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Feng Shui Studios
Jana Schneider is the energy source for Feng Shui Studios. Jana integrates her academic accomplishments, creative and personal experiences with holistic healing when working with clients. Her compassion and insight enhance assessments and trust of her clients. As Jana assists them in bringing life concerns into focus, she gently empowers them to move beyond obstacles using Feng Shui and various techniques including space and chakra clearing, thetahealing, yoga and breathwork. Jana’s interest in assisting others has grown into a career, as well as a personal lifestyle of learning in love.

Jana Schneider

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046
United States
Phone 2155721650
Fax 2155721650

Focusing Resources
Are you going through a time of transition? Are you facing one or more serious decisions? Are you experiencing any blocks to taking action? Would you like to have a more nurturing relationship with your body and your emotional life?

Empower yourself: learn Focusing, shown by research to be the essence of effective personal change, a skill that you will find helpful every day of your life. Learn to trust your own inner sense of rightness for the decisions and choices of your life.
Ann Weiser Cornell
2625 Alactraz Ave., #202
Berkeley, CA 94705
United States
Phone 510-666-9948
Fax 510-666-9938

Future Life Now
Future Life Now is an integral practice location in the College Hill area. We offer mind-body-services including work in The Feldenkrais Method, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, shamanic and holistic counseling, organizational development, and ongoing classes/workshops and retreats.
Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells
1639 W. Northbend Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45224
United States
Phone 513 541 5720

Geralyn St Joseph - Voice of Spirit Gabriel's Trumpet Enterprises
I am Geralyn St. Joseph, a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services I offer are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it. Services include Spiritual guidance, couples guidance, psychic readings, negative statement release, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

Check out my Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/Geralyn-St-Joseph/e/B00938QGGM
Geralyn St Joseph
Philadelphia, PA to Kailua, HI
Philadelphia, PA 19148
United States
Phone 808 261-7866

Giselle Denisse Santome
Giselle specializes in teaching awareness of body, mind and spirit as a whole, in order to find balance in health, relationships, careers, and personal growth.

Bring healing to yourself by learning how to understand the core of your health problems. Activate your body's natural healing process through simple to follow methods that will make a positive impact in all aspects of your health and your life.

West Palm Beach
Giselle Denisse Santome
224 Datura Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States
Phone 561-324-6030

Gloria Taylor Brown
Let me introduce myself…

I was born into a family where most of the women and a few of the men were psychic, with a wide range of skills from clairaudience to psychometry. I was raised to accept my abilities as a natural part of myself, and it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized that other people didn’t hear voices, see ghosts or receive messages from inantimate objects, rocks and trees. As a teenager, I honed my skills by learning more about palmistry, astrology, numerology and metaphysics. Over the years, I have worked with many different people and Spirits to create a strong connection with the Spirit world.

As a channel or medium, I connect with a number of different Guides, Spirits and other beings that are not currently in Earth bodies. My principal contact and Guide is Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom. I also work very closely with Anubis, who is the opener of the way in Egyptian theology, and my connection with the Egyptian Pantheon is strong.

I have studied Egyptology since I was five, I also have strong ties with Greek, Celtic and Native American studies.

In the last seven years, I have expanded my channels to beyond this planet, and beyond this dimension. Working with the Star Council, which is comprised of a number of Beings from other star systems has been very illuminating.

In addition to my classes, I provide personal consultations and alchemical healing sessions over the phone and in person.

As an author, I have written many articles and started several books. One of these days I may actually get one of the books finished. My articles have been published in several different languages. My first article was published by Seventeen Magazine when I was only fourteen.

As an artist, I have experimented with ceramics, stained glass, beads, painting, drawing, and digital art. I supported myself for a number of years as a graphic artist. I worked for a number of years creating fine jewelry, and taught this skill in five different countries. I received a Masters degree of Fine Arts from the University of Maryland.

As a teacher, I have taught over twenty different subjects, from business and entrepreneurship to art and Egyptian Mysteries. I have co-led several tours to Egypt with Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd, as well as taught classes with her. We have just finished recording our co-created project called Becoming an Oracle. I was the visioneer or channel for 19 of the guided visualizations that were recorded. I will be teaching at this year’s Egyptian Mystery retreat in Eugene, OR with Nicki, and we are also developing a year-long mystery school that will be a combined online/teleclass and in-person course. My current course
Gloria Taylor Brown

Seattle, WA 98125
United States
Phone 206.310.3664
Fax 206-834-6226

Golden Light Reiki Center
Classes in Reiki (All Levels) and Reiki Treatments are held in my home in Saskatoon in the Willow Grove Community.

We offer all levels of Reiki training as well Reiki treatments.

Karuna Reiki Classes

Gendai Reiki Ho Classes (Japanese Reiki)

To register for classes , Reiki treatments or enquire for more information Phone :306-374-5533


By Appointment Only.
Irene Barker
307 Waters Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7WOA5

Graceful Shift Technologies
energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
shifting dimensional perspective,
Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
Danielle England

Aptos, CA 95003
United States
Phone 831-662-0945

Guru Singh
Sikh Minister, Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist (Sahaj Shabd Therapy), Musician-Composer-Author
Los Angeles
Guru Singh

Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 323-938-0611

Harmonious Pathways
Hello! I am a Personal/Professional Coach and Feng Shui Specialist

My mission is to empower you to create the pathway to your heart's desire--live to your highest potential, joyfully and authentically. My services of coaching, feng shui consulting, courses and publications will help you:"

~~Identify your core purpose, values,strengths

and passions;

~~Create a life strategy and goals;

~~Attract the people, resources and opportunities to fulfill your goals;

~~Create the physical environment that supports your health, productivity, prosperity and well-being.

Jacqui Neurauter
888 S. Plum Grove Rd.
Palatine, IL 60067
United States
Phone 847-359-6391

Health Kinesiology - Vivian Klein
HEALTH KINESIOLOGY, a total holistic bioenergetic system using muscle testing to identify and correct energy imbalances of all types: allergies, emotional and psychological issues, detoxification, chronic and immune disorders, environmental sensitivities, hormonal problems, educational and behavioral problems and many more!

Also: EARTH ENERGY HEALING: detection and elimination of Geopathic Stress(negative earth energies) which may be affecting you or your family, home, garden or vineyard. Commercial dowsing for businesses, wells, spas and vineyards
Santa Rosa
Vivian Klein
Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
United States
Phone 707 538 8679
Fax 707 538 3623

Heartwisdom Teachings
Heartwisdom Teachings ~ 'Life-Evolving Workshops and Seminars'

It is bringing about evolutionary transformations within consciousness and within individual lives that will create a wave of higher living. Creation involves consciousness, and the tools and higher frequencies required to manifest them. Becoming your highest vibration in physical form will move you forward in this evolving consciousness. It is with this desire that we offer Certified Practitioner Training for Universal White Time Healing Levels I - IV and Certified Teacher Training - Level I Teacher, New Earth Teachings online courses, and the LIFEfieldTechnique Practitioner Certification. Please contact us at Teressa@HeartwisdomTeachings.com or go to www.LightedSpirit.com or www.UniversalWhiteTimeHealing.com for more information.
Teressa Fenison
Tucson, AZ 85718
United States
Phone 520-514-5850
Fax 520-514-6017

Heather Alt HC
Be in Health Counseling is about you as an individual reaching your personal health goals in the way that works for you. Fad diets don't work because they have a one-size-fits all mentality and they don't take into consideration all other aspects that can contirbute to poor health such as relationships, stress, career, physical activity, and spirituality. With Be in Health Counseling you will gain the support and resources to reach your health goals through simple lifestyle changes.

For more information please visit www.heatheralt.com.
Heather Alt

Mystic , CT 06355
United States
Phone 443-486-8772

Heather Curell - Gardens of Heather
Heather's eclectic schooling includes social-work, herbalism, massage-therapy, aromatherpy, iridology, kinesiology, blood, saliva, hair and urine & stool testing, flower essences, color-therapy & nutrition. She also owns and operates a handcrafted spa company called "Gardens of Heather". Gardens of Heather carries bath & body products, essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and a wide range of natural supplements.
Bad Axe,
Heather Curell
707 East Huron Avenue
Bad Axe,, MI 48413
United States
Phone (810) 414-HERB (4372)
Fax 672-9097

Holistic BodyWorx Pilates, Yoga, and Wellness Studio
Holistic BodyWorx – Pilates, Yoga, and Wellness Studio specializes in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training & Body Work therapies. We make Wellness and Fitness very affordable. We offer workshops, and certification courses in Reflexology. We also offer Yoga Teacher training.

Our Bodywork therapies include: Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology,

Healing Stone Massage, Integrated Massage, Reiki, Prenatal and Sports Massage. We also offer Registered Massage Therapy.

We have Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly instructors and therapists to help you with all your fitness and Wellness goals.

Tina Aurelio / Roy Gowans
4259 Sherwoodtowne Blvd. suite 102 - 104
Mississauga, ONT L4Z 1Y5
Phone 905-281-3737
Fax 905-281-2014

Holistic Health home-study Courses

Homeopathy School of Colorado
Homeopathy is an innovative, exciting and completely individualized approach to healthcare. Students of the Homeopathy School of Colorado study all aspects of this fascinating healthcare system. The School specializes in teaching students about the psychological aspects of homeopathic treatment. The School offers a two-year homeopathic certification program approved by the State of Colorado. Both Resident and Home Study Programs are available. Resident students meet for 10 weekend sessions per year.
Amy Lockwood
P.O. Box 20340
Boulder, CO 80308-3340
United States
Phone 303-440-3717

Hypnosis Motivation Institute
The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI)

America's first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy.

18607 Ventura Blvd., Suite 310, Tarzana, CA 91356

Toll Free (800) 479-9464

Become a Certified Hypnotist for No Charge!

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, HMI, is a non-profit college and clinic of hypnotherapy that has been serving the Southern California area for more than 35 years. HMI was founded in 1968 by Dr. John Kappas. Dr. Kappas literally defined the profession of hypnotherapy in 1973, when he wrote and defined the profession of a "Hypnotherapist" in the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles. That definition remains in force and unchanged today.

Celebrating 40 years of excellence, HMI has earned the distinction of being the first and only hypnotherapy training program to become nationally accredited, by an accrediting agency authorized by the U.S. Department of Education, in Washington, D.C.

HMI's hypnotherapy clinic is home to over 50 Certified Hypnotherapists and serves more than 200 clients a week. HMI estimates that it has provided more than 250,000 hours of private hypnotherapy services in its 35 year history. It is this clinical experience that provides the foundation for HMI's Hypnotherapy Certification Training and Internship program.

HMI strives to offer the most extensive and thorough hypnotherapy training and internship program available today.

HMI's hypnotherapy training program features:

720 hours/one year of classroom instruction

Six months of on-site clinical internship and supervision

14 instructors, each presenting their area of specialty

Private tutorial mentorship with instructors and staff Hypnotherapists

Live therapies conducted in the classroom on clients

Hypnotherapy business practices instruction

Advertising and promotion classes

Weekly continuing education training for graduates

35 years of clinical and educational experience

10,000 square foot campus and clinical facility

Private practice office space available for So. Cal. graduates

HMI offers two choices for Accredited Hypnotherapy Training.

1) HMI's RESIDENT SCHOOL is for residents of Southern California, U.S.A., HMI's resident school features an extensive, one year training and clinical internship training program. HMI's resident students attend school two evenings a week plus a minimum of one Saturday morning per month. This allows students to continue to work full-time in their traditional jobs, while preparing for the future helping others as a Certified Hypnotherapist. Eligible students can receive Federal Financial Aid, and can, in fact, start school with no money down, and not even begin paying for tuition until six months after they graduate. HMI's internship program provides students the opportunity to EARN WHILE THEY LEARN and begin their private practices in a supervised setting at the HMI clinical facilities. HMI's resident school also offers additional certification programs in NLP and Therapeutic Imagery as well as wide variety of continuing education courses for graduates.

2) HMI's DISTANCE EDUCATION SCHOOL is designed for students that live outside of the Southern California area or for students who are unable to attend evening classes. HMI's Distance Education School combines private tutorial instruction with videotaped instructions to bring the country's ONLY Nationally Accredited Hypnotherapy Certification program to the privacy and convenience of your own home. Attendance in person is not a requirement, but HMI distance education students can obtain guest passes to attend HMI's resident instruction at no additional charge.


HMI's Resident School Training program is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).

HMI's Distance Education Training program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)

HMI is licensed by the State of California Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE).

HMI is approved by the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners, department of Consumer Affairs as a provider of continuing education for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

HMI is approved the California State Board of Registered Nurses, as a provider of continuing education for State Registered Nurses.

HMI is approved by the Hypnotherapists Union, Local 472, AFL/CIO, OPEIU,

HMI is approved by the American Hypnosis Association.

For more information on HMI and its accredited training programs, please call us at (800) 479-9464 or 818-758-2747 or visit us at www.hypnosis.edu

Romy Marcus
18607 Ventura Blvd, Suite 310
Tarzana, CA 91356
United States
Phone 818-758-2747

Illuminations Station
Massage Supply and Equipment Store. We carry a complete Line of Massage Oils and Lotions, Tables and Chairs, Tools, Aromatherapy, Books and CDs, Crystals, Salt Rock Lamps. You can also find lots of unique gifts and jewelry. We also give massage and have several interesting classes. Illuminations Station also provides therapists and other practioners, (Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Counselor, Psychic/Healer, Spirit Art Reader...) a 'home' to perform their skills, by renting beautifully designed massage rooms.
Safety Harbor
Jan Lane
130 8th Avenue South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
United States
Phone 727-797-4441
Fax 797-4445

Integrated Awareness Teacher
Integrated Awareness is an approach to healing and growth through touch, movement and changes in states of consciousness.
Andrew McKay
Phone +34620415561
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