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Using a combination of Guided Imagery and Energy Healing, Lesley Schneider has spent over 20 years helping people move through blocks that keep them stuck. These blocks can be emotional in nature, physical or spiritual. Moving through blocks allows for the possibility of returning to center, to that place where you can connect with your own inner guidance. Benefits you may experience:

- Stress Relief
- Mental Clarity
- Increased Energy
- Relaxation
- Healing Old Wounds
- Discovering the Roots Of Chronic Pain.

She is available for phone consultations nationwide, as well as office visits in San Jose, CA.

Lesley offers energy/spiritual healing, animal communication, guided visualizations, guided imagery, body mind spirit work, psychic readings, intuitive consultation, psychic healing, healing workshops, free online newsletter and meditation CDs.
San Jose
Lesley Schneider

San Jose, CA 95125
United States
Phone (408) 858-3942

Heidi Wright - Critter Connections
Heidi Wright is a caring animal communicator (pet psychic) and Reiki master specializing in Reiki for Pets. Heidi is the author of the best seller 'Animal Communicator Heidi' (Japan) and co-author of the best seller 'Empowered', is featured in the book, "The Language of Miracles" and other books, and is a regular guest on a hit TV show in Japan. Web site at: www.CritterConnections.net

Private readings, workshops, lectures and consultations.

Heidi Wright
PO Box 482
Malin, OR 97632
United States
Phone 530 640 0686

Herbal Advantage Inc.
Alternative health items, Natures Sunshine herbs and natural vitamins, aroma-therapy, books, gift shop weight-loss and weight control products. We offer over 500 natural health items for your home and family.
James Davis
4901 E. Silver Springs Blvd. Suite 109
Ocala, FL 34470
United States
Phone 1-877-655-3745

HHHC provides a variety of alternative and holistic healing services:

Stress Removal, a technique that utilizes acupressure and bioenergy, effectively de-stresses the body. It removes the effects of present and past stress, including fetal stress. The deepest stress release you'll ever have!

BIOSET, an allergy desensitization technique that helps with ADD, Arthritis, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Osteoporosis, Mold Exposure and much more.

HBLU, Healing From The Body Level Up, developed by a scientist trained in energy healing, helps the body release the trauma imprints that cause physical and emotional damage along with obstacles that get in the way of you having the life you want and deserve.

Bioenergy healing, a powerful energy healing technique that raises the energy level of the body, is great for healing athletic injuries, car accident trauma, chronic conditions and more.

Solana Beach
Breianne Pryse
140 Marine View #103
Solana Beach, CA 92075
United States
Phone 562-243-0124

High Touch Healing Arts
High Touch Healing Arts offers Reiki healing sessions and classes in-person and at a distance level. We also offer shamanic healing, intuitive counseling and flower essence services. I am a Reiki master teacher, minister and medical intuitive. I have been in professional practice since 1992 and has taught Reiki in the US and abroad. I specialize in trauma recovery work and the modality of Shamanic Soul/Essence Retrieval. Realize the Bright Star that you are!
Huntington Beach
Irma Sawyer

Huntington Beach, CA 92647
United States
Phone (714) 271-0052

I Am Awakening
I am a Certified Radical Forgiveness Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher whose goal in life is to help people shift their lives in a positive way as quickly as possible.

Radical Forgiveness: A method developed by Colin Tipping by whom I have been personally trained. It looks at the underlying assumptions and spiritual principles operating in the situation so your perception and your "story" about it might shift and become meaningful in a wholly different way - allowing you to change behavior patterns, and improve relationships. Being coached in RF empowers you to choose how you live your life. All that is nessary is the desire and willingness to make a positive change in your life. Plan on 3 sessions total, but most have been completed in one or two. The first session will be a 2 hour session.

Reiki: I am just the channel for sending Universal Healing Energy into the body. It is the receiver's responsibility to allow that energy to come into their body. This is very powerful work; healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It gives the client a chance to release so much blocked energy, and let go of emotional baggage.

I also offer custom designed Reiki charged, soul healing candles, which are available on special order.

Ear Candling: A completely harmless way of drawing out cantaminates from your ears and sinuses that I have found to be extremely helpful to many. This is an ancient method for painlessly removing fungus, bacteria, yeast(candida), and anything else that blocks your ear canals and sinuses. Clients have found it helpful in reducing or eliminating ringing, repeated sinus/ear infections, or loss of hearing of particular tomes.
Linda Ledbury

Renton, WA 98059
United States
Phone 206 228-8461

I Am Awakening
I am a Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and do Radical Forgiveness Therapy. I am continually growing my education. It is my firm belief that each individual is different and has specific needs for their most effective healing. I offer Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Treatments to balance the chakras, Radical Forgiveness Therapy, Power Animal Retrievals, as well as Custom Designed Soul Candles specifically for the needs of the client. It is time for me to give back to all those (including Spirit) that have led me down this path. I have, and only will, invest in training and learning things that I personally have been positively affected by. My latest project, "Healing My Soul" Inspiration Cards, have had a very good response already in their first week prior to print. I look forward to hearing and working with you, if of course, it is meant for us to connect.
Linda Ledbury
3605 NE 10th Court
Renton, WA 98056
United States
Phone 425-591-7204
Fax 425-227-4050

Indigo Skies
Welcome to to Indigo Skies Energetic Healing and Life Coaching. I welcome you to loving the life you have and we will work together with your energetic, mental and physical bodies, along with your belief systems to allow you to create more resonence and harmony in your life.
Santa Cruz
Sky Davis
1127.5 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
United States

InterLink - Anne Brewer
Anne Brewer has spent the last 6 years refining a method, called Soul Clearing, that eliminates blocks and barriers in the Akashic or soul records. Removing these blocks results in improved, more positive behaviors. Our past life experiences offer cumulative learnings that enable us to be who we are today by referencing our soul memories. However, if we carry trauma or pain from any of our past lives, we will experience discordant behavior in our current life. The trauma must be cleared in order to have a more positive life experience.
Prairie Village
Anne Brewer
5252 W. 67th St.
Prairie Village, KS 66208
United States
Phone 913-722-5498

Intuitive and Energy Counselor
Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling. We look into the flow of your soul's journey, find out what reactions and beliefs block your fulfillment in your current world, move the energy along to release fresh currents of creative healing energy.

NB. I work by phone all over the world as well as in the Bay area.
Mill Valley
Veronica Entwistle

Mill Valley, CA 94941
United States
Phone 510 595-5564

Intuitive Healing
Intuitive Healing is a gentle and grounded process of healing.
Isaac Miklik

Chicago, IL 60626
United States
Phone 847-946-3640

Intuitive SOULutions
Spiritual Intuitive life Coach and healer. Clincal Social worker, psychotherapist 20 yrs experience, Spiritual counseling, Reiki and Theta healing, which is erasing belief systems that are limiting thru activating DNA. Positive uplifting healer. Listed in "Becoming More Psychic" Articles published in "The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs" and the Caring Book by Kaiser Permanente. Worked on Wall street, major hmos to healing centers. Well rounded and knowledgeable healer and intuitive. Currently also work In private practice in West Hollywood. Also a licensed therapist. New book Honor your spirit coming out May, 2016.
Los Angeles
Carolyn Coleridge
8217 Beverlly Blvd Ste 22
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 323-782-9085

Intuitive, Palmist, Direct Channel Medium, Spiritual Counselor
Kae is a gifted international Clairvoyant,Medium,Intuitive Palmist.Kae places your hands in hers to allow a connection to be made that sends mental energy through the nerve endings in the hand to my receptive emotional body.A transfer or energy exchange as it were.I either see clear images, hear words or feel something deeply.I don't edit and say it as it comes to me. Often times I speak in the voice of the person I hear in my head.

Once this energy transfer is made, the second part commences with you asking specific questions related to Love, Money, Relationships, Career, Business, Family,Life Purpose or anything about your personal journey.I don't need a lot of information but if you want specific answers I need at least an area to start with.Relationship, business,health,family etc.

I need you to be clear.It helps if you have a list of questions. My style of reading is practical spirituality.

It's about getting answers and putting them to use.I think it isn't much help if you don't take home something practical that makes sense to you.

On the other hand I work with people who just want to understand what is going on in their lives.Maybe most of the time, life makes sense, but sometimes it doesn't and it helps to talk with someone.I work best with people who come to me with a sincere wish to explore their options.

I feel I am divinly guided to do the work I do and it is a priviledge when people trust me with the emotional part of their lives.I take the responsibility seriously and only want to do my best at helping people achieve peace of mind and healing.

Another aspect of my Intuitive/Psychic Reader/Channeled Guidance/Medium readings is the ability to do remote distance healing where I feel you energetically and pick up images,hear words or get strong emotional feelings as if it were a video playing at great distances.

Do you have unresolved issues in your life?

My readings bring healing,insight,resolution and clarity to your situations or questions.

"You are a precious child of Light and I welcome the chance to share in your Divinity" Namaste,K
Palm Springs
Kae Schreiber

Palm Springs, CA 92264
United States
Phone (760)992-9197

Isabella Mori
You know how life sometimes feels like a broken record? You want your song back, more music in your life? I’ll walk with you as you walk away from whatever feels wrong – maybe career issues, maybe relationship problems, depression, addictions or eating disorders. You’ll find me an analytic yet intuitive psychotherapist, GLBT friendly, with a Buddhist/Liberal Christian/Pagan orientation who will actively support you in making a better life for yourself and those around you.
Isabella Mori
27 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V5W 3K2
Phone 604-327-8167

Janny E. Adkins
Janny is an intuitive spiritual counselor and healer with a strong foundation in holistic nursing. She offers ongoing spirutal support and counseling via telephone as well as hands on healing and energy balancing sessions. She teaches Usui Reiki, and 12 chakra activation technqiues. Janny is also a Certified Healing Touch Practioner She provides workshops and retreats, and facilitates a monthly meeting, The Goddess Group, for women where she offers channeled mediations and support for women. Janny is committed to the support of individuals who desire to follow their spiriutal path and live with a more open heart.
Cedar Rapids
Janny Adkins
1640 Quail Hollow NE 8-A
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
United States
Phone 319/832-2528

jeffrey kauffman
I approach every client with the utmost respect, with interest to hear what you say and to understand you, and a commitment to help you accomplish what you are seeking in psychotherapy.

I have cultivated an ability to be attuned and to be present. I bear witness with you to your courage and your shame.

Every human being is a unique individual person.

Psychotherapy is a living personal relationship based upon your uniqueness.

Part of my therapeutic approach is offering therapy that is very gentle, and firm when needed, so as to help you get in touch with yourself, and be more deeply and securely connected to others. Not everyone, however, comes with these needs. Every person has their own individual needs, a lot of which has to do experiences you have been through.

jeffrey kauffman
217 Pottstown Pike
Uwchlan, PA 19480
United States
Phone 610-458-7871

Jill Christopher
Masters Touch utilizes channeled energy of Spirit Physicians to restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

Distance healing takes place over 1-3 sessions. By email or phone, we'll discuss your goals for therapy. After that I’ll connect with your higher self directly for all healing work.

Personal sessions in the Dallas, TX area include 30-45 minutes of interactive counseling, followed by the actual “hands on” healing.

Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy is also available.

Jill Christopher
PO Box 495366
Garland, TX 75049-5366
United States
Phone 972-504-2650
Fax 214-722-0098

A medical intuitive and spiritual life coach

Healing for people, places, pets, things and situation
Jimmy Mack

Clearwater, FL 33756
United States
Phone 727-678-0557

Jo Ann Simmons
For more than 17 years in my private practice I have inspired clients to achieve their best, created my own blend of law-of-attraction exercises to help clients with dating and relationships, plus draw my own soul mate.

Now I'm determined to help other singles find love and marriage through the exercises in my new book Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You: The Perfect Plan for Attracting Your Perfect Love Match

Jo Ann Simmons
P.O. Box 180546
Casselberry, FL 32718-0545
United States
Phone 4074052735

Joan Lippens-Zukowski
As a Personal Life Coach, Joan Lippens-Zukowski has over 20 years experience. She has worked with hundreds of people one-on-one to help find clarity in their lives while living their true identity. Drawing upon her ability to recognize non-verbal communication, she has effectively coached people to look deep inside to find and break negative emotional patterns. Joan teaches individuals to fully participate in their own lives through her unique personal coaching techniques.
Joan Lippens-Zukowski

Orlando, FL 32812
United States
Phone 407-451-3335
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