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Mademoiselle Noelle's Fortune Tea House
We offer psychic readings like tea-leaf readings, Tarot card readings, Rune readings, Palm readings and more!

We also have delicious desserts, specialty hand-blended teas, Caravan espresso and coffee, clever candies, truffles made by Wingnut Confections and occults supplies too!
Christy Noelle Desko
5713 NE Fremont street
Portland, OR 97213
United States
Phone 503-998-6616

Malaika Namara, CMT
Holographic Repatterning is a process of embracing wholeness, balance, joy and a prosperous life. We will identify with pristine clarity, what your primary issues are, as you move into powerful alignment with your visions and intentions. Sessions integrate the optimal healing modalities as they are needed to bring coherence and a new, higher frequency level, and may include: spiritual coaching, therapeutic grade essential oils, sound and color technologies, energy clearing and balancing and emotional release. In addition, we will check on any physical support or supplementation your system may be needing from specific nutrients or activities. We will identitfy what is essential in the session through communicating and using a muscle checking technique to clarify our direction at each point along the 5 step process. Each session provides an opportunity for a profound shift to occur. As your facilitator, I will use a variety of techniques and inner guidance to assist you in creating a pivotal, uplifting and meaningful experience. We will be addressing issues on the conscious, as well as the deeper unconscious levels, which is essential for transformation to occur. My clients report powerful shifts and changes in various areas of their lives. Improvements in physical and emotional health, relationships, finances and career are very common. This is an integrated, holistic approach that allows for changes to occur on all levels and manifest in your life very naturally.

Malaika Namara

Petaluma, CA 94952
United States
Phone 707-773-3366

Marcella is an Intuitive counselor using her training and backgraound as well as her finely tuned Intuitive abilities to give you guidance, wisdom, and insights for all areas of your life. An intuitive consultation, whether in person or via phone, is the ideal starting point for your journey to higher awareness,healing and direction. Marcella offers you in-depth guidance to release unwanted patterns with regression therapy which enables you to proceed on your own pathway towards your soul purpose. Classes and workshops further guide you towards a life filled with awareness, joy, and abundance. Check her web page,www.marcellaz.com for current classes, practical items to assist you and her Intutive Development Meditation CD.
Palm Harbor
Marcella Zinner
Palm Harbor, FL 34685
United States
Phone 727-785-8780
Fax 72-7507-8822

Margo Ross, Reiki Master Teacher
Welcome! Reiki lessons, Life Coaching and ministerial duties performed for your benefit and growth.

Classes every month for Usui/Tibetan Reiki levels I & II for certification. Master levels taught several time per year, too.

Life Coaching services available to those seeking professional or personal services, research, information, energy work & healing, mentoring service, REAL self-empowerment, and/or assistance developing your own metaphysical gifts. Sessions are designed around YOUR needs and your pace toward goals we design together. I am here to help you grow & become more autonomous in your thinking, belief system, and Path on life!

Also, interfaith ministerial duties, weddings, ceremonies, blessings and rituals performed. Designed by your choices and us working together, I honor all belief systems & secularism.
Margo Ross
PO Box 39192
Greensboro, NC 27438-9192
United States

Marguerite Elsbeth

"My intuitive gifts are REAL, and my intention is to help you to the best of my ability. I offer accurate, compassionate, affordable, practical empathic guidance. Let my 30-plus years of counseling experience help you through rough times."

—Marguerite Elsbeth: Internationally-known Llewellyn Author of Crystal Medicine and Colorado's #1 5-Star Intuitive Counselor

Marguerite Elsbeth
POB 816
Ruidoso, NM 88355
United States
Phone 5052570496

As a former mental health therapist turned Spiritual Healing Facilitator, I'm here to tell you this is real. I work, over the phone, directly with the energetic aspects of your DNA for quick, lasting changes in your whole being. Clear away genetic and even past life issues easily. Clear karmic cords, soul contracts, vows of poverty and more.
Marlana Lytehaause

Portland, OR
United States
Phone 503-636-1671

Mary J. Getten
Mary can facilitate a direct conversation between you and your animal to create more harmony and understanding in your relationship. Are you dealing with behavior problems, health issues, death and dying, changes in your lives? Mary will get the answers you need and help you solve problems, often with flower essences.

Mary also teaches How to Communicate with Animals and Reconnecting with Nature workshops.
Mary J. Getten
PO box 1392
Eastsound, WA 98245
United States
Phone 360 376 7606

Mary R. Young D.D. CHt, and Reiki Master
Spiritize is all about serving others spiritually, mentally and 5th dimensionally to heal every aspect of someone's life. This healing work is a wholistic approach to total well being for Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body and the Energy body. To do this I use a combination of modalities all of which I am advanced with. Each session is tailored to the individual after a comprehensive review. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanic trance, Reiki, SHY, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound, and Angel/Guides consultation are utilized.
Mary Young
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Lynnwood, WA 98037
United States
Phone 877-487-7724
Fax 776-8288

Melissa Giaquinto
Santa Monica
melissa giaquinto
2634 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States
Phone 310-795-8636

Melissa Kitto - The Angel Guidance Coach
Melissa Kitto is known as the Angel Guidance Coach. Through her website with her partner Richard Lassiter, you will discover opportunities to learn spiritual tools that will enhance your life.

Learn to Communicate Directly with your Angels! Discover tools where you can receive the hunches, impressions and ideas from your angels directly. When you're in communication with your personal team of spiritual helpers, they will guide you to live your life purpose and have a more successful life.

Visit our website to download your free gifts "The 3 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels" and audio "How Energy and Inner Guidance can Work in your Life" http://www.CommunicateWithAngels.com
Locust Grove
Melissa Kitto

Locust Grove, VA 22508
United States
Phone 540 854 4841
Fax 540 854 8655

Michael Ferniany
I am a psychic Numerologist. I help connect the conscious mind with the life purpose of the soul by interpreting the spiritual numeric vibrations chosen by the soul at birth. These include your full name at as it appears on your birth certificate, (any subsequent name changes), and your complete birthdate. By reading your vibrations, there is healing in knowing if you are on your right path at your right point in time.

Readings can be done by mail by way of cassette tape (an hour long) or via pre-arranged appointment on the telephone. Please see my web site: www.mypeoplepc.com/members/ferniany/numerologypsychicreadings/
Los Angeles
Michael Ferniany
Los Angeles, CA 90026
United States

profesional hand reader and specialist card reader,of forty years standing. From a long tradition of many generations,
Using the psycards for highly accurate and indepth answers.intergrating both the seen and unseen to create a clear unvarnished answer to any sphere of our lives
Emotional, Profesional, Financial,Personal,Spritual,
Trust michael-joseph to help and guide on lifes rocky road .
michael joseph

nottingham, ng52es
Phone 01195112257

Michelle Guidone
Michelle is a natural Clairaudient Psychic who is able to help bring forth validation from those that have passed on as well as assistance with daily challenges. She is an Intuitive Counselor and believes in the power of positive resolutions in helping her clients. She has practiced for over 14 years, earning her degree locally in Clearwater, Fl. She is available for in person, on line and phone readings. Michelle also does free chat room reads and weekly email reads. Check the web site for details.
Please contact via email for requested readings. Your reply will be answered in 24 hours.
Michelle Guidone

United States

Monique Chapman
Monique's goal is to promote peace of mind, inspiration, and to help you connect with your truth. The result empowers you to listen deeply to your guidance. Monique provides consultations for healing, love, finances, business, relationships and the problems of daily life. All messages come through her not from her. All clairvoyant consultation messages are given with the highest good intended. Her loving, compassionate approach creates magic and inspires emotional healing thus enabling my clients to reach a higher path of consciousness and awareness through metaphysical knowledge. Monique's hypnotherapy includes past life redings, past life reression, as well as spirit de-possession.
Monique Chapman

Fremont, CA 94539
United States
Phone 1 888 240 6057

MP wellness Services
Marcus Padulchick provides personalized sessions for individuals who wish to regain or maintain their level of wellness. He assests by empowering and teaching individuals how to create their own sense of balance. He possesses a strong background in both traditional and complementary health care. As a gifted intuitive from childhood, Marcus assists individuals to explore problematic situations, and upon closer inspection to find the life lesson. Marcus integrative modalties include: Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, individual intuitive readings, Personal and Business Coaching, "ONE" Energy Work, and spiritual mentoring. He also provides workshops and groups in herbal healing, intuitive development, basic business skills, and wellness.
Marcus Padulchick
666 Plainsboro Road Ste 348
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
United States
Phone 609-750-7432

Mystic Visions LLC
Speaker, author, healer, intuitive and soul coach for the 21st century--Reggie Johnson helps people integrate their spiritual energy into their daily lives.

You gain a new sense of purpose and the tools to tap into your own God-given power. You are reminded that the answers are within and Reggie gives you the keys to create opportunities, wealth, love and health through dynamic spiritual power, positive thinking and meditation.

Reggie is the author of The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within, One Hundred Spiritual Secrets, and The Secret Power Of Words.

East Point
Reginald G. Johnson
3645 Marketplace Blvd., Suite 130
East Point, GA 30344
United States

Nancy D.
Would you like to communicate with your loved ones in spirit? Allow me to facilitate your connection with the world of Spirit. In addition to offering medium readings by telephone or in person, I offer soul chats and intuitive mentoring. Please contact me for your appointment. As I host workshops at Amelia Island, FL, please see Events for workshop information.
Amelia Island
Nancy Deehan
Florence Point
Amelia Island, FL 32034
United States
Phone 904.583.3015

Nightingale Natural Healing
Spirit babies

Most mothers understand that it is possible to communicate with the unborn child.

This does not have to stop if the pregnancy ends in miscarriage or abortion. As an intuitive, I have developed the ability to help apparently infertile couples achieve their goal. They are helped to connect with the spirit of the child who was lost to them. Many of my clients are couples who have lost one or more pregnancies early.

I have been seeing clients for Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Intuitive work for 14 years. During that time I have had messages from babies who were miscarried or aborted, or not yet conceived.

Before birth, babies are undoubtedly aware of their mother’s and father’s thoughts and feelings. They are in still the spirit realm, therefore less restricted than most humans in their field of knowing.

There are always reasons why a spirit may not be ready to enter incarnation at this time. A woman who has suffered a miscarriage may need help in communicating with the child, which may have reasons for being afraid to come. There are reasons why a a particular spirit baby chooses you. Spirit babies in my sessions are very

specific about the reasons for choosing their parents(citing interests the parents have, which they had not told me) or geographical data about the parents which are relevant to the choice of parents (such as asking to be taken to St. Petersburg, the future mother’s birthplace, which she had not told me.)

Do you wish to communicate with the child you are meant to have?

Call or email now

Christine Nightingale

(905)453-8095 nightiangel92@hotmail,.com

Christine Nightingale
72 Newbridge Crescent
Brampton, Ontario L6S 4B3
Phone (905)453-8095

As an Oracle and psychic Intuitive consultant/counselor, I assist in identifying and resolving 'quality of life'(personal, relationships, business) issues by providing down to earth insights and solutions. Although I use the I Ching (Book of Changes), the Tao Oracle and Zen Tarot, I am not interested in 'fortune telling', but rather, assisting you in changing and creating yours. Oracles is about personal/spiritual growth and healing. It is also about self empowerment. As Lao Tzu once said; "My words are easy to understand." So are mine.
, GA 30047
United States
Phone (770) 873-8496

Palm Productions, LLC

Do you feel there is something you are called to do but can't quite EXPRESS it?

Are you at the CROSSROADS of your life and/or business and don't know which way to go?

Are you read to step out of the shadows and into the SPOTLIGHT?

If you answered YES, you are getting ready to take your life to the next level. As the webweaver, weaving the seen with the unseen, I use a process that connects you to the unseen part of your journey. The key to your personal power is connecting and expressing your true core passion. If you’re at this point in your journey, call me.
New Hope
Lori Palm
6033 Sumter Place North
New Hope, MN 55428
United States
Phone 612-388-9220
Fax 763-537-3183
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