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Qinway Qigong
Experience one of China’s most effective Qigong Healing Masters.

Witnesses from May 1st group healing:

Headache is gone, stiffness is gone. (Marina)

Contentment settled into my mind. Restlessness ceased. (Clinton)

Join this unique workshop with Master Qinyin, who will share her insights from decades of study and practice in Chinese mountains and temples. She teaches a system of “energy infusion and detoxification” and “opening channels” that has produced many dis-ease remissions over the last nine years in America.

You will experience a powerful group healing when Master Qinyin brings “immortal universal energy”. Most participants experience pain relief, stress reduction, weight loss, eyesight improvement, blood pressure improvement, tumor reduction or enhance energy, during the seminar!

This is a rare opportunity. Please attend!

Qinway Qigong Institute

6740 Variel Ave.

Canoga Park, CA 91303

760-717-1258 (John) 818-251-5218 Voice Mail

818-298-6100 Dr Ron

There are limited seats.

Pre-registration is preferred.
Canoga Park
Master Qinyin
6740 Variel Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91303
United States
Phone 818-251-5218

Quantum Wellness Center


Increase Immune Energy and Curb Stress Addiction Dis-Ease Cycle.

1400 bio-chemicals poisoning you an hour: nutrient mal-absorption, indigestion, fatigue, adrenal-thyroid, trauma, weight, virus, toxins, allergy, irritable bowel and 90% dis-eases.

Learn to be Your Own "Know-How" Coach.

Each moment is an opportunity for enhanced success, ease, health, joy, energy, productivity, goodness, peace, flowering virtues, possibilities.

Train to have a Coherent Heart Rhythm. "Dis-ease begins in the heart, in dis- positions and attitudes." - L. Day MD. Gain energy; better health, test-golf scores, clear tranquil thinking, 90% better health, lower blood pressure, higher morale, more resiliency and carefree philosophy.



  • Body Electric-Acu BioFeedback: Normalizer

  • Heart Rhythm Biofeedback & Games, Age 8+

  • Yoga-Meditation-Breath Classes

  • Vision Quest: Study Group

  • Telephone Consultations and Sessions

  • Corporate Retreats: 1/2 hr, 2, 6 hours ($17 ROI for every training dollar)

  • Bolton
    Mary Morrin, LBT, Adv CST, RYT
    Solomon Pond Mall Area, 495N/117 Exit 27, The Salt Box Country Store, 495N/117, 626 Main Street, Bol
    Bolton, MA 01740
    United States

    Radman Shafie, Avatar Master
    Avatar is a powerful and speedily effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life. It is a nine-day self-empowerment training delivered by a worldwide network of Avatar Masters. Since its introduction in 1987, over 100,000 people have taken the course. It has been translated into 16 languages and is available in 66 countries.
    Radman Shafie
    11 Nighthawk Canyon Rd
    Placitas, NM 87043
    United States
    Phone (505)771-8672

    Ray Spirit Wolf
    Wolf Call founded by Ray Spirit Wolf is dedicated to bringing the knowing self and Spirit to all. His job as a healer, medium, and teacher is to aid the client in their own healing and learning process.
    North Attleboro
    Ray Spirit Wolf

    North Attleboro, MA 02760
    United States
    Phone 401-359-0379

    Rebecca Singer
    Having trained 12 years with a part-Lakota, part-Irish healer, I offer Shamanic Healing sessions in Monteverde, Costa Rica. I also travel to do healing work and offer workshops. Please visit my web site at www.shamanicenergy.com for complete information.
    Los LLanos
    Rebecca Singer
    250 Meters South of Peaje
    Los LLanos, Monteverede
    Costa Rica
    Phone 506 645 6489

    Reiki and Metaphysical Services
    I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, trained by many Reiki teachers, including William Lee Rand. I'm also a certified Spiritual Life Path Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Psychic Medium (certified as an ATP® and as a medium by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D). I combine crystal and sound therapy as well as meditation and positive affirmations with Reiki energy for chakra balancing and a powerful healing experience. I can also help you with any blocks you may have, clear your energy, give you intuitive advice and conduct Angel and intuitive, psychic readings as well. I combine my modalities to work with you for your highest good.
    Hope Cramer
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
    United States
    Phone 602-677-4226

    Reiki Lotus Healing
    ReiKi is a healing touch therapy which activates the body's own immune system to promote self healing thus creating greater mental clarity and focus. ReiKi compliments and enhances traditional as well as alternative medicinal modalities. It is a holistic approach to well-being. Experience : Healing -Relaxation - Rejuvenation - Clarity - Wholeness through a healing session. At ReiKi Lotus we integrate Reiki with Hot Stone Therapy for the optimum in wellness care. In addition to healing sessions we also offer classes by appointment. Services are provided by Shirley Jagdeo, a holistic practitioner, certified Usui/ Karuna(R) SSR/Violet Flame/Lightarian Reiki Master.
    Mt. Laurel
    Shirley Jagdeo
    72 Peppergrass Drive, South
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
    United States
    Phone 856-234-1319

    Reiki Master Elizabeth Valsala
    Elizabeth Valsala (pronounced "vahl-suh-luh"), a Reiki practitioner since 1988 and a Reiki Master since 1991, has dedicated her life to Reiki, specifically the form of Usui Shiki Ryoho given to Phyllis Lei Furumoto by Hawayo Takata. She is a student of Usui Shiki Ryoho as presented by the Office of the Grandmaster (http://www.usuireiki-ogm.com). Her approach is simple and practical, and her classes are relaxing, healing and fun. Elizabeth is on sabbatical this year; she plans to return to her Reiki practice in 2021.
    Elizabeth Valsala

    Albuquerque, NM 87111
    United States
    Phone (505) 299-0011

    Remote Transformational Distance Healing
    The ULTIMATE energy healing is here. We provide Remote Transformational Distance Healing to anyone in the world for all problems (Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual). We can even give more power to healers.

    Our Powerful Distance - Distant - Remote - Healing is about a powerful and unique technique where our team of healers broadcast over 30 different healing energies to you, a friend, a loved one or a pet at a distance for 48 non stop hours.

    Alice Garrigues

    Dallas, TX
    United States

    Renegade Healing
    Renegade Healing provides Reiki, EMF Balancing, Intuitive Healing and Biofield Therapy for humans and other animals.

    Also now providing AQUA DETOX™ sessions, which detoxify the body and promote further healing. In today's toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residue, build up in the body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of physical (i.e.allergies, chronic joint pain) and mental imbalance or incapacitation.

    Also offering Reiki workshops, with either emphasis on Reiki for people or Reiki for Animals

    Jenny Schneidewent

    Watertown, MA 02472
    United States
    Phone 919-452-6292

    Rev. Charlene Schine, Certified Medium
    Rev. Charlene Schine ordained Minister/founder/Pastor New Hope Church and Ministries, Certified Medium, Published Author, ABC TV, WESB radio, spiritual consultations.
    Charlene Schine
    20 North Bennett Street
    Bradford, PA 16701
    United States
    Phone 814-362-3911

    Rev. Helen French Black
    Helen Black
    481 Sugar Creek Rd.
    Weaverville, NC 28787
    United States

    Rev. Katherine APpello
    New York
    Katherine Appello
    P.O. Box 904 Peck Slip Station
    New York, NY 10272-0904
    United States

    Rev. Russell Clay
    I specialize in helping people connect with earthly and heavenly energy by nurturing rootedness and God-consciousness. I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki master with more than 30 years' experience in spiritual counseling and healing. My practice utilizes loving, non-judgmental wisdom and ancient spiritual principles to help people discover deep truths within. I am an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek, licensed to perform weddings in New York City.

    I provide an intense, hands-on form of Reiki that deeply heals and releases. This is a wonderful way to balance chakras, restore spiritual vitality, release cellular-level blocks, and uncover hidden wounds and limits. The result is often dramatic and ecstatic.
    New York
    Russell Clay
    New York City
    New York, NY 10024
    United States
    Phone 646-209-7355

    Rev. Siesel
    It is the mission of the Alohamans Healing Centers to provide healing services for all humanity worldwide. The advancement of online conference technologies has provided the opportunity for us to reach people regardless of their location. The rising cost of medical care and prescriptions, especially for those on fixed incomes has become unmanageable. Through our healing services we expect to reduce the number of people who are dependent on other sources, by teaching the mechanics of healing.

    Alohamans Healing Centers
    P.O.Box 517
    Greenland, NH 03840
    United States
    Phone 603 373 0616

    Robin Hallett
    My intuitive insight and energy work transform blocks preventing you from living your best life. This work will bring forward movement to your life. Clients tell me they feel very ‘seen' working with me. You will leave things here that you no longer need to carry. There is a profound sense of being unburdened. As a result, you will have more of yourself-- your life will feel bigger and better, full of new possibilities.

    Arlington Heights
    Robin Hallett

    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    United States

    Sage Femme Oasis
    Sage Femme Oasis offers natural, holistic products and services including Birth and Postpartum Doula services with breastfeeding support, Personal/Life Coaching and Personal Transformation Support Services, Support Group/Workshop Facilitation, Reiki Bodywork and other healing products including vibrational essences (flower, animal), essential oils and aromatherapy products and nutritional and herbal products.
    Sonja Benson
    Serving Washington/Maryland/Virginia metro area
    Washington, DC 20010
    United States
    Phone 202-234-0915

    Sandra Coleman

    I am a retired nurse. I worked in hospitals

    and nursing homes for 27 years. I begin my spiritual quest after taking some classes to

    learn how to meditate and do spiritual readings

    the classes were given by a spiritual healer.

    I began doing psychic readings and meditations

    and learned that I could help people with these

    readings. Our teacher taught us to pray,( Let

    the radiant white Christ Light surround us and

    protect us, alowing only good to come to us and

    only good to go from us).
    Sandra Coleman
    1064 Dove Road
    Barnwell, S.C. 29812
    United States
    Phone 1-803-541 4906
    Fax 1-803-541-6108

    Sarah Spector - SOUL HARBINGER
    As a clear channel, I receive and translate conscious impressions about you. Working with me, you'll find yourself more self-loving, more peaceful, and you'll be able to make wise choices you can trust.

    Miracles are real!

    Sarah Spector
    Soul Harbinger
    Visionary Readings

    I help you make clear decisions~and help you into greater states of awareness and wellness.

    My seeing who you truly are frees you so you can better express yourself.


    RICHMOND, CA 94805
    United States
    Phone 510 234-3904

    School of Metaphysics
    Classes and workshops in healing, intuitive health analysis, meditation, dream interpretation, energy work, increasing intuition, kundalini, chakras, developing the mind. Dr. Paul Blosser, school Director, is a PSI-Counselor and available for counseling in a variety of areas.
    Dr. Paul Blosser
    222 W Wilson
    Palatine, IL 60067
    United States
    Phone 847-991-0140
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