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Florida Intuitive Center
Those who wish to pursue their psychic abilities, read auras, learn psychic tools to unblock your intuition so you can find your own answers within, improve relationships, talk to deceased friends, and gain spiritual freedom can enter the Clairvoyant Training Program kindergarten. Here you learn techniques for reading an aura by running the soul essence or energy through the body and increasing the communication and wellness between the spirit and the body. Beginners are welcome!
Ft Lauderdale
Ginny Lloyd

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
United States
Phone 954 478-7200
Fax 509 561-7586

Gaile Psychic Intuitive and Reiki Plus! Catalyst

With many years of experience(s) resulting in Psychic Intuitive Readings,Catalystic Guidance & Medium Insights, I combine several modalities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance infused with guided meditation and elements of Reiki. To lift and assist you in finding a clarity of insight and conscious connection between you and your Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ancestors in relationship to your present day energy, we ask for direct communication and messages from them.

I refer to them also as Life Energy Readings. Together we focus on specific elements of what is influencing you and your life. What are the stronger energies weaving through your thoughts and emotions? What creates the source of actions or re-action to become successful and knowing the abundance of being comfortable within yourself. Seeking clarity and new insight and perceptions. Starting with identifying the male/female conscious / subconscious elements of energy and how that is interacting with your energy associated to the depth of inner self, we begin to assess your current life pattern. We then follow through with other energy elements for your own Inner self awareness.

Keep in mind, the readings are not any attempts for a prediction nor pre-condition of future but a resonance with the life pattern you are in, an insight of the challenges present and bringing to your conscious level of the knowing you have within. I also use what I call Reiki Plus! to further deepen the quest, requests and impact for your experience. It is a tapestry of Reiki and other modalities.

Reiki Plus! can be utilized as a Hands-On physical therapy session or Long Distance.


Energy methods typically increase or stimulate the amount of life force in the body to comfort, relax, release blocks, to reduce stress, soothe and to energize for well-being. Coupled with integrity, intuition, and Client - Therapist communication, Reiki Plus! therapy nurtures and reunites body, mind and spirit with gentle and non-invasive techniques.

Laying on of Hand, Pranic Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity, Quantum and Knowing Reconnection are combined and utilized bringing forth Universal Energy Alternative Therapy methods. Such methods are based on the way energy flows through the layers of the aura, charkas, physical medians and the natural electrical polarities of positive and negative. When this energy is in balance and flowing freely it results in good health, emotional stability and a sense of Well-being.

Dis-ease results from blockage or imbalance of this flow stemming from mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual manifestations.

I add to this integration of modalities Intuition, Guided Meditation and retrieve the balancing solutions for your better comfort and well-ness that are essential to the experience of remembering and reconnection to Inner Calming.

Note: Not a replacement but intended as additional benefit and informative to your own physician's guidance, prescriptions, recommendations and health plan. I do not prescribe or diagnose. Thank you for your interest!


Gaile Hensley

Boise , ID 83713
United States

Gale Carrier
Professional and caring psychic readings. I have a lifetime of experience and use straight cards, tarot or just use psychic energy. I am also a spiritual medium.
Gale Carrier-Adler
544 Leafwood Drive
Hixson, TN 37343
United States
Phone 615-627-8261

Gayla Reiter MA,CHT
Gayla Reiter MA,CHT, is a nationally acclaimed psychic, author & clairvoyant. She offers Hypnosis and Heart Centered Counseling, Past Life Regression, Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, Spiritual Regression, Psychometry and Inner Child Work. She is available for private consultation as well as weddings, parties, ceremonies and rituals.

Gayla Reiter
Po Box 2314
Benicia, CA 94510
United States

Geralyn St Joseph - Voice of Spirit Gabriel's Trumpet Enterprises
I am Geralyn St. Joseph, a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services I offer are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it. Services include Spiritual guidance, couples guidance, psychic readings, negative statement release, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

Check out my Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/Geralyn-St-Joseph/e/B00938QGGM
Geralyn St Joseph
Philadelphia, PA to Bangor, ME
Philadelphia, PA 19148
United States
Phone 808 261-7866

Golden Trines Metaphysical Products and Services
27 years in business! Established Professional Psychic Astrologer, Syracuse, NY for 20 years, now in Palm Coast Florida since 2009. Her office is now closed due to needing more time to write her book and attend her herbal studies but she is taking phone consult appointments (also available on Skype, IPhone FaceTalk and Facebook Messenger.)

Aynne McAvoy is a third generation psychic, owner of Golden Trines Metaphysical Products and Services, is a writer (author of Just Who Are THEY Anyway?) and columnist with the Holistic Resource Magazine since 2001. She is a

Reiki Master, columnist, teacher, speaker and ordained minister, and has been seen on TV and a regular on various radio programs. She has produced several CNY Your New Life Expos,held many seminars around the country and produced two CDs, I BELIEVE IN ANGELS and TAROT 101. She can be reached for appointment for consultation at 315-481-9073 or at CAT9201@aol.com. Aynne has also been a facilitator for ACIM for several years in the Palm Coast area. Visit her website for much more information and FAQ page, www.GoldenTrines.com. Friend her on Facebook! Aynne McAvoy of Golden Trines Psychic Astrologer Counselor. Aynne is currently actively working on an herbalist certificate.
Palm Coast
Aynne McAvoy

Palm Coast, Florida 32164
United States
Phone 315-481-9073
Fax 386-313-1611

Greco Writing
Patti Greco makes you feel safe enough?.to leap!


Patti Greco acts as Intuitive Counsel, Soul Coach, and Catalyst to help her clients across the US find their own life invitations. Authentic. Meaningful. Heart-breaking and magical. That is your life story and Patti Greco is your psychic storyteller. Patti offers spiritual consultations for Soul Growth in all the ?houses of your life.? Through deep telephone consult and multi-layered psychic writing and clairvoyant art, her visionary readings reach the essence in you that wants to leap forward!

Patti Greco?s intuitive guidance starts from a place that honors ?creative thought,? and a life-long belief in miracles. She is an avid reader of The Seth Material, which delights in the freedom of knowing we don?t have to buy into mass consciousness. She provides compassionate guidance for anyone who wants to step off of that cliff! She has a BA in English & Creative Writing, and a Masters in Psychic Development from The Aquarian Center in CT with a 20-year background in spiritual transformation. Her offerings include: The Soul Story Reading, The Past Life(Akashic Records) Reading, Multidimensional Card Email Reading, Cameo(Email) Reading, Faerie/Devic Email Reading, Intuitive Dream analysis, Spiritually Conscious Business Readings, Journal Coaching, and more. Call Patti at Greco Writing 978.448.5018 or email grecowriting@verizon.net for appointment.

Patricia Greco

Groton, MA 01450
United States
Phone 978.448.5018

Psychic Readings for you or your pet.Advice on how you can have an abundant, healthy, loving life. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE HAPPY.

Fear inhibits your life.
Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.

I accept only good
I remember only good
I expect only good
I want only good for myself and others
Heidi DiMatteo

KEIZER, OR 97303
United States

Healing From The Heart
Transform your life in just a few hours. Spend an hour or a few days on a personalized spiritual journey in Sedona.Explore the spiritual energy of Sedona with a knowledgeable guide. Visit vortexes, areas of powerful natural energy. Gain peace of mind, understanding of your life, and better health. These spiritual retreats are unlike any tour or healing session offered by anyone else. Services: Vortex tours,Healing in person or distance, Reiki training, Psychic Readings, phone and e-mail consultations.
Cynthia Tierra

Sedona, AZ 86351
United States
Phone 928-821-0989

Healing Hands Massage Therapy
Healing Hands Massage Therapy provide the following services:
Swedish Massage
Deep Muscle Therapy
Pregnancy Massage
Raindrop Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
Chair Massage
Cupping Massage
Altamonte Springs
Tracy Spooner
285 W. Central Parkway
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
United States
Phone 407-788-6675
Fax 788-6678

Robert Plotzke has been practicing Reiki for over ten years and teaching all levels of Reiki for eight years. Robert is the co-founder of ILLUMEN with partner Jill Sutherland. Jill and Robert have led workshops in England, Scotland and the United States. In addition to teaching all levels of Usui and Karuna® Reiki, Robert has led several workshops on Healing with Sound. Blending his knowledge of sound with Reiki , Robert’s work is well respected in healing circles. Robert and Jill have presented “Reiki and Energetic Healing” at both Emory and Kennesaw Universities. A natural intuitive, Robert quite often pinpoints the age of emotional trauma that is the cause of many long standing or chronic health conditions. Robert is a registered Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training. www.reiki.org .
Robert Plotzke
631 Mission Rd. SW
Cartersville, GA 30120
United States
Phone 770-386-4853

Intuitive Eyes
Intuitive Eyes Guided Meditation Classes.

Create Your Own Reality & Awaken Your Intuition!

Set of six classes designd to awaken your intuition and assist you in creating your own reality. Every class is designed to flow into the next class and awaken the student up to the world of possibilities around them.
Sherri Devereau
NW Phoenix Area
Phoenix, AZ 85053
United States
Phone 602-896-4191

Intuitive SOULutions
Spiritual Intuitive life Coach and healer. Clincal Social worker, psychotherapist 20 yrs experience, Spiritual counseling, Reiki and Theta healing, which is erasing belief systems that are limiting thru activating DNA. Positive uplifting healer. Listed in "Becoming More Psychic" Articles published in "The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs" and the Caring Book by Kaiser Permanente. Worked on Wall street, major hmos to healing centers. Well rounded and knowledgeable healer and intuitive. Currently also work In private practice in West Hollywood. Also a licensed therapist. New book Honor your spirit coming out May, 2016.
Los Angeles
Carolyn Coleridge
8217 Beverlly Blvd Ste 22
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 323-782-9085

Intuitive Vision Network
Psychic and Spiritual Healing Cruises for those who want to come to terms with their grief and explore the metaphysical realms. Noted psychics, mediums and empowerment experts provide onboard intimate workshops and seminars. Private and group readings available.
Port Washington
Andrea Martone
16 Cross St
Port Washington, NY 11050
United States
Phone 917 929 0527

Intuitive, Palmist, Direct Channel Medium, Spiritual Counselor
Kae is a gifted international Clairvoyant,Medium,Intuitive Palmist.Kae places your hands in hers to allow a connection to be made that sends mental energy through the nerve endings in the hand to my receptive emotional body.A transfer or energy exchange as it were.I either see clear images, hear words or feel something deeply.I don't edit and say it as it comes to me. Often times I speak in the voice of the person I hear in my head.

Once this energy transfer is made, the second part commences with you asking specific questions related to Love, Money, Relationships, Career, Business, Family,Life Purpose or anything about your personal journey.I don't need a lot of information but if you want specific answers I need at least an area to start with.Relationship, business,health,family etc.

I need you to be clear.It helps if you have a list of questions. My style of reading is practical spirituality.

It's about getting answers and putting them to use.I think it isn't much help if you don't take home something practical that makes sense to you.

On the other hand I work with people who just want to understand what is going on in their lives.Maybe most of the time, life makes sense, but sometimes it doesn't and it helps to talk with someone.I work best with people who come to me with a sincere wish to explore their options.

I feel I am divinly guided to do the work I do and it is a priviledge when people trust me with the emotional part of their lives.I take the responsibility seriously and only want to do my best at helping people achieve peace of mind and healing.

Another aspect of my Intuitive/Psychic Reader/Channeled Guidance/Medium readings is the ability to do remote distance healing where I feel you energetically and pick up images,hear words or get strong emotional feelings as if it were a video playing at great distances.

Do you have unresolved issues in your life?

My readings bring healing,insight,resolution and clarity to your situations or questions.

"You are a precious child of Light and I welcome the chance to share in your Divinity" Namaste,K
Palm Springs
Kae Schreiber

Palm Springs, CA 92264
United States
Phone (760)992-9197

Irene Martina
Irene Martina is a powerful spiritual counselor, speaker and teacher who shares her intuitive gifts and wisdom with a myriad of clients including professionals and non-professionals around the globe.

Contact Irene for private and business consultations, personal, corporate, customized workshops and speaking engagements.
Irene Martina

Edmonton, AB

Jacqueline Lunger
Ordained Spiritualist medium and healer.

Certified Ro~Hun Therapist,Reiki Master,

Past Life Inquiry facilitator.

Founder of Ageless Knowledge

Author of Inner Voices "guidance at your fingertips" energy cards and Speak Stones, a casting oracle.
Lily Dale
Jacqueline Lunger
8 Cottage Row
Lily Dale, NY 14752
United States
Phone 716-595-2496

JANEL the Animal Psychic
Telepathic, Clairvoyant Animal Communicator. Specializes in Performance Dogs and Horses. Fine tune your relationship with your animal. Communicate with your recently passed animal. Find out what makes them happy and sad. Can help find missing pets. Animal Interviewer that can obtain specific information from an animal that was present at a crime scene.
Janel Eaton
970 w. valley parkway # 211
escondido, CA 92025
United States
Phone 7607435379
Fax 7477956

Janice Scott-Reeder
Psychic, Druid, Master Tarot Reading, Astrologer. Biofeedback therapist, Hypnotherapist. I offer readings at www.findapsychic.com and supplies from the company web site. Let me help you have the life you want. Cats welcome!
Coconut Creek
Janice King
5631 NW 77 Court
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
United States
Phone 954-698-6926
Fax 698-9706

I am a psychic and clairvoyant with over 10 years experience. I specialize in Past Life readings and Tarot, Medicine, and Gong Hee Fot Choy card readings. I have performed both private and home parties for many years. I was born into a family that has practiced clairvoyance and wicca for over a hundred years. My first insight was at the age of four and I have studied intensely for fifteen plus years.
Jennifer Hill
1501 Parkside Avenue, #10D
Trenton, NJ 08638
United States
Phone 609-406-9130
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