personalized guidance in the use of these remarkable tinctures that are of such extraordinary benefit in balancing emotions, mind and spirit. My personal experience with them is extensive, particularly with horses, and I have a unique horse-assisted Bach consultation available to clients on a selective basis. I am also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki Master, providing energy sessions and attunement classes. Reiki is a Universal life energy that can relieve physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, and Tera Mai Seichem Reiki is a comprehensive program that includes attunement to other healing frequencies as well. As part of an overall wellness program, I provide individual and group classes on chakras. I have a Master's Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, a Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and have formal training in Animal Communications. All consultations are safe and strictly confidential, and I bring to every session as well my own intuitive guidance. I look forward to working with you. Namaste.
Esther Sager
916 N. Reading Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
United States
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