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Our web hosting program is fairly simple. We offer basic web hosting for $99 per year with a $25 set up fee. If you have specific needs please call us to see if we can accommodate you. Our server is fast and reliable and we are available by phone if you have any questions.
Basic Information
Price $99/year
Set up fee $25
Storage space 500 MB
Monthly Transfer Allowances 5 Gigabytes
Number of Email Addresses 10
Support Offered Yes
Domain Names Yes
Database Capabilities Yes
ASP Capability Not at this time
FTP AccessYes
Full CGI-Bin AccessYes

Other Services We Provide
We also offer Newsletter Building, Website Design & Development, Internet Marketing, Domain Name Purchase and Webmaster Services. 

You might also benefit from a WebDisplay in our Directory. For more information go to: https://membership.byregion.net

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