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Mary Friddle
Ordained Minister, Quantum Touch Instructor and Practitioner, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Medical Intuitive. Energy Wellness Instructor. Chakra Balancing. Aura Cleansing.
Mary Friddle
713 N. Hickory Street
Joliet, IL 60435
United States
Phone (815) 723-7412

Mary LaSota
Offering DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions. Also, offering many beautiful archangelic attunements and activations to support you on your life's journey. These include the Seven Rays of Love, The You Are Love Series. Archangel Raphael's special activations such as A Loving Sexual Relationship, Overcoming shyness, Attracting a Loving Compatible Partment, Coping with Stress on the job and many othrs. There is also the Joyness and Sourceness which will allow you to create the world you want to live in. The archangelic and other attunements and activations are done remotely at a distance.

The DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions will include Mary working with Archangel Raphael on a client's behalf.

Mary LaSota

, MA 01079
United States


A certified healer working with forgiveness and focused awareness clients regain and evolve within their individual 'light'. Evolution of The Self was born watching joy blossom through Angel, Aura or Past-Life Readings or Angel Communication Instruction. As an Alternative Wellness Consultant I've watched the body and mind restore quickly with magnetic and equaly powerful products. Embracing Sacred Geometry with transformational jewelry the Mind, Body, Spirit Evolution rejoices in sacred alignment!
San Diego
Melinda Ewing
4596 Monroe Avenue
San Diego, CA 92115
United States
Phone 805-704-2683

The services I offer are:
Counseling (Personal/Phone/On-line),
Healing/Spiritual Guidance,
Vibrational Medicine,Reiki, Emotional Healing
Aura Photography,Nutritional Supplements, Reflexology
Web Page Design and Hosting.
(Choose Web Page Design from my web page menu.)

Toronto Area
Toronto Area, Ontario
Phone 416-339-9081

Michelle Clark
Reiki is a fully clothed, gentle touch energy therapy that can alleviate stress, pain, and illness. It works with other therapies, conventional and alternative, without interfering. It is very nurturing, relaxing and calming. Reiki works on multiple levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It can help you through periods of grief, crisis,and stress. Reiki can be sent long distance.
I also do energy clearing and chakra balancing.
Michelle Clark
595 Laneda
Manzanita, OR 97130
United States
Phone 503-368-5433

Miluna Fausch
Miluna, the founder of Making Wellness Fun, is a gifted medical intuitive and holistic health expert who combines the best techniques with integrity and compassion. She is sought out for her ability to get to the root cause of health conditions by reading the energy and DNA blueprint of the body. Experience the best in vibrational medicine with an intuitive reading which includes practical and specific information for creating physical health along with answering any questions.
Los Angeles
Miluna Fausch, HCCP

Los Angeles, CA
United States
Phone 866.625.9355

Mr Michael D'Alton
D’Alton’s Bio-Energy Therapy uses specialized hand techniques around the body to remove blockages from one’s energy system. This re-establishes the flow of healthy energy and ‘kick-starts’ the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This Therapy has had extensive media coverage in the UK and Ireland for its phenomenal success with treating a wide range of ailments.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

• Total Pain Management

• Illness Recovery

• Increased Energy Levels

• Improved Sleep Patterns

• Greater Focus and


• Enlightened Thinking and Creative Expression

What Causes ill-Health?

Accidents, trauma, physical and emotional stress can cause blockages in the bio-energy field, which can lead to physical, emotional and/or mental illness in the body.

Michael D'Alton
Electra Health floor, Mezzanine, 970 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4
Phone 1-604-688-5177

Ms. Solaris BlueRaven
Solaris BlueRaven is a genuine Multidimensional psychic, multi-universal translater,RV,MT Healer,clairvoyant,clairaudient,clairsentient being and Craft HPS.

Solaris is a systems buster for Mk Ultra related projects. She has been a test pilot for Artificial Telepathy and Artificial Intelligence programs. She is a Public Speaker on Ascension, Covert Technology and a published Author. She has worked in the field of map making and surveillance.

For more information on psychotronic mk ultra oriented projects see her YouTube channel Medusastorm001 or listen to her radio shows Hyperspace on the Dark Matter Digital Network or Ravenstar's Witching Hour on freedomslips.com. Ms. BlueRaven is a certified Black Belt instructor.
Solaris BlueRaven

Boulder, Colorado
United States

Mushaba Force-Mushaba Light Center for Freedom & Empowerment
This website is about a Force of Divine Love and Oneness, Freedom and Empowerment that comes from a Extra-terrestrial Race who are Black extra-terrestrial beings. This force is the actual force used in the creation of our univere. It is a creative, creation force that can bne harnessed and used for an unlimited variety of possibilities. We taech about the true history of a race of beings called the Mushaba race originally from the Andromenda now located in the Pleiadies. This force can be used for healing, Expansion of consciousness, ascension process, and virtually anything you can think of, of good.
Anakhanda Mushaba

Kapa'a, HI 96746
United States
Phone 808-822-9390

Natural Ways To Wellness
I am a Holisitc Counselor and Healer specializing in emotional and physical healing. I am a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer and Teacher and Theta Healer and Teacher. I specialize in depression, sexual and emotional abuse, cancer and chronic disease. These services are available long distance via phone or internet.
Linda Hogan
Providence, Rhode Island
Providence, RI 02906
United States
Phone 401-949-0049

One Light Center


Marcia's work as a spiritual healer, Angel Therapist, Angelic Reiki© Master Teacher, Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner, intuitive consultant, core shamanic practitioner, & teacher is grounded in a deep respect and love for Mother Earth, coupled with a powerful faith and connection with Spirit. Through her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognition, & clairsentience, Marcia works with your Angels, guides & teachers, as well as her own, to restore you to the vibrant, happy, healthy life you were meant to live. Her work is Spiritually guided at every step, and is based on the core belief in the inherent Divinity that exists within all living beings.

ANGELIC READINGS, ANGEL THERAPY, PAST LIFE HEALING, INTUITIVE CONSULTING, AND SPIRITUAL HEALING - Marcia (Moon) has been trained by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. in Maui, Hawaii. She is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP),Certified Angel Intuitive (AI), Certified Master Angel Practitioner, Certified Archangel Life Coach (ALC), Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner, and a Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR). Marcia and her husband Jack are trained as Angel Teachers by Charles Virtue, and they are Certified Spiritual Teachers. Marcia connects with Spirit, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Guardian Angels to bring guidance, wisdom, and healing to her clients. Moon is a practitioner of Angel Therapy, a modality blending an Angelic reading and spiritual guidance along with healing from the Archangels. Angel Therapy helps you to release old negative patterns and tendencies that have been holding you back in your life. Moon works with Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot Cards, and Mary Queen of Angels Cards to bring gentle illumination to her clients' life issues and questions. Moon provides past life readings and healing, and connects with clients' loved ones in spirit to help facilitate the client's healing. She is also a master practitioner and teacher of Archangelic Light Healing, a gentle, high-frequency form of energetic healing that provides healing and guidance from the Angels and Divine Feminine, as well as bringing powerful positive affirmations that her clients can take home and continue to work with for their own growth and positive change.

SHAMANIC HEALING, HARNER SHAMANIC COUNSELING, AND SHAMANIC DIVINATION - Marcia is a graduate of the 3-Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing and Initiations with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is a Faculty Member for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, teaching in NC for FSS along with her husband Jack. Marcia provides shamanic healing, soul retrieval, Harner Shamanic Counseling, extraction healing, & shamanic divination work for her clients. Core Shamanism is based on the teachings of medicine men and women from indigenous cultures all over the world. Marcia connects with her Spirit Teachers and Spirit Helpers to bring about empowerment, guidance, and healing. For info. on our core shamanic healing and divination sessions, as well as core shamanic classes in NC sponsored by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, please see our this website: http://wwww.EarthsongShamanicHealing.byregion.net

ANGELIC REIKI© HEALING -- Marcia is an Angelic Reiki© Master/Teacher, trained in England by Christine Core. Angelic Reiki© is the highest Divine Love aspect. It is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet. Angelic Reiki© is a safe, natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that allows connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to your Soul energy in order to bring through powerful healing. It is a delight to receive. Much more than a healing modality, Angelic Reiki© is a profound, very high frequency, multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion that is developmental on many levels. What sets Angelic Reiki© healing apart is the pure Divine vibration that is stepped down through the Angelic Kingdom during a treatment to focus powerfully on root causes. Each person responds to the Divine vibration in accordance with their own level of development, and the healing vibration feels noticeably different from that of any other healing modality - whether you are a recipient or practitioner.

HEALING WITH PETS -- Marcia provides on-site and distance intuitive healing sessions for pets. Through Angel Therapy, Reiki, Bengston Energy Healing Method, Archangelic Light, and medical intuitive work, Moon is able to bring your beloved pets the healing that they need. She quickly establishes a strong, loving connection with animals, and works both in person and via distance healing. She also provides loving support to pet parents who are dealing with concerns and challenges related to their pet family members. Moon volunteers her time with rescue animals to help facilitate their healing and adjustment towards placement in loving homes. Her own healing pets, Kiki and Leo, often join in on Moon's healing sessions with clients.

ENERGETIC HEALING/MEDICAL INTUITIVE WORK - Marcia (Moon) is a traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has trained with Master Healer Kim Seer in intensive medical intuitive training. Marcia is a Quantum Energy Therapist - a practitioner of Quantum Clearing, a permanent form of energetic healing that addresses clients' specific illnesses, life issues and problems. Marcia and her husband Jack are trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method, a powerful, safe energy therapy that can produce remarkable results for both people and animals, from providing adjunctive treatment for cancer as well as helping improve asthma, depression, digestive diseases, anxiety, allergies, Alzheimers, arthritis, cataracts and other ophthalmological disorders, eczema and many other physical and emotional problems. Marcia also does energetic cord cuttings, crystal healing, Life Force Healing, chakra & hara repair to strengthen and clear her clients' essential energy.

Email: MarciaHebrank@yahoo.com

Sessions are available via distance healing and readings, by phone, Facetime, Facebook Instant Messenger Video, and WhatsApp Video. She also provides traditional Usui Reiki training (Levels I, II, & Master/MT), as well as intuitive development training, training in building your Angelic connections, & energetic healing mentoring.

TESTIMONIAL: "Marcia is connected with the Angels in a way like no other person I have seen. Her readings are spot on and she has such love and passion for what she does in her work to help others. She offers many different modalities and intuitively knows exactly which healing modality will help you most in your life. I highly recommend Marcia!"

--Submitted by The Healing Heart on Sunday, Oct 01, 2017

TESTIMONIAL: "Wanted you to know that your work with me was even more successful than any of us had realized. I had a DHAT scan last week, and I no longer have Parkinson's disease. You changed my life, and are doing so to this day. Thank you so much."

--S.S., Norfolk, VA--

**ENJOY MOON'S WEEKLY METAPHYSICAL RADIO SHOW, SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS WITH MARCIA HEBRANK,** coming to you live every Tuesday at 4:00 pm EST on BBM Global Network and Tune-In Radio. The show is also available on re-broadcast. Tune in live or on rebroadcast here: http://boldbravemedia.com/spiritual-awakenings/

Marcia McCollum Hebrank, MSW, ATP, AI, CACR

Durham, NC 27712
Email: MarciaHebrank@yahoo.com

Ottawa Alternative Health Care
At Ottawa Alternative Health Care, Dr. Tony Brunelle and Dr. Marcelle Forget build on their professional training as chiropractors to help you find health through alternative healing. Using their intuitive healing abilities, they use Emotional Healing, Total Body Modification, Contact Reflex Analysis and Craniosacral Therapy to restore your body back to health. Treating such dis-eases as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgis, ADD, Allergies, and Emotional blocks to name but a few.
Tony Bruelle
2 Beaverbrook Road, #208
Ottawa, ONT K2K 1L1
Phone 5928100
Fax 592-8537

Pavitra Productions
Mical Pavitra produces and promotes Events that Nourish the Spirit, Mind & Body in South Florida.

She is also an Energy Healer, Yoga Therapist (classes are in SW Miami/W Kendall) and Certified Hypnotherapist. She specializes in Gentle Yoga and Distance Healing. To learn more visit: PavitraProductions.com, YogaSpirit.net. Mical is also the founder of the International Holistic Portal: ThinkHolistic.com.

Please visit the website for more information and current schedule. Mical can be contacted by phone: 305.380.1277 or by email: mical@pavitraproductions.com.


Mical Pavitra Anassori
Events that Nourish the Spirit, Mind & Body
Miami, FL 33186
United States
Phone 305.380.1277

Peggy Kleinert
IET is a healing method that focuses on personal empowerment by identifying and clearing suppressed feelings and cellular memories through your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. These releases of negative blockages are permanent. The energy used during an IET session can facilitate healing the pain of the past without having to relive the experience and feel the pain once again. IET works on a physical and emotional level of healing. IET sessions support your self-healing process.
Franklin Square
Peggy Kleinert

Franklin Square, NY 11010
United States
Phone 516-721-2546

Pema Dhechen
Pema Dhechen, founder, teacher and practitioner of the Ananta Reiki Transformational Healing Technique. This natural healing technique for relaxation and stress reduction can help promote healing and wellness on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It can be of tremendous benefit for the dying to help them be more comfortable and peaceful. Many Practitioners share these healing energies by actually laying hands while others simply work in the aura (space surrounding) the body.
Cheryl Pema Dhechen Warner

Escondido, CA 92027
United States
Phone 760-214-1360

Perfect Waters, LLC
We provide full body evaluations via electrodermal screening and through radionics testing. We offer energy healing sessions through BioGenesis tools, both in person and remotely. In addition, we carry a line of bio-energetic products for balancing, detoxing and addressing specific healing issues for you, your pets and your home. We have seen people's success with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, lupus, MS, mercury/chemical toxicity, radiation and many other challenges. We also carry beauty and weight loss products.
New Lenox
Sue Mount
P.O. Box 162
New Lenox, IL 60451
United States
Phone 877-890-7709
Fax 877-890-7709

Philena Bruce is a Palmist with over 30 years international experience. In the late eighties Philena developed her own method of Shamanic Healing using visualisation and sound. Towards the end of the nineties she developed as a medium and now communicates with lost loved ones and angelic beings. She also practices Ceremonies and Spirit Release/Exorcism for people, land and buildings. Recently a television programme has been made of her work.
Philena Bruce
Suite 740, 28 Old Brompton Road
London, SW7 3SS
Phone +44 (0)20 7602 4724

Pure Intent Energy
Healing Touch, Quantum Touch® , EMF Balancing Technique®, 12:12 Trinity Love Activation, Practitioner & Teacher. Hands-on energetic healing for physical, emotional, spiritual well-being. Self-empowering, energetic support for personal growth and transformation. Clear issues and live your dreams. Know your limitless possibilities! Introductory sessions Free or By Donation. Distance/Travel/Office Sessions and Classes

Clare Joy
11 Spear St.
Charlotte, VT 05445
United States
Phone 802 233 2638

Qigong Energy Healing
Specializing in Qigong Distant Energy Healing. Former Secretary International Tibetan Qigong Assn. Conducted distant healing for the 13th World Qigong &Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress. Facebook Qigong Distant Energy Healing page has 140,000 plus fans and thousands of positive comments. Sessions can be done anywhere in the world.
Laguna Niguel
Michael Mohoric
PO Box 6548
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607
United States
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