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Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW, C.Ht., CBP
Spirituality, energy work, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are integrated into a powerful brief therapy. Included are spiritual counseling, meeting spiritual helpers, accessing inner wisdom, energy work (BodyTalk,Melchizedek Method, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing and Reiki), hypnotherapy, and spirit release. An integration of the above modalities in conjunction with intuitive counseling and channeling facilitate the release of fears, phobias, anxieties, depression, grief, addictions and counter-productive behaviors and beliefs originating in this or another lifetime.

Cathy Chapman
7800 Amelia, Suite 10
Houston, TX 77055
United States
Phone 713-681-2400
Fax 832-615-3050

Welcome to Psychic Visions Network. Here you will find a place of tranquility, peace and warmth and where you will experience the true meaning of the word "Psychic" . My name is Celestialayida and I am here to help you in 
your quest for true happiness and self-fulfillment. 

St Peters
Leila Davis

St Peters, MO 63376
United States
Phone (636) 441-1099

Center For Healthy Living, LLC
With 24 years of certified experience we have learned techniques that will change your life! Iridology, Reflexology, Muscle Testing, Herbalist,

Emotional Testing and Therapies,

Energy Balancing, Essential Oil Therapies, AFNOR Standard Certified Oils only, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy,

Music Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Vitapoint Therapy, Nutrition, Certified Body Typing, Lectures, Hands on Training, Spiritual Education,

We have worked with many renowned Doctors and continue to do so.

You receive the benefit. We HAVE the

medicine of the future. Learn today how

to change your life forever!

Be Well,

Sarah Montagna, CNHP,CR

Sarah Montagna
118 Old Post Road
Kittery, ME 03904
United States
Phone 207-439-3806

Centering (TM) Tools for Self-Healing and Development
Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development offers a unique, integrated approach to helping people heal, develop, and reach their peak performance, both professionally and personally.

Centering Tools include:

* relaxation, imagery, and meditation

* hypnotherapy

* present and past life regression

* inner child, breaking addictions, and recovery therapies

* reiki, energetic healing, and therapeutic touch

* crisis intervention and grief counseling

* behavioral and insight-oriented counseling

* journaling and creative expression techniques

* stress management, wellness and lifestyle balancing

* shamanic healing and Goddess work

* channeling and intuitive/spiritual counseling practices

* multiple related groups and workshops, including Level I, II, and III Reiki certification; channeling and oversoul; ongoing women's spirituality groups (for complete current listing, visit "my events")

* guided meditation and hypnosis healing, development and achievement audio books and courses (for complete description and to order, visit "view products")


"There are many tapes on meditation, visualization, contemplation.Price is a Registered Nurse and a hypnotherapist with wide background in health care and creative writing.She speaks well. Her voice creates ripples of possibility... very superior tapes." -From the Book Reader, "America's Most Independent Review of New Books"

"Marjorie Baker Price can help! I heartily recommend you contact her about setting up a workshop in your community, ordering her tapes, books and affirmation cards, and your opportunity for personal, telephone counseling." -Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"I have attended and enjoyed Marjorie's bi-monthly support group for almost two years, experiencing a major shift in my life on every level. I now realize the relevance of the many learning experiences I gained over the months and how these are significant in my current growth and transformation." -Marie N.

"Student evaluations [of Marjorie]... were overwhelmingly positive and so many expressed the value of their experiences. On behalf of the Leadership Week planning team, thank you again for making this a successful week." -Terry Martinez, Leadership Week [1997], Office of the Dean of Students, Wells College

"Guided imagery and relaxation training provided by Marjorie Baker Price were consistently evaluated highly by patients in the program. She adapted her methods to meet the unique needs of persons in recovery." -Douglas L. Bufano, PhD., CAC, CRC Former Director, NYS Certified Alcoholism Outpatient Clinic

Marjorie Baker Price
P.O. Box 68015
Rochester, NY 14618
United States
Phone 585-244-6210
Fax 585-244-6210 *

Charley Castex
Psychic consultant Charley Castex:

Consistently voted "Best Psychic" in WNC by the Mountain Express readers poll, Charley's guidance provides clarity in events, patterns, and life lessons revealing each individuals fullest potential. In a down to earth and compassioante manner he offers timely guidance, empowering those seeking greater understanding of themselves and their path.Charley was an apprentice of renowned author and medicine man, Sun Bear and a protege of Internationally acclaimed psychic, Joe Nicols.
Charley Castex

Asheville, NC 288016
United States
Phone 828-251-5043

Charlotte Johnson
Wholistic Counseling support which clears the old hurts, openning your essential intelligent, creative,unigue, vital Self.
Mount Vernon
Charlotte Johnson
20482 Skagit City RD
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
United States
Phone 360 445-3501

Cheryl "Froxy" Frocz
Offering non-invasive healing sessions (depending upon individual's needs and requests, may include bodytalk, reconnective healing energy, use of egyptian healing rods) all combined with deep intuitive insights. Also offering The Reconnection.

For more information on The Reconnection or Reconnective Healing Energy, see Dr. Eric Pearl's website at www.thereconnection.com
For more information on the incredible egyptian healing rods, see www.egyptianhealingrods.com

Classes offered in Awakening the Light Body and other tools for transformation and ascension! See www.soul-shui.com for more info!

Convenient mid-town location.
Cheryl Frocz
New York City
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
Phone 212 330-6795

Christa V. Maas
Hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing, NGH hypnotherapy certification training and past life therapy. Christa also does energy balancing, health assessments, a powerful empowerment class for healing women's cancer and RoHun therapy - a rapid acting energy psychotherapy, individually or as a group, and "Becoming Conscious" - a 10-week PERMANENT weight loss program. Christa is available to do hypnotherapy for healing cancer, diabetes, A.D.D., tinnitus, alcoholism and more. Locations in Black Mountain and soon to be in Charlotte, NC.
Black Mountain
Christa Maas

Black Mountain, NC 28711
United States
Phone 828.664.1333

Clare Coriell - Star of Wisdom
I offer unique and powerful Soul Path Astrology Readings, based on the ancient star wisdom of the Mayans, to shine a clear, loving Light on your Soul's Purpose and Destiny Path. Readings for individuals, couples, families and groups. Very intuitive answers to your life questions.

Lumina Meditation Sessions to quiet your mind and connect with the peace and beauty of Spirit, your Higher Self, and spiritual beings such as angelic hierarchies, power animals, star beings and the ancient ones. Heal and transform emotional and spiritual issues. Receive your personal Soul-Path Guided Meditation for daily use.

A line of educational and meditation CDs on the Mayan 2012 prophecy, personal growth, seasonal festivals, angels, and more. I also publish a Mayan Galactic-Earth-Sol Calendar in spiraling wavespell format.
Clare Coriell

Franklin, NC 28734
United States
Phone 828-225-1189

Clare Goodwin
Are you getting what you want in your life?

Believe it! You can get what you want -- your ideal job, your soul mate, your dream home -- you name it. With 25 years of professional experience as a reader and therapist, I can help. Using tarot, astrology and intuitive spiritual counseling, we will explore and expand your possibilities, finding ways to manifest your dreams. Much more potent than “fortune telling,” my approach will empower you. Take the first step on your journey toward a more joyous life experience. Call now for an appointment.

Clare Goodwin

Belchertown, MA 01007
United States
Phone 1-800-990-8290

Conscious Loving Relationship Training Center
Truly a rewarding "Sedona Experience." A highly effective, intensive blend of training, therapy and healing infused with love and laughter. Discover and gently release the blocks that are in the way of experiencing more love right now. This is NOT group work! We do the "work" with just one couple or one family at a time, in a safe, confidential and comfortable environment. Experience real transformation and have fun at the same time!
Rollon & Mariane Parker - Parisi
591 Circle Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone 928-282-0598
Fax 775-244-6792

Corbie Mitleid
Corbie is a psychic, channel and medium, reading since 1973. She travels coast to coast and into Canada as a full time intuitive counselor, appeared frequently on radio and television and is an inspirational teacher and facilitator. She is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. Additionally, she is the author of the self-empowerment volume CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET and the psychic volume THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD: How to Find the Real Wizards and Avoid the Flying Monkeys.

Her specific skills include Tarot and Oracle/Divination deck readings, spiritual/intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences (including speaking with one’s Soul or Higher Self. Visit her at www.corbiemitleid.com for more information.

Corbie Mitleid
PO Box 297
Warnerville, NY 12187-0297
United States
Phone 518-275-9575

Shifra Nerenberg
85 Alabama Ave #2
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-252-6716

Cynthia Sue Larson
I am a bioenergy field researcher, energy healer and psychic reader who teaches workshops and provides information on how to shift reality and see and know your bioenergy field (aura). I would love to help you tap into the extraordinary powers that lie within you and make your favorite dreams come true!
Cynthia Larson
P.O. Box 7393
Berkeley, CA 94707-7393
United States
Phone 510-528-2044

Dana Plant - Oilhealer
Dana Plant is a Certified Aromatherapist and Energy Healer with 25 years experience in metaphysics and the healing arts. Dana specializes in Reiki, Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics and combines essential oil therapies to her intuitive healing sessions.

Dana is also a Professional Intuitive Consultant and offers counseling in the areas of relationships, career, family and health. Dana has a strong background with the Tarot and Destiny Card systems. Her readings are very revealing offering important insights into past, present and future events.

Dana Plant

Encinitas, CA 92024
United States
Phone 760 815-2906

Dancing Moon Beam - Rhonda Shomper
Rhonda has had intuitive gifts since childhood. Her readings are highly accurate, and will provide you with practical information and guidance. She does Spiritual Intuitive Readings, meaning she uses empathy, intuition, channeling and tarot cards. She gives you whatever information comes through. The information that comes through for you is unfiltered. Rhonda also does Dream Readings and House Readings. Rhonda is a Usui, Karuna, Karuna Ki, and Komyo Reiki Master and she is a Master of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing System. She teaches Reiki, Shamballa Healing System Classes, Akashic Records, Tunning Forks Level I, Reflexology, and many other Spiritual Classes, including Tarot, Understanding Your Intuition and Dreams.

Rhonda welcomes in-home Tarot Card parties, phone readings, or e-mail readings. Rhonda can be reach for an appointment at 717-362-1478 / 717-649-2884 or by e-mail (click Contact This Member on this page)

Rhonda also has an office at 4400 Linglestown Road, Suite 104, Harrisburg, PA. Office and parking are in the rear.

Rhonda Shomper
4400 Linglestown Road Suite 201
Harrisburg, PA 17112
United States
Phone 717 362 1478

Channeled Tarot Trance, Master Teacher Consultations,Group Master Teacher Channelings, Hypnotherapy,Past Life Regressions, Circle of Peace Group Meditations,Automatic Writing,Channeled Ascensions, Group Ascensions, Dream Analysis,Drawings of your Angels, Spiritual Warrior Meetings& Workshops, Lectures, or Stress Relaxation for your Group, Organization or Company. Available world wide through telephone sessions, email, mail, and in person at the Positive Image Awareness Center address listed above.
Martinez (Augusta, GA are
Darlen- De
259 Bobby Jones Expressway Suite 3
Martinez (Augusta, GA are, GA 30907
United States
Phone 706-210-4849

David Nicol
In this work, I offer a space for you to rest exactly where you are. Stepping off the journey of self-improvement, you have the opportunity to recognize the wholeness and perfection that exists in this moment. Starting from exactly where you are, not needing to change anything at all, we together bring our awareness and presence to the truth of your life. In this meeting, a spontaneous alchemical healing occurs, releasing old wounds, exploding limiting beliefs, and transforming difficult emotions into spiritual resources.
David Nicol
233 Lake Drive
Kensington, CA 94708
United States
Phone 510-525-9516

Deanna Devaney, M.A.
Deanna Devaney founded True Awakenings to help people transform their lives by waking up to who they truly are and how they want to be in the world. She tunes into her clients at the deepest level of their being and works with them from that space. Her clientelle includes people who are experiencing difficulties in life or persistent feelings of discontent and the sense that they somehow want to do things differently. She enables them to make their lives more meaningful and satisfying. Deanna is a combination of coach, counselor and spiritual advisor. She offers single intuitive counseling sessions using channeling, tarot cards and psychic impressions to provide information and guidance to her clients. Her intuitive counseling sessions are done in person. However, channeled readings can be done over email. Her ongoing work is action oriented and can be done in person or over the phone. She and the client come up with a vision of where the client wants to be then they map out the journey and start making that vision a reality. She also works with clients who have had a major shift in their values as a result of a near death experience. She supports them through the processes they experience and then helps them create and live their life from their new values. She also provides education and support for any psychic openings that can occur with people who have had a near death experience.
Deanna Devaney

Boston, MA
United States
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