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Anne Marie
Energy healing including Crystal Therapy, Chakra Clearing/Balancing, Reiki, Psychic Healing, Spiritual Healing. Peak into your future, have your deepest questions answered or communicate with loved ones with a Psychic reading, Mediumship, or Channeling. Home/Space Clearing and Blessing, Reiki attunements, and classes in Chakra Balancing and Emotional Freadom Technique.

My treatments are not belief or religion specific and I respect each individual’s beliefs and treatment needs.
Anne Marie Wells
, MA
United States
Phone 617-571-3708

Antonio's Healing Hands
F-E-A-R: Forget Everything And Relax! Born psychic healer, medical intuitive, and psychic reader Brother Antonio uses his ability to harness Consciousness to intuitively discern and heal the physical, mental, and emotional concerns of his clients. Compassion guides his gift to clearly see into the past, present, and future of each of his fellow travelers on this earth.

Brother Antonio's gifts transcend time and space. Sessions can be performed either in person or by phone; no physical contact is required. Come see what's truly possible!

Antonio Silva
P.O. Box 206
Lewisburg, PA 17837
United States

Art Of Healing
Dr. Leah Kramer gifted Healer and experienced proffesional.

Leah served her community for twenty years helping adults and children to maintain mental and physical health whith Natural Healing Treatments and without harmful drugs.

Natural Healing Treatments:



Herbal Medicine


Pediatric healing

psychic healing.


Hands on healing.

Leah Kramer
19 nottinghill ct
Manalapan, NJ 07726
United States
Phone 732 492 1597
Fax 732 8453384

Be Free to Love
You are the creator of your world whether you choose to believe it or not. All of your beliefs and the way you live affect your mind, body and soul and ultimately what you attract to you. Trinity will partner with you to transform your life by teaching you the tools and techniques you may not have learned as a child to create what you really desire.

Resonate at a higher frequency in the universe of happiness, peace and love

Discover your power and what you really want from life

Speak and live your truth

Lovingly and maturely protect your boundaries

Accept, approve and love yourself and others at a deeper level

Create healthy relationships that mirror who you truly be

Attract abundance by doing the work you love

Identify your ideal weight and healthy way of living

Release beliefs and blockages that no longer serve you into empowering and self-loving ones

Learn the laws of the universe and how to apply them to your life
Trinity Nieves

, NJ
United States
Phone 201-253-9566

I offer spiritual healings, clairvoyant readings and sometimes teaching.
Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, CA 94596
United States
Phone 925-934-5834

Bodyworks Healing Arts
I offer Craniosacral Therapy,SomatoEmotionalRelease,Massage Therapy , Energy Healings,Lymphatic Drainage,and Clairvoyant Readings.I also teach Clairvoyant Meditation Classes.

Maureen Balluff
1565 Maple Suite 309
Evanston, IL 60201
United States
Phone 847-864-8144

Brooke Gunther
Massage Therapy. Swedish, Deep Tissue. Sports Massage, Neuromuscular. Hawaiian LOMI LOMI.

Reiki-An Energy Healing Modality.The presence of negative psychic energy in the Body or Aura is the cause of most illiness and dysfunction. Reiki removes negative psychic energy using the Ancient practice of laying on of hands. Attunements in first level, second level, and teachers training available. Working as an advanced Tantra teacher I enjoy educating singles and couples in Eastern tantric practices.Trained in Masters and Johnson's Sensate Focus work.

Integrated Energy Therapy-An IET session uses gentle therapeutic touch to direct healing energy vibrations to energetically blocked areas in the body. IET uses a unversal loving energy ray effictive in helping clear blocks that limit Health, Realtionships, Creativity, Prosperity, Sexuality,and Life Purpose.

Inner Child work looks at your early childhood conditioning, traumas, and beliefs that are affecting your current Adult behavior. Inner Child work reprograms negative thinking and changes belief systems that no longer serve you as an Adult.
Palm Springs Office
Brooke Gunther
San Diego Office 92024
Palm Springs Office, CA 92262
United States
Phone 760 415 2786

C. J. Sellers Psychic Medium

C.J. Sellers has been featured on national radio, has read for celebrities as well as hundreds of everyday people who know her to be the real deal. She can be heard daily on The Cari Stone and C.J. Sellers Show on 1.FM the Paranormal Channel at those2broads.com


Welcome to Psychic Visions Network. Here you will find a place of tranquility, peace and warmth and where you will experience the true meaning of the word "Psychic" . My name is Celestialayida and I am here to help you in 
your quest for true happiness and self-fulfillment. 

St Peters
Leila Davis

St Peters, MO 63376
United States
Phone (636) 441-1099

Centered Wellness by ESutras
Centered Wellness by ESutras(www.esutras.com) is a holistic wellness center located in Schaumburg, IL. Service offerings include Herbal Massages, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, Native American Shaman Healing, Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Ayurveda Skin and Hair care.

Centered Wellness also offers structured training for both professionals and curious seekers of wellness!
Liz Kenny
1207 Remington Road
United States
Phone 847 885 6579

Cheryl "Froxy" Frocz
Offering non-invasive healing sessions (depending upon individual's needs and requests, may include bodytalk, reconnective healing energy, use of egyptian healing rods) all combined with deep intuitive insights. Also offering The Reconnection.

For more information on The Reconnection or Reconnective Healing Energy, see Dr. Eric Pearl's website at www.thereconnection.com
For more information on the incredible egyptian healing rods, see www.egyptianhealingrods.com

Classes offered in Awakening the Light Body and other tools for transformation and ascension! See www.soul-shui.com for more info!

Convenient mid-town location.
Cheryl Frocz
New York City
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
Phone 212 330-6795

CJ Martes
A powerful mystic and spiritual teacher, CJ Martes has spent the past twenty-five years touching the lives of thousands of people in over 50 different countries with her amazing insights.

Known for her ability to openly communicate with angels in order to support and guide others through difficult times, she's lovingly known as an Angel on Earth to many who know her.

CJ's life was changed forever in 1997 when she received an unexpected visit from a group of 13 Seraphim Angels. They not only helped her to heal during a very difficult time in her life, but made some startling predictions about CJ's path and her purpose.

During their initial visits with her, they spoke often about a book that she was destined to write which they called Angel Incarnate. This book Angel Incarnate: One Birth is the fulfillment of their predictions and is inspired by a True Story.

Since that fateful day, the Seraphim have continued their daily communication with CJ in order to assist her work to inspire others to believe that they are truly powerful beyond measure.

She and her wonderful husband David have raised four children and enjoy living in the Midwest.

To learn more about this incredible book and CJ's work:

http://www.angelincarnate.com or http://www.cjmartes.com
CJ Martes
PO Box 142
Greenwood, MO 64034
United States
Phone 800-604-9967

Coherent Healing
Medical Intuitive with 16+ years worldwide experience offers guaranteed pain removal over the phone. You will feel the difference!
Matt DiLorenzo

Westford, MA 01886
United States
Phone (978) 692-3215

Conversations With The Other Side
Cheryl Scheinin is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium,Teacher, and the Author of “Angel’s Horizon’s-Inspirational Words From Heaven.” Her predictions for 2003 were featured in the New York Newsday. Her “down to earth” personality makes her approach to her spiritual work both unassuming and refreshing. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet Cheryl and experience what a gifted spiritual messenger she is!

Come experience a guided meditation that will connect you with the spirit world and those who watch over you.

Learn to recognize when your guides are trying to get your attention.

Come away with specific techniques for connecting with your guides on your own. Cheryl will also deliver special messages from the other side to as many attendees as possible.
Cheryl Scheinin
PO Box 987
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
United States
Phone (800) 476-1125

Corbie Mitleid
Corbie is a psychic, channel and medium, reading since 1973. She travels coast to coast and into Canada as a full time intuitive counselor, appeared frequently on radio and television and is an inspirational teacher and facilitator. She is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. Additionally, she is the author of the self-empowerment volume CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET and the psychic volume THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD: How to Find the Real Wizards and Avoid the Flying Monkeys.

Her specific skills include Tarot and Oracle/Divination deck readings, spiritual/intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences (including speaking with one’s Soul or Higher Self. Visit her at www.corbiemitleid.com for more information.

Corbie Mitleid
PO Box 297
Warnerville, NY 12187-0297
United States
Phone 518-275-9575

Daniel Wagner
Known for his unusual abilities as a psychic and healer, Daniel has toned his gifts through work with secluded figures and world reknown figures like Doreen Virtue, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Susan Gregg, Lynn Andrews and others. Daniel is trained/certified in distance healing, psychic healing, reconnective healing, reiki healing, angel healing, silva method, chakra balancing, psychic reading, mediumship, dream interpretation, and animal comunication.

Daniel Wagner
Triad www.psychicdaniel.com
, NC
United States

Denise Lee

Denise Lee
Schuylkill Haven
, PA 17972
United States

Divine Will Productions
Divine Will Productions organizes alternative Metaphysic Fairs & Events in Albuquerque, NM. A couple times a year, we bring together the top psychics and metaphysic healers under one roof to benefit the local community. Psychic readers and healers, Astrologists, Tarot Readers, Palmistry, Massage Therapists, and Metaphysic Vendors are present. Upcoming: The Rites of Autumn Metaphysic Fair, September 11-12, 2004 at La Baron Courtyard and Suites, 2120 Menual, East of University. Call 505-293-5854 for info.
Jack Young

Albuquerque, NM 87112
United States
Phone 505-293-5854

Dr. Jens A Korgaard, DC
We are a holistic center offering a wide range of modalities including: Network Chiropractic Spinal Analysis, Massage Therapy, Allergy Elimination, Reiki, Sound Healing, Reflexology, Psychic Medium etc

Jens Korgaard

Newington, CT
United States
Phone (860) 667-4722
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