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Frances W. Hoffman & Associates
Spiritual Healing ~ Life Skills Coaching

Frances has thirty years experience in business and leadership development with concentrations in the operational and life skills arena of human resources. She left a corporate position and went into private practice in 2002 to become an accomplished speaker, trainer, and published author. As a life path strategist and gifted channel, Frances powerfully directs an energy through her session work, whether in person or by phone, enhancing the intensive spiritual counseling that is provided in order to activate one's soul purpose and direction. As an international leader she has facilitated activations and classes at sacred sites in Peru, England and Israel and continues to support a growing international client base.

Frances Hoffman
P.O. Box 1209
Goodlettsville, TN 37070
United States

Knowing many different styles of masssage, has allowed me to combine them into a unique style . Many times, I have been told, by my clients, that I give one of the best massages they have ever received. I feel that anytime I massage anyone, I give from my heart and use all of my knowledge to give you the best massage possible. I am good with deep tissue styles, sport styles, lighter styles,and with all ages of people. If you are having any kind of emotional stress in your life, I recommend integrated energy therapy, it resolves alot of issues that you may be experiencing from life's problems.
Karen Romiah

, 92253
United States
Phone 760-777-4658

Georgina Johnson
Holistic therapy integrating guided visualizations and healing with the human energy field. Also Hypnotherapy recordings and guided journeys to empower processes of inner growth. Therapy. Meditation and world music. The healing sounds of Veratherapy.

Clients and site visitors can order from the cataglogue or have a CD specially made for them, perfectly tailored to their needs and using their name. This is an exclusive service world-wide!
Hof ha Carmel
Georgina Johnson
Moshav Ofer, Nr. Zichron Yaacov
Hof ha Carmel, SAS 30835
Phone 050 6769464
Fax 972 4 9541953

geraldine amaral
LEARN TO GIVE TAROT READINGS: An Introductory WORKSHOP - Saturday and Sunday February 19 and 20 - $100 (Includes copy of Tarot Celebrations: Honoring the Inner Voice). EVERYONE has INTUITION. If you are interested in learning to GIVE Tarot Readings for yourself or for others, this is the class for you! The Tarot is a powerful tool that can help you to access your psychic potential and personal power. At the end of this class, you will be able to do your own simple Tarot Readings. 703-671-7421, email: tarotcelebrations@erols.com, website: www.tarotcelebrations.com. Held in Arlington, VA.

geraldine amaral
po box 6204
arlington, VA 22206
United States

Guiding Spirit Design - Shamanic Portraits by Mia Bosna
Shamanic Portraits:
Artwork inspired by Shamanic Journeys
for the individual

Inspirational stories are embedded into each original piece of art.

A Shamanic Portrait is a glimpse into our divine self, the self that understands our true purpose and our special talents. It is a personal portrait of your spirit guide's message to you. Within it you will find the inspiration to make the choices that lead to a healthier, harmonious life.

I invite you to learn more about how a Shamanic Portrait can provide you with a deeply personal and spiritual signpost for your life's journey.

The best place to start is by viewing Shamanic Portraits I have created for others in the Shamanic Portrait Gallery.

See my website at guidingspiritdesign.com

Mia Bosna
345 Jug Hollow Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460
United States
Phone 610 933-4545

Healing From The Heart
Transform your life in just a few hours. Spend an hour or a few days on a personalized spiritual journey in Sedona.Explore the spiritual energy of Sedona with a knowledgeable guide. Visit vortexes, areas of powerful natural energy. Gain peace of mind, understanding of your life, and better health. These spiritual retreats are unlike any tour or healing session offered by anyone else. Services: Vortex tours,Healing in person or distance, Reiki training, Psychic Readings, phone and e-mail consultations.
Cynthia Tierra

Sedona, AZ 86351
United States
Phone 928-821-0989

Healing From The Heart
Transform your life in just a few hours. Spend an hour or a few days on a personalized spiritual journey in Sedona.Explore the spiritual energy of Sedona with a knowledgeable guide. Visit vortexes, areas of powerful natural energy. Gain peace of mind, understanding of your life, and better health. These spiritual retreats are unlike any tour or healing session offered by anyone else. Services: Vortex tours,Healing in person or distance, Reiki training, Psychic Readings, phone and e-mail consultations.
Cynthia Tierra

Sedona, AZ 86351
United States
Phone 928-821-0989

Healing From Within/Janet Hensenne-Rosiak
Janet is a gifted energy intuitive, inspirational teacher and healer. She is a Certified ThetaHealing™ Instructor (Basic/Advanced, Manifestation and Abundance & Rainbow Children), Reiki Master/Teacher & Angel Therapy Practitioner® (certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.).

With over 25 years of experience, Janet’s work combines ancient & modern techniques, quantum physics & spirituality, as well as her own intuitive gifts, as she helps guide individuals along their paths, bringing Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit to a place of peace, harmony and well-being. Her greatest joy is to assist them in remembering the Magic & Divine Light which exists within each & every one of us. Modalities include Matrix Energetics®, ThetaHealing™, Reiki; Energy Medicine; Vibrational Repatterning; CranioSacral Therapy; Acupressure; Crystal Healing; Chakra Balancing; Sound/Color/Movement; Angel Healing & Mediumship. Individualized Home Programs and Guided Meditation CDs are also incorporated as desired.

Janet conducts ongoing classes, workshops & groups across a wide variety of wellness related areas. Individual sessions are provided in-person as well as via phone & Skype. Janet is also available for speaking engagements for both large & small groups.

* Contact Janet at (856) 435-2713 for additional info...Go to www.healingfromwithin.org for upcoming Event/Class dates/details.

Janet Hensenne-Rosiak
9 Killington Ct.
Erial, NJ 08081
United States
Phone (856) 435-2713

Healing with Qigong
The word "Qigong" means life energy work. Qigong is practiced for health, longevity and spiritual well being. A very important aspect of qigong is that it makes the person responsible for his/her own health and gives the practitioner the personal power to heal himself/herself. "Healing with Qigong" aims to introduce the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of qigong more widely.

Sebnem Ozkan
107 Harbor Ridge Ln. S.
Memphis, TN 38103
United States
Phone 901 528 92 85
Fax 901 678 43 39

Healing With Reiki
I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and an ordained Minister. I pass on the wonderful gift of Reiki to my students so they can heal themselves and others. I offer Reiki healing sessions and can send Long Distance Healing by request. I can also send Long Distance "Refresher Attunements" to already Certified Reiki Practitioners. It is a blessing to feel the wonder of God's love pass through me and into another and awesome to realize that I can pass this healing gift on to my students for further healing.
http://www.HealingWith Reiki.com
Laura Scott

Raleigh, NC 27615
United States
Phone (919) 870-1894

Heart Song Healing
  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Foot Mapping Your Dreams

  • http://
    Collette Taaffe

    Phoenix, AZ 85024
    United States
    Phone 602-881-7898

    I & E Organics Apothecary
    Elizabeth Hess, DiHom, Certified Homeopath, Herbalist, Energy Healer, Gurudas Flower Essence Practitioner. Combining vibrational remedies with energy work. Consultations, lectures and workshops. On-line homeopathic pharmacy with Practitioner discounts
    Elizabeth Hess, DIHom
    I & E Organics Apothecary
    Bellevue, WA 98007
    United States
    Phone 866-577-7574
    Fax 425-650-0480

    I Surrender This
    “I Surrender This”

    A Beautifully Sculpted Hand in your choice of a bronze finish or plain white for you to decorate to your liking

    Hardwood flag pole in a cherry finish topped with a solid brass finial

    Flag made from 100% organic cotton Canvas

    Pad of 50 sheets of paper inscribed with “I Surrender This…”

    across the top and printed on 100% post consumer paper

    A Keepsake box into which you can place larger objects that may need Surrendering or as a place to put your writings once your prayers have been answered.

    A book that explains in detail how to Surrender.

    Lisa Sullivan
    P.O. Box 296
    Norfolk, CT 06058
    United States
    Phone 888-788-7847

    Ian Victor Henderson
    "Your Tour Guide to Ascension" in 3 Easy Steps-

    Here in the Atlanta Region during the months of

    September and October, Ian Henderson from Europe

    provides us with incredible experiences thru his

    three workshops.

    Live a life of JOY, Co-Creation and PASSION!

    Sept 24-25 in Atlanta. Call NOW: 404.644.0434

    Ian Henderson

    Atlanta, Georgia
    United States
    Phone 6203329994

    Illuminated Wellness Strategies ~Love Your Life~
    Feeling Stuck?

    Move Forward with Integrative Timeline Coaching!

    Utilizing NLP and Hypnotherapy along with Reiki to acheive your personal and spiritual goals.

    Call Today! 828-215-9713

    Kyra Clark
    70 Woodfin Place Rm 102
    Asheville, NC 28804
    United States
    Phone 828-215-9713

    Ingrid Willgren, MA , L.MHC - Nyack Holistic Psyhotherapy
    Holistic psychotherapist offering an integrative, in-depth approach to personal and spiritual growth and healing. A combination of heart centered psychotherapy, inner healing work and life-coaching helps facilitate release of emotional and psychological problems including depression, fear, anxiety, addictive patterns, low self-esteem, and experiences of abuse and trauma - as well as providing guidance for life path issues.
    Ingrid Willgren
    150 S. Broadway, Nyack NY 10960 - or - Gt. Barrington MA
    Sheffield, MA 01257
    United States
    Phone 845-826-0119

    Inner-Journeys Healing
    Perfect health and answers to all of lifes challenges are within you waiting to be released. At Inner Journeys Healing we believe that you are your own healer and it is our commitment to assist each individual on their unique healing journey. Whether it is a physical illness, painful relationships, limiting beliefs or other deep rooted patterns, Spiritual and Energy healing can shift your life back to wholeness and joy! More than a just a variety of holistic therapies, we offer a new way of life, living life from the inside out. We offer tools to empower you in returning home to your authentic self and the life you were meant to live.

    Carona Del Mar
    Deborah Shea
    2711 East Coast Hwy Suite 205
    Carona Del Mar, CA 92625
    United States
    Phone 949-241-5790

    JD Bodywork
    Relax and rejuvenate your mind, emotion, body and spirit with a professional massage and bodywork at JD Bodywork.

    Offering a variety of different professional massages, Jason can sooth tired muscles and relieve aches, pains and stress. Select from deep tissue massage, Lomi Lomi, sports massage, myokinesthetic system treatments, Swedish massage, acupressure, hot stone massage and soothing body scrubs. This professional massage therapist specializes in Lomi Lomi Temple Style, a rite of passage that harmonizes both mind and body, a sacred jorney of transformation: happiness, love and peace.

    Miami Beach
    Jason Dillon
    6538 Collins Ave # 368
    Miami Beach, FL 33141
    United States
    Phone 305-505-6166

    Joanne Bracken
    My work is a blend of 20 years of healing training and personal growth work. Through a combination of spiritual counseling, energy work, intuitive insights, direct channeled information, sacred sound, aromatherapy, and past-life therapy, I assist my clients in releasing old fear-based patterns of the past which get recorded in our body's cells through a variety of life experiences (e.g., personal trauma, the belief systems and indoctrinations of our ancestry, current family, and society). I work co-creatively with Angels and Master Guides, acting as a transmitter of high frequencies of Light and Sound for healing and ascension into the Light Body. In addition to individual work, I offer workshops and sacred sound circles.
    Joanne Bracken

    Baltimore, MD 21210
    United States
    Phone 410-323-4491
    Fax 801-752-6080

    Allan Hardman is a spiritual teacher who apprenticed in the Toltec tradition with Miguel Ruiz, author "The Four Agreements" for 10 years. He developed Joydancer.com, a business and web site dedicated to opening the hearts and minds of people everywhere to the experience of inner peace and joy through self-healing. Allan also created "TACO," the Toltec Apprentice Community Online. TACO members participate from all over the world, learning and sharing the Toltec path.
    Santa Rosa
    Allan Hardman
    1055 West College Ave, #197
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
    United States
    Phone (707) 528-1271
    Fax (707) 527-7623
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