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Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn
DR. Steiner-Hornsteyn is ranked one of the world's foremost intuitive healers and medical intuitives. Lectures, work-shops, private consultations. Best selling healing meditation CDs.
Miami Beach
Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn
P.O.Box 7054
Miami Beach FL 33154
United States
Phone 954-565 1821
Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive
Let Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive, solve your medical mystery. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual causes of illness explored. Akashic Records consultations.
Long Beach
Jennifer Lisa Vest
2117 E. 7th Street
Long Beach CA 90804
United States
Phone 3104311273
Euthanasien Und Assistierter Selbstmord
EUTHANASIEN UND ASSISTIERTER SELBSTMORDSterbehilfe ist der Vorgang, bei dem das Leben eines Menschen absichtlich beendet wird, um das Leiden zu lindern.Zum Beispiel könnte es als Sterbehilfe angesehen werden, wenn ein Arzt einem Patienten mit einer unheilbaren Krankheit absichtlich Medikamente verabreicht, die er ansonsten nicht für sein Wohlbefinden benötigt, z.Bei einem assistierten Suizid wird eine andere Person absichtlich unterstützt oder ermutigt, sich selbst zu töten. Wenn ein Verwandter einer Person mit einer unheilbaren Krankheit starke Beruhigungsmittel erhalten hat und weiß, dass die Person beabsichtigt, die Beruhigungsmittel zu verwenden, um sich selbst zu töten, kann davon ausgegangen werden, dass sie den Selbstmord unterstützt.Das GesetzSowohl Sterbehilfe als auch assistierter Selbstmord sind nach englischem Recht illegal.SterbehilfeBeihilfe zum Selbstmord ist nach dem Suicide Act (1961) illegal und kann mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu 14 Jahren geahndet werden. Der Versuch, sich umzubringen, ist keine Straftat.EuthanasieJe nach den Umständen wird Sterbehilfe entweder als Totschlag oder als Mord angesehen. Die Höchststrafe ist lebenslange Haft.
Hap Eville
1031 Virginia Ave
Hapeville GA 30354
United States
Phone (336) 267-4575
Eva Herr
Eva Herr, Medical Intuitive, Medium and Channel
Eva Herr
2151 Tillingham Court
Dunwoody GA 30338
United States
Phone 404 513 2895
Specific & unique guidance mapping your way to healing. Similar to E.Cayce & C.Myss. Pranic, Reiki, Vibrational energy sessions.
Francesca Fleming
1316 NW 23rd Ave
Portland OR 97210
United States
Phone 503.805.7403
Heidi M. Hawkins, M.Ac., L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist, Medical Intuitive, Medical Qi Gong Practitioner, Teacher, Writer, Scholar.
Heidi Hawkins
1707 F st.
Bellingham WA
United States
Phone 360-734-1560
Heidi M. Hawkins, M.Ac., L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist, Medical Intuitive, Medical Qi Gong practitioner, Teacher, Writer, Scholar.
Heidi Hawkins
419 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle WA
United States
Phone 206-285-7363
Holistic Medical Intuitive
Holistic Medical Readings of your body, mind and spirit, helps you to gain clairity and take the next step towards health.
Sabine Th. Schmitt
Berliner Strasse 44
Niederdorfelden-Germany 61138
Phone +491784003858
Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine, Reiki Master, Sessions in office, phone, hospital Tried Everything & Not Getting Better? Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? Workshops in Intuitive Development for medical and health professionals at your retreat, medical, or healing center
Leena Rose
Charlottesville Wellness Center 901 Preston Ave
Charlottesville VA
United States
Phone 4343056815
Jackie Noel, RN/LMT
A student completing the 4 year cerification courses with Dr. Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy. Archetypal readings done for love offering.
Jackie Noel
811 Cherry Ste. 203
Columbia MO 65201
United States
Phone 573-886-7660
James M. Price, MSW, MPA
Self Empowered Emotional Release (SEER): Powerful Emotion-MIND training using chi energy transmission, emotional and cognitive intuition to reprogram root causation.
James M. Price
363 Sudden Valley
Bellingham WA 98226
United States
Phone 360-714-8918
Jan Meryl
Medical Intuitive and Psychic Consultant author offers channeled telephone readings. Website includes articles,faq,testimonials,and archived radio interviews links.(941) 926-0880
Jan Meryl

Sarasota FL 34238
United States
Phone (941) 926-0880
Jenny Boylan
Live abundantly and joyfully with the assistance of my intuitive and empowerment skills that thousands of clients worldwide have benefited from.
Santa Monica
Jenny Boylan
PO Box 3506
Santa Monica CA
United States
Phone 310-581-2035
Jessica Schwartz
The intention of my intuitive work is to illuminate and clear obstructions to well-being while restoring and renewing a sense of confidence, clarity and connection both personally and professionally.
Jessica Schwartz

United States
Phone (781)788-0555
Jim Helbert
Medical intuition experiential workshops and program. Everyone has the capability to do intuitive work. Call for schedules.
Jim Helbert
2410 Briar Ridge Way
Cumming GA 30041
United States
Phone 770-653-3337
John Peterson - Medical Intuitive
Healer and Medical Intuitive. I read the energy from the Chakras and Aura. 'Your SOUL tells me your TRUTHS'
St. Paul
John Peterson

St. Paul MN 55077
United States
Phone 651-334-4060
Kanata Alternative Health Centre
Alternative healing by intuitive healer with 22 year experience. Uses Cranio sacral, Neuro Emotional Technique, Total Body Modification , Contact Reflex Analysis
Tony Brunelle
#208 2 Beaverbrook Road
Ottawa ONT k2k 2l2
Phone 613-592-8100
Welcome to Kratom Store, purveyors of premium quality kratom powders, extracts, and capsules.
kratom store
2560 East Chapman Ave. #244, Orange
California CA 92868
United States
Phone 888-508-6078
Lisa LaMendola
International Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive.
West Palm Beach
Lisa LaMendola

West Palm Beach FL 33401
United States
Phone 561-616-5035
Lower Back Pain
Low back pain is a fact of life for many Americans today. It can easily reduce your ability to perform many functions and will often limit your quality of life. Instead of merely resigning to a life of pain and low levels of activity, there are several ways it can be treated – enabling you to enjoy life again. Sacroiliac Radiofrequency Ablation (SI RF). This pain treatment is for pain that typically radiates down the sciatic nerve, causing pain in your lower back, your buttocks, and thigh region. After an injection, this minimally invasive procedure involves creating heat through a catheter inserted near the nerves and then applying radiofrequency energy. The heat destroys the nerve and provides pain relief for 9 to 14 months – then the nerve usually grows back. The best treatment for your lower back pain can be determined once a thorough diagnosis of the problem has been made. Each of the above treatments is performed on an outpatient basis by Board certified doctors at Lower Back Pain NY.
Staten Island
Lower Back Pain

Staten Island NY 10306
United States
Phone 718-682-3440
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