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Dorothy M. Haag, RN, BSN, HNC, CHTP, CZB, Reiki Master,
Dorothy has maintained a private Holistic Nursing practice for approximately 10 years, and continues to expand her studies in a variety of healing modalities. This work is appropriate for all ages and all conditions, as it is gentle, non-invasive, and preventive, as well as supporting the natural healing process, reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress, accelerating healing, enhancing spiritual development and supporting the dying process.
Granite Bay
Dorothy M. Haag

Granite Bay, CA 95746
United States
Phone 916-791-2043

Dr. Edwin Bacon, Msc.D., RMT - The Halls of Reiki
Through a past-life regression some years ago that was inspired by a series of psychic and astrological readings, I discovered that in past lives I had been a healer in Atlantis in at least 2 lifetimes. During the regression I told the therapist that "I have always been a healer."

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher of several different Reiki modalities, and offer private classes, Reiki healing sessions, distance healing, and distance courses and attunements.
Lake Ridge
Ed Bacon, Msc.D., RMT

Lake Ridge, VA 22192
United States
Phone (703) 583-5344

Dr. HelenMary Thomas
I am a practicing chiropractor in Santa Rosa, Californis. My specialty is Ayurveda clinical practice. Ayurveda diet, dosha test and all aspects of Ayurveda are my speciality. I do phone consultations and specialize in vedic astrology also.
Santa Rosa
HelenMaey Thomas
2200 County Center Drive Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States
Phone 707-527-7313

Dr. Ida Greene
Dr. Ida Greene, is a motivational speaker, author of nine books including Light the Fire Within You, Success now, Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Hello to Your Greatness, and Money How to Get It, How to Keep It. I am a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practioner of Energy balancing and Intuitive Break Through Coaching. www.idagreene.com to purchase books
San Diego
Ida Greene, Ph.D.
3639 Midway Drive Ste B #374
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
Phone 619-262-9951

Ed Long Self-Applied Kinesiology
The help you need to heal yourself. Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques reduce depression, trauma, allergies, physical pain, tiredness, increase vitality, and improve healthy life energy. Meridian/Muscle Balancing - Lymphatic - Oxygen therapy - Radionics.
Ed Long
16234 NE 29th
Bellevue, WA 98008
United States
Phone (425) 885-1993

Ed Long Self-Applied Kinesiology
The help you need to heal yourself. Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques reduce depression, trauma, allergies, physical pain, tiredness, increase vitality, and improve healthy life energy. Meridian/Muscle Balancing - Lymphatic - Oxygen therapy - Radionics.
Ed Long
16234 NE 29th
Bellevue, WA 98008
United States
Phone (425) 885-1993


Increase your energy & reduce stress

All of us are exposed to negative energy every day. These harmful influences can come from the attitudes of people we encounter, world events, environmental pollution and the stress of everyday living. Daily exposure to these negative influences can simply wear you down and leave you open to fatigue, depression, anger and disease. The Egyptian Healing Rods can restore your energy and reduce the harmful effects of stress and negative energy by helping to return your body to its natural balance. THE RODS CAN HELP YOU TO FEEL MORE CALM AND CENTERED. With your mind clear, you will find it easier to focus and accomplish more with less stress. If you work as a healer, counselor or body worker, you know how working closely with many people each day can deplete you. Using the healing rods between sessions can restore your energy and clear your mind so that you can give each client or patient your best.

Sally Trautner
33998 N. 57th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
United States
Phone 480 767-6202
Fax 484 727-6200

Elaine Melody Thomas
Holistic Life Coach, assisting others in creating the life they desire. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Certified Touch for Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Educator, nondenominational minister-Spiritual Direction.
Also, president of the Holistic Health Institute of Ohio, LLC (HHIO) in Columbus, Ohio. We offer classes, seminars and workshops in holistic health, spirituality, and wellness.

Elaine Thomas
3208 N High St
Columbus, OH 43202-1114
United States
Phone 614-264-7482

Ellen Fisher
Reiki Master, Subtle Body healing at Sheltered Well (865 638 6828)distance healings request by email,tarot readings (requests by email)healing alternatives mall online.
Ellen Fisher
UT PO Box 16495
Knoxville, TN 37996
United States
Phone 865-609-2994

Empowering Change, LLC
I use EFT, Hypnosis and Quantum Biofeedback to release limiting beliefs. Eliminate fears, stress, grief and more. Find your inner connection!
Katherine Nuyens, MA, CH, CBT
901 Old Marlton Pike
Marlton, NJ 08053
United States
Phone 856 780 5302

Energy Balancing
Over 20 light touch energy modalties including Cranialsacral Balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Sound/Color Healing, Visceral Manipulation, Healing Touch, Chakra Clearing, Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Pranic Healing, Herbs/Nutrition, Acupressure and Brain Mapping.

Classes offered in all the above.
Julie Neway

Longmont, CO 80503
United States
Phone 3037868235

Energy Dance Healing
Life is about manifesting what we want to create. A big part of that manifesting is creating the person who we want to be; knowing ourselves and learning, or relearning our connection to source. My work catalyzes that connection through Voice Dialoge and various energy healing/balancing modalities. Through Voice Dialogue, I guide you in connecting with your "inner self(ves)" to reduce inner and outer conflict and to live in a natural, balanced state of harmony. I also use meridian and chakra clearing techniques (EFT, EFH) and guided accupressure (TAT) to relieve emotional and physical blockages. Telephone and distance sessions. First session 1/2 price.
Jack Leishman
2320 Talent Ave.
Talent, OR 97540
United States
Phone 877-868-7245

Energy Intuitive
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Flower Essence Practitioner. All levels of vibrational energetic medicine utilizing flower essences, body freguencies, color, sound and more.

Distance & in-person work with people, places and animals. Often times our environment needs energetic clearing and balancing as well as our physical being. I prefer to work with all layers of a person's life for optimal and lasting shifts in vibratory frequency resulting a life changes that are tangible and profound.
Lisa K. Abernathy
315 Franz Valley School Road
Calistoga, CA 94515
United States
Phone 707-942-1238

Enlightened Practice Magazine
Enlightened Practice Magazine, South Florida’s first free magazine dedicated to the practice of yoga, has taken this community by surprise. Inspired to bring the healthful, peaceful, and physical pleasure of yoga to neighbors throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, Editor-in-Chief Robyn Lakini Skie has achieved this goal and earned recognition throughout the area.

Enlightened Practice Magazine is “Your South Florida Yoga Connection,” bringing to the community, in a beautifully published magazine, answers to the questions of what yoga is, why we should practice, and who teaches within our cities. The premier issue had its debut in June 2003 and flew off the shelves of the local health food stores, including Wild Oats, Nutrition Depot, and Nutrition World, as well as most yoga studios in the three counties.

Robyn Lakini Skie

, FL
United States

Equilibrium School of Feng Shui
We offer six day intensive classes in Basic Level Feng Shui and Environmental Health (EMF, EMR, indoor air pollution, VOC), mini workshops, and private consultations. Students study Feng Shui, Building Biology, and/or Integrated Energy Therapy (angelic) or Reiki. Chakra balancing, dowsing, intuitive, color therapy, and crystal workshops available. Advanced through Master Level classes and workshops are available. Participants receive topical hands-on training. See our website www.3eqfengshui.com for further information.
Dana Hofstetter
9 South 708 Lorraine
Hinsdale, IL 60527
United States
Phone 630 789 9808

Erika Waak, APP
Polarity Therapy is a profound healthcare system that uses gentle hands-on work for relaxation, mental clarity, emotional well-being, and relief from physical pain. It can specifically help alleviate health problems such as stress disorders, neck ache, backache, and much more. This comprehensive system is similar to massage and acupressure, and is an adjunct treatment to traditional medicine.
Washington, DC
Erika Waak, APP - Polarity Therapist

Washington, DC, 20037
Phone 202-965-5400

Esther Sager, MS, BFRP, RMT, IARP
My practice as a holistic consultant touches those people, animals, plants and minerals to whom I am connected for mutual growth and healing. I welcome you all with a strong heart and much gratitude.

I am a Registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, offering classes and personalized guidance in the use of these remarkable tinctures that are of such extraordinary benefit in balancing emotions, mind and spirit. My personal experience with them is extensive, particularly with horses, and I have a unique horse-assisted Bach consultation available to clients on a selective basis. I am also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki Master, providing energy sessions and attunement classes. Reiki is a Universal life energy that can relieve physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, and Tera Mai Seichem Reiki is a comprehensive program that includes attunement to other healing frequencies as well. As part of an overall wellness program, I provide individual and group classes on chakras. I have a Master's Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, a Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and have formal training in Animal Communications. All consultations are safe and strictly confidential, and I bring to every session as well my own intuitive guidance. I look forward to working with you. Namaste.
Esther Sager
916 N. Reading Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
United States

Eye of the Soul
I can energetically balance and facilitate the healing process through a transformational vibration of love. I am able to tune into a persons subconscious mind and transform any energy blocks as the individual speaks either in person or over the phone. Over the past four years I have grown in my ability to smell and sense certain areas of concern. These can be from birth, past lives, DNA memories, emotional trauma or just everyday stresses that become trapped in the body and still influence our thoughts and actions and can cause physical problems and illnesses. As the individual heals, a feeling of unconditional love is instilled in the cellular memory. The focus is for the highest good of the client.

For private sessions only 100% therapeutic oil is used in a chakra balancing session as well as for massage. Research has found that many viruses and other back ailments lay dormant along the spine. The art of using aromatherapy and energy together help balance the body and strengthen the immune system.
Crystal Lake
Sue LaVarra

Crystal Lake, IL 60014
United States
Phone 815-557-6937

Eye of the Soul
Intuitive Healings that integrate mind, body, spirit and heart for better balance. Reiki-ssage is a transforming system of healing that blends the best of bodywork, energy work and spiritual healing to create a pure integration of therapies. Energy healing brings with it a multi-universal approach that will balance chakras, releases blockages and contributes to healing on a cellular level while soothing the body and mind to instill peace and relaxation. This can be accomplished while staying fully clothed.

Intuitive healing sessions also done by phone to re-balance bodies energy and emotion state.
Crystal Lake
Suzanne La Varra

Crystal Lake, IL 60012
United States
Phone 815-557-6937

Flick Cook
I am an Energy healer using voice. I work facilitating individuals and groups to find, through the use of sound, that they are a channel between the Divine and Mother Earth. Thereby healing themselves, others around them and the planet. We work with Anatomy and Physiology, Chakras, Energy Fields, Psyche, and healthy vocal usage.
Felicity Cook
426 Cherry Hinton Road
Cambridge, cambs cb1 8ba
Phone 01223 247953
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