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Sydney Barbara Metrick, Ph.D.
In the course of a lifetime you'll experiences many transitions, some great and some small. These passages may be:

Beginnings -- when something new comes into being

Cycles -- anniversaries of important events

Mergings -- address any type of partnership

Endings -- about death and loss of all kinds

Healings -- focus on restoring balance

With counseling, coaching or ceremony I help you support or celebrate life transitions.
El Sobrante
Sydney Metrick

El Sobrante, CA 94803
United States
Phone 510 223 3882
Fax 510 223 3882

Tamara Pearl MA, CCH, RSHom (NA)
I am a certified classical homeopath with a background in counselling offering an individualized, natural system of healthcare. Homeopathy is very effective for physical or emotional problems and for increasing general vitality.
Tamara Pearl
Gaia Garden Clinic and North Shore Wellness Center
Vancouver, and North Vancouver, BC
Phone (604) 947-0860 or 734-4372 or 980-4538

The Rainbow Planet Connection
A wide variety of programs and resources are available through the Rainbow Planet Connection. These offer Teachers, Parents, Counsellors and others valuable tools to assist children with Self Worth, Anger Management, Communication and Interaction with others.

The Rainbow Planet Connection uses a 2-step approach in its programs:

1. Assisting children to become aware of and understand their feelings and inner state through activities such as BREATHING and BODY AWARENESS and RELAXATION EXERCISES.

2. Encouraging children to be responsible for and manage their own feelings and consequent behaviours using activities such as ART, DRAMA, BODY MOVEMENT and more.
Gold Coast
Carol Wood
P.O. Box 506 Robina D.C.
Gold Coast, QL 4226
Phone 07 55 94 77 84

Thinking with the Heart
Martha Loving Orgain, MFA, CPT

Collot Painting Therapy in Light, Color, and Darkness

Artist ~ Educator ~ Astrologer

Workshops ~ Retreats ~ Color Sessions

Watercolor painting for children K-12 and adults, private groups.

Faculty enrichment/board retreats. Beginners and students of Emerald Fd., Netherlands are welcome. One-on-one Collot Painting Therapy - 4-6 week blocks at your home or school.

Sales of Fine Art. Spritual Astrology Readings.
Martha Loving
PO Box 98
Alberta, VA 23821
United States
Phone 4349497406

True Color Cooking
My approach to counseling is wholistic by design. It is inclusive of client’s nutritional, physical, spiritual, financial and mental health. My approach is person-centered, psychologically eclectic and integrative including techniques from various schools of thought. My approach draws heavily upon Morita and Naikan theory; Constructive Living theory; Dialectic Behavioral theory, Family Systems theory, and Non-Violent Communication, 16-Step Empowerment Process; Enneagram (Personality Type), Cross-Cultural counseling as well as Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and Jewish thought, Art, and Music. Treatment plans are constructed with clients using Person - Centered Thinking techniques. All techniques and guiding principals for therapy are consistent with principles set forth according to these schools of thought. Initial sessions begin with a full psychosocial clinical assessment.

Your journey towards emotional health will require your active participation in and out of sessions. Remember successful change occurs gradually, meaning effective therapy requires a commitment to the process. It will be your responsibility to make efforts to change belief systems and behavior pattern. My responsibility is to facilitate. Together we clearly define your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We will explore symptoms to discover the core motivation of the issue and work to bring change in those areas through insight, education, behavioral change, self-talk, and other techniques. Progress will periodically be evaluated and the plan modified if necessary.

Harriette Bugel

Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-712-8278

Veeno Steiger
BEAUTY POINTING TO TRUTH. If Veeno could explain her Mandalas, she would not paint them. Every Mandala is a journey into the unknown. It happens through her openness and receptivity to the unexplainable. Veeno does not paint out of a vision. She is always surprised where the Mandala leads her. Although the symbols and color combinations that come are not explainable, they radiate a profound energy.
Veeno Steiger

Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone 928 204 5646
Fax 928 204 5801

virginia howard, lmhc, psychotherapist
i treat depression, anxiety, stress, all addictions, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bipolar and all psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, anger management, grief, premarital and divorce counselling; i work with individuals, couples and families and am very skilled at marital counselling; i am an expert witness for post traumatic stress disorder, spousal battery and sexual harrassment; i lecture on stress management, toxic relationships, unblocking your creativity and strategies for inner peace.
ft lauderdale
virginia howard
1040 bayview dr, suite 408
ft lauderdale, FL 33304
United States
Phone 9545630388
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