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Sue Snake Woman
Native spiritual workings (snake medicine),
Energy work, Regression, Hypno-Therapy,
Divination (Tarot, Psychometry, and others).
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, accredited.
Animal Communicator, Energy Work - human and animal.
Hot Springs
Sue Mertes

Hot Springs, AR
United States
Phone 501-538-1516

Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness Center
Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness Center is a spiritual community, wellness and education center.....a place to heal and learn. We offer a myriad of spiritual growth and healing modality classes as well spiritual counseling and healing sessions. Visit our website for more information of classes, workshops and events. There is something here for everyone!
Lake Forest
Rev Danielle Marie Hewitt
23832 Rockfield Blvd, Ste 195
Lake Forest, CA 92630
United States
Phone 949 340-7408

The Healing Connection
Muxcle Release Technique (R.U.I.T.)
Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release
Reiki Master & Shambala Reiki Master
Polarity Practitioner
Axiatonal Light Grid Therapy
Molecular Cellular Restructuring Therapy
Flower Essence Practitioner
Andrea T. Slesiner

Reading, MA
United States
Phone 781-942-9579

The Psychic Universe
Certified and licensed master psychics we have a number of extremely gifted and certified psychics all over the United States to give professional metaphysical and spiritual guidance. Our service is one of a kind offering one-on-one personal help and guidance in any field from relationships to business and stock market readings. The Psychic Universe offers only the most professional and ethical spiritually advanced psychics unlike any other so called psychic line or service available today.
Garth Farrington-House
3031 South Blagg Road
Pahrump, NV 89048
United States
Phone 877-566-1163
Fax 775-751-6448

Tina Michelle
Psychic/Medium/Angelologist Tina Michelle has appeared on television shows such as Fox's Scariest Places, Fox Sports, Unexplained and Lifetime's Beyond Chance as well as local television and radio throughout the country. She works with the Angelic realm and offers spiritual therapeutic counseling as well as psychic guidance. Tina Michelle presents her life changing workshops from her Discovering Your Enlighenment series all over the country. Visit Tina Michelle's website at www.tinamichelle.com or call the office for a private consultation at 740-377-3022
South Point
Tina Michelle

South Point, OH
United States
Phone 740-377-3022

Transformational Institute & Spa
Phychological Counseling:Eriksonian Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Dream Analysis, Behavior Modification, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Engram Imaging Program, Dr.Grave’s Trauma Abuse Counseling, Relationship and Family Counseling and Reconciliation, Inner Child Healing, Critical Traumatic Incident Stress Resolution Release and Counseling.Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Psychic Intuitive Counsel, Channeling, Soul Card Reading, Native American Shamanic Practices, Soul Rescues and Retrievals, House Clearing and Blessing, Feng Shui Counsultation, Astrology, and Spiritual Counseling for all faiths.Smoke Therapy, Weight Therapy or Past Life Regressions, Acupressure, Polarity, Deep Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Shiatzu, Zen Shiatzu, Barefoot Shiatzu, Chinese Organ Tuina, Austrian Lymphatic Drainage, Hawiian (Deep Skeletal) Kahuna, Foot Reflexology and Applied Kineseology. Reiki Master Treatments, Aromatherapy, Jin Shin Do, Crystal Energy Healing, Soul Tehmeur Repair, Spiritual House Alignment, Cellular Memory Bank Clearing and Chakra Balancing
Micheley Angelina
20 Butlertown Rd
Waterford, CT 06385
United States
Phone 860-701-1527

Warner Wellness
LABOR AND BIRTH DOULA SERVICES: My style is very holistic and nurturing. To me, birth is a sacred experience and as your doula I will support you and your family with all my heart and soul: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every step of the way. I bring energy to ground each mother and to create a safe, sacred and loving environment for the newborn to enter into the world.
MASSAGE: My style of massage is very relaxing and healing. I incorporate Swedish massage tecniques and my own intuitive energy to send you into a deep state of peace in your body, heart, and soul. I am a Certified Massage Therapist and offer home visits in the Boston area. I also specialize in prenatal massage for pregnant mothers. Treat yourself to a massage in the comfort of your own home.

CHAKRA & ENERGY BALANCING COACH: Are old wounds limiting your experience of pure joy? Give your Spirit a chance to heal itself and get its power back. Re-learn to trust your intuition by healing your chakras. By healing & balancing your chakras, you will learn how to protect your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Chakra Coaching is a healing & intuitive feedback session done by phone or in person. During the session, together, we will balance your chakras & energy. Initial Coaching Session is FREE!!

LIFESTYLE & ACHIEVEMENT COACH: As time passes, are you taking the time to evaluate what is most important to you? Are you living with true purpose in life? Lifestyle Coaching will get you back on track. Over the past ten years I have become an expert in professional & personal development & coaching. I have a unique way of empowering & inspiring individuals & teams to discpver & reach their highest potential. My direct communication & powerful ability to see the big picture creates groundbreaking results. Initial Consultation Session is FREE!!

Meghan Warner
P.O. Box 130055
Boston, MA 02113
United States
Phone 781-639-6002

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592
Robert H.Faust
I listen to what your body is trying to communicate and in a focused way find and provide ways of dealing with the result of the communication.
robert faust
6080 Wigrich road
Independence OR 97351
United States
Phone 503-838-2467
Arthritis Pain Management
Arthritis is a very difficult condition because it can cause so much pain and discomfort. In addition, it can make it difficult to do common tasks like grip items, lift things or even walk normally. When looking for pain relief from arthritis it is important to know that there are lots of options out there. For some people taking a simple over the counter pain medication will be sufficient for managing the pain, but that is not enough for everyone.Pain injections for arthritis in Manhattan, NYC is a great option for people who are experiencing chronic arthritis pain and can’t get relief using OTC medication. These injections are proven to be safe and effective at giving pain relief quickly and keeping it away for quite some time. Why do Pain Injections for Arthritis Work. Pain injections for arthritis in NYC work because they can place the medication directly onto the affected area. For example, if you have arthritis in your hands the injections will be placed directly into your hands. This is a much more efficient option than, for example, taking oral medications. Oral medications have to travel throughout your body to give you relief, which is far less efficient.
New York
Arthritis Management

New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 646-647-8532
Helen is a well known Certified Medical Intuitive/Psychic who has worked with clients from all over the world.
Helen Whittle

V7H 1E9
Phone 604 802 4495
Back & Neck Pain Relief
If you struggle with constant lumbar pain in Manhattan, you know that it is something that is very difficult to deal with. This type of lower back pain can be caused by accidents, injuries, traumas, surgery, over extension or many other things. Whatever the cause, however, you need to find a good solution. For many people with lumber pain in NYC it can be treated with physical therapy or other non-invasive treatment options. While this is ideal, it doesn’t work for everyone in every case.If you have already tried stretches and things like that, you will want to come into one of our Manhattan clinics to get the pain relief you need. Our offices specialize in all types of pain management for any condition you’re suffering from. We work closely with our patients to figure out what the right treatment plan is for your case. Even if you have attempted to find relief from other clinics in the past without success, we can likely help.One of the best options to consider are called pain injections. These injections are basically just shots of medication that are placed directly at the site of the pain. If you are having lumbar pain in NYC, for example, we will inject the medicine right at the cause of the issue. In many cases this means placing the needle very close to the spinal nerves that are causing the pain. To safely do this the doctor will use a fluoroscope that allows them to see where the needle is positioned before actually delivering the medicine.
New York
Back Neck

New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 646-647-8642
Bela Johnson, Medical Intuitive
Phone consultations geared toward discovering soul growth potential embedded within challenges. Images help focus you on a supportive life path.
Bela Johnson
PO Box 1127
Holden ME 04429
United States
Phone 207-843-5414
Bela Johnson, Medical Intuitive
Psychics are predictive. Intuitives honor the free choice of the individual, assisting in targeting core issues needing resolution and integration.
Bela Johnson
PO Box 342
Hawi HI 96719
United States
Phone 808.936.7065
Body Cleansing by IV
Mon - Sun 9 am - 8 pm Cash, all cc Body Cleanse IV Therapy Can Benefit You. Our body cleanse IV therapy is perfect for individuals who want to ditch the side effects the come on after traveling. Jet lag is not fun and can be quite confusing to your body. Our cleanse IV therapy it a mixture of much needed vitamin, water, and minerals to replenish and hydrate your body. The specific mixture of these vitamins and nutrients helps keep your body refreshed, awakened, and healthy. Replenish Your Missing Amino Acids. It is no surprise that travelling takes a toll on your body. It also affects the neurotransmitters in your brain and our cleanse IV therapy can help reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue that sometimes accompanies traveling. Rapid Absorption of Vitamins Through IV Therapy. With our cleanse IV therapy, your body will rapidly absorb the vitamins and nutrients within the cocktail to deliver immediate results through your bloodstream. You will find that your body recovers quickly and is able to adjust faster than normal when you return home and to your normal routine.
New York
Medical Relief
New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 347-892-4743
CarePath DX
The CarePath DX mission is to provide physicians and their patients accurate and prompt diagnoses. As a team of experienced professionals we deliver expertise, world-class services and connectivity in the development of strong consultative relationships with each of our referring clinicians. The CarePath DX mission is to provide physicians and their patients accurate and prompt diagnoses. As a team of experienced professionals we deliver expertise, world-class services and connectivity in the development of strong consultative relationships with each of our referring clinicians.
CarePath DX
3110 Cherry Palm Dr #340
FL FL 33619
United States
Phone 813-932-0374
Christopher Stewart
Psychic and medical intuitive consultations.A consultation provides insight, healing, and empowerment.
Christopher Stewart
1709 Shattuck Ave Apt 322
Berkeley CA
United States
Phone 510-981-0609
Coherent Healing
Medical Intuitive with 16+ years worldwide experience offers guaranteed pain removal over the phone. You will feel the difference!
Matt DiLorenzo

United States
Phone (978) 692-3215
Dancing Spirit Healing Center
Offering soul-directed guidance to those seeking a deeper emotional and physical awareness.
Kim English

Folsom CA
United States
Phone (916) 204-3506
Dennis Drake, RM/T, Shaman, 12 Strand Healer
Reiki Master/Teacher Medical Intuitive/Psychic Healer Psychic Instructor and Coach Spiritual Mentor
Dennis Drake
5050 Gray Road
Cincinnati OH 45232
United States
Phone 513-681-1335
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