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ByRegion Marketing Plan

The following is a brief description of the ByRegion Marketing Plan. Our aim is to provide a steady flow of new visitors and to encourage visitors and members to return. We spend time every day working on every aspect of our marketing plan. We realize that our success is based on your success. We keep in mind that when you receive new business from your listing, you will continue to renew with us year after year. 

Several of the objectives of our Marketing Plan are to:
1. Create new traffic.
2. Encourage visitors to bookmark ByRegion and to return.
3. Increase our visibility in the major search engines.

Each of the programs described below contribute to these objectives.

The ByRegion Network - When a visitor enters the ByRegion Network looking for a specific category or region they are very likely to explore other categories and regions. This creates internal traffic. The likelihood that the visitor will bookmark our site increases as the visitor realizes the broad scope of categories and regions.

Advanced Referral Program
As a WebDisplay Member you are automatically enrolled in our Advanced Referral Program which offers substantial referral fees. This is one of the most generous referral programs available on the Internet. More Info


This free service allows visitors and members to create lists of favorite members, categories and regions. Once registered, you can access a variety of free services such as My Favorites, My Interests, My Events, My Classifieds, our free Newsletter and updates regarding new services

The Affiliate Program
- Our new Affiliate Program places our banner on hundreds of websites. Affiliates benefit by sharing the income produced when a new WebDisplay member joins or when an item is purchased through our shopping cart. This encourages affiliates to place our banner in an advantageous place on their websites.

Major Search Engines - Search Engines such as Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista and others rank websites according to the number of links leading to a website. We have designed ByRegion with that in mind. Our rankings are strong in many categories and regions and continually increase. For example, go to Google and type in Healing Arts Directory and see who comes up #1. 

Profile Page URL’s - We have assigned a web address (URL) to each of our 7000 WebDisplay members as well as to each new member. The URL appears like this: http://username.byregion.net  Each member has a unique username. The URL leads directly to the member's WebDisplay Profile Page. Example These URL's are systematically being submitted to the major search engines. This creates a steady stream of visitors into the ByRegion network.

Spirit Cards - Our eCard program is a powerful way to attract new visitors. Each time a card is sent a new person learns about ByRegion. Perhaps they too will send a card to a friend and the continue the process.  Once new visitors realize how useful the Network they generally bookmark and return.

- This program makes it convenient for visitors and members to share ByRegion with their associates and friends.

Free Newsletter – Our highly regarded newsletter is designed to share information, articles and new information with visitors and members. The newsletter is free. Our newsletter keeps visitors and members returning to ByRegion.

Forum  -  Our partnership with the OmPlace Forum helps us attract visitors from the largest Conscious Living website on the Internet.

Strategic Partners - ByRegion is open to forming alliances with like-minded websites. We have done so with OmPlace, The Conscious Living Directory. By doing so we create opportunities for new visitors to find us.

Glossary-Resource - One aim of ByRegion is to educate. Our Glossary-Resource pages does so by providing comprehensive summaries of the various categories that appear on website. This encourages visitors to return when they need information. It also helps with our search engine placement.

Membership Banners - These banners are available to all WebDisplay members. The association with ByRegion enhances their website. The benefit to us is a link to ByRegion which brings new visitors and increases our ranking in the search engines.

Award Banners -  ByRegion offers an award banner to any site that meets our criteria. These banners link back to ByRegion which like the membership banners creates traffic and enhances our search engine standings.

Word of Mouth - It is natural for people to share ByRegion with their friends and associates.

Reading Room - Each article that is published in our newsletter is archived in our Reading Room.

Free Events Calendar - Each regional website has an interactive events calendar. Anyone can post an event.

Free Classifieds - Each regional website has an interactive free Classifieds.

These are some of the aspects of our Marketing Plan. Other aspects are being developed. We are motivated to work hard for you. The above information should give you a general idea of our direction and of our dedication to creating a comprehensive and well-trafficked website. Our large scope affords us the resources to focus on improving our marketing every day. Those with WebDisplays benefit the most. Thank you for your consideration.