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InterLink - Anne Brewer
Anne Brewer has spent the last 6 years refining a method, called Soul Clearing, that eliminates blocks and barriers in the Akashic or soul records. Removing these blocks results in improved, more positive behaviors. Our past life experiences offer cumulative learnings that enable us to be who we are today by referencing our soul memories. However, if we carry trauma or pain from any of our past lives, we will experience discordant behavior in our current life. The trauma must be cleared in order to have a more positive life experience.
Prairie Village
Anne Brewer
5252 W. 67th St.
Prairie Village, KS 66208
United States
Phone 913-722-5498

Intuitive Concepts, Inc.
Feng Shui is about managing the energy in your life, both the positive and negative so that you can live an enhanced life in an empowered environment. Results are measurable and quantifiable. I have a favorite saying, "manage your environment consciously or unconsciously it manages you." Therefore, I work on "changing the world one business, one home, and one person at a time."

. 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

. 1st Feng Shui Master to Formerly be a Vice President for a Fortune 100 Company

. 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed by a Major U.S. University

. 1st Feng Shui Master to Speak at a Medical Convention

. 1st LEED & Feng Shui Auto Dealership

. 1st U.S. Feng Shui’d Medical Clinic

. 1st U.S. Feng-Shui Constructed Office Building

. 1st U.S. Feng-Shui'd Non-profit Headquarters

. 1st Texas and Ohio Feng Shui’d Medical Clinics

. 1st U.S. Dance Studio Designed According to Feng Shui Principles

My clients call me the "Feng Shui Results Lady" which is a testament to my work. So, I invite you to contact me at IntuitiveConcepts.com so I can help you with a commercial, residential, or personal analysis for you, your residence or your business.
Diana Garber
P.O. Box 899
Sunbury, OH 43074
United States
Phone 866-689-6891

Jane Fuller
Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a healing art that moves Universal Life Energy through our bodies into another person through gentle touch.

Through this "laying-on of hands", or healing touch, reiki, by the channeling of Universal Life Energy, supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures and any religious or spiritual belief without conflict.
Jane Fuller
P.O. Box 3137
Lompoc, CA 93436
United States
Phone 805-735-8633
Fax 805-735-8166

Jeanne Nicholson

Spirit ConnecXtions creates and defines events, workshops, promotions, and methods for finding and celebrating all creation and all connecXions.

Our world is a tapestry of different traditions,Spirit ConnecXions refers to the indescribable bliss of feeling connected to Spirit, being at one with creation and creator.

Wecelebrate the connecXions and commonalities that exist between all things.

finding a common core:

The quieting of the mind,

the opening of the heart,

centering, listening

and responding to the deepest wisdom--

Jeanne Nicholson
33006 West Seven Mile Road #267
Livonia,, MI 48152
United States
Phone 248-478-8492

Jen Martinez-Bentley, N.D.
Naturopathy is the natural way to assist the client in reaching balance, physically, mentally and spiritually.
A Consultation with Dr. Jen Martinez-Bentley includes Traditional Chinese observations such as Tongue and Pulse analysis and European observations such as Iridology to determine the client's area of imbalance. The client receives a recommendation of homeopathic,and/or herbal remedies, along with a nutrition and supplement protocol to promote healing.
Treatments include reflexology, reiki, acupressure and aromatherapy.
Workshops are conducted for the layperson, practitioners and massage therapist's continuing education. Holistic Health Care Certification and Reflexology Certification are the two most popular workshops.
Jen Martinez-Bentley
6104 Gardenia Ct
Alexandria, VA 22310
United States
Phone 7035082986

Jill Henry
Mountain Valley Center and the Otto Labyrinth Park in Otto, NC. Otto located in in Western North Carolina, 3 miles from the Georgia State Line and Dillard, Georgia. The location is 1 and 1/2 hours from Asheville and 2 hours from Atlanta. A public Labyrinth Park is provided free of charge to facilitate the self-healing and a return to nature. Jill owns MountainValleyCenter.com, an on-line metaphysical store, and CFALPro.com, an on-line Facilitator of Adult Learning course. The store at the Labyrinth Park Welcome Center is open noon to 5 pm Wed - Sat. Monthly Labyrinth Gatherings are held through the Spring, Summer and Fall.
Jill Henry
Mountain Valley Center, 43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763
United States
Phone 828-369-5698
Fax 828-524-6086

Jo Ann Simmons
For more than 17 years in my private practice I have inspired clients to achieve their best, created my own blend of law-of-attraction exercises to help clients with dating and relationships, plus draw my own soul mate.

Now I'm determined to help other singles find love and marriage through the exercises in my new book Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You: The Perfect Plan for Attracting Your Perfect Love Match

Jo Ann Simmons
P.O. Box 180546
Casselberry, FL 32718-0545
United States
Phone 4074052735

Joe Weaver - The Divine Balance

Joe Weaver
603 Misty Willow Way
Rolesville, NC 27571
United States
Phone 919.696.8870

Judith Gisser, M.S., C.N.S.
CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT TO EAT? Starting with the premise that the body supports us best when we give it what it needs and wants, Judith teaches the simplicity to how to eat right to feel right for who you are as a unique individual.

LEARN THE POWER OF FOODS to keep body, mind and spirit balanced!

NEED EXTRA SUPPORT IN MAKING LIFESTYLE CHANGES? Judith will coach you to maneuver around the roadblocks in your path.
Morris Plains
Judith Gisser
639 Route 53
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
United States
Phone 973-625-3169

Judy Fasone
The Trager Approach is a way of being lighter and easier in your body. A practitioner gently and effectively helps you to let go of tension and pain subtly, by creating smooth, rocking movements in the body. As movement educators, we create awareness to the mind about the body in movement and on the table. In an hour and a half session, you will be rocked, compressed, jiggled, elongated with non-invasive techniques that will put you in to a deeper sense of relaxation than you have ever been before. Trager is beneficial for all types of chronic tension, pain, and disease processes. Go to Trager.com for more information.
Judy Fasone
5115 Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
United States
Phone 614-442-5611

Karen Furr
Karen is a former Franciscan Sister living in Kingman, Arizona. Her love of Spirit and devotion to the healing charism of Jesus has led her into the way of alternative healing through Shamanism and Reiki. For her there is no separation of the realities of seen and unseen, and her work as a healer is rooted in the belief that it is not what we "do" that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. As Jesus taught, the realm of the Divine is within each of us and it is there that we can access the infinite compassion of Mystery. It does not matter what tradition we are emersed in, but that we encounter that Mystery and Spirit within.

Karen holds a Masters degree in Social Work and has devoted much of her life to working with those who have experienced economic poverty, as well as abuse, addictions, homelessness and trauma.

As a Shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Karen understands wellness from a perspective of balancing essential power. Her work in alternative healing has met with success in providing the opportunity for people to heal in ways that working solely in "3-D" (as she calls it) cannot allow.

Karen is a former member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. As a former Catholic sister, she walks the path of the mystic and healer, seeking and facilitating healing for self, community and the planet. She is aware that it is in bringing Light into the world that healing and wholeness can happen. She is excited about the emerging paradigm of Oneness and welcomes the challenge and movement of this evolution of Spirit.
Karen Furr
POB 4342
Kingman, AZ 86402
United States
Phone 928-606-4611

Karen Rae Ferreira. CCH, RSHom
I offer consultations in Classical Homeopathy in person, or by telephone, for women, men, and children wishing to address chronic physical and/or emotional conditions, or to enhance their experience of well being.

As founder and mentor of Academia Homeopatica in southern Oregon, I offer classes in Homeopathy required for certification. I also teach courses in Homeopathy for Childbirth Attendants, and Homeopathic First Aid. I am developing on-line curriculums for home study.

Karen Ferreira
1159 Park St
Ashland, OR 97520
United States
Phone 541-482-9266

Kun Cai
FALUN DAFA (Falun Gong)

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice which improves mental and physical wellness. The practice is based on the universal principles of Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance.

This ancient practice was first introduced to the public in 1992. Since that time, millions of practitioners worldwide have reported dramatic improvements in health and a deepened spiritual awareness.

All Falun Dafa activities are free of charge.
Kun Cai

Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States
Phone 718-940-2109

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga
Lakshmi Voelker KYTA,YA,YT, a certified Kripalu instructor and holder of other Yoga certifications, has studied and taught Yoga and Eastern disciplines since 1969.

She authored and produced "Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga: The Sitting Mountain Series" CD/cassette and 43 page tutorial booklet. Chair Yoga was created when a student was stricken with arthritis and could no longer get on the floor to practice Yoga.

It sells on on Amazon.com.

Lakshmi now offers teacher training around the US for Yoga instructors and healthcare professionals.
Palm Springs
Bruce Binder

Palm Springs, CA 92264
United States
Phone 760-774-1752
Fax 760-406-6012

Lifeturn Institute of Natural Health
A certification course in Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapy open to all to help others and self.
• Patient Assessment Protocols
• How to guide clients into hypnosis
• Deepening techniques.
• Creation of Safe Place
• Clinical Regression Therapy(protocol/application)
• Ego-Integration/Parts Therapy
• Time-Line Therapy
• NLP techniques
• Solving & releasing phobias & other limiting fears
• Powerful techniques for smoking, weight, and stress management.
• Working with children
• Suggestive Therapies for a variety of client needs
• Starting & building your hypnotherapy practice.
• And much, much more!

John R. Harris, C.H., HBCE

Raleigh, NC 27609
United States
Phone 919-876-7240

Living Reiki
Mariann Tilton

Germantown, MD
United States
Phone 301-528-6475

Los Angeles Vocational Institute
Los Angeles Vocational Institute provides students with the best possible training in Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Natural Healing Modalitites they will need for a successful career n the healing arts and sciences.

We have developed a system of bodywork, which supports the unique, inner health and growth processes of each individual by recognizing the unity of the body, mind and spirit.
Los Angeles
Gary Stuart
3540 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 410
Los Angeles, CA 90010
United States
Phone 213-480-4882

LOTUSTAR: healing as above and so below
Renée Starr, CHT offers expert healing with her unique & powerful techniques: Shamanic Hypnotherapy & Ancestral Soul Healing Regressions, pastlife regressions, energywork, clairvoyant readings and spiritual counseling.She also teaches classes and hosts retreats worldwide on such topics as Alchemy, Healing, Crystals, Shamanic Healing and more.

Renée Starr

LA, CA 90036
United States
Phone 323.632.0947

Luis Angel Diaz
CELLULAR MEMORY RELEASE, or CMR, is a system that is designed to rapidly release energy blockages that create mental, physical or emotional discomfort. While being applied, it activates the three main transformational triggers that facilitate healing and empowerment: PRESENCE/AWARENESS, BELIEF SYSTEM INVESTIGATION and EMOTIONAL RELEASE. CMR can be self-administered or facilitated to others. CMR is for those who are ready and open for true life transformation.
Nevada City
Luis Diaz
11994 Marjon Dr.
Nevada City, CA 95959
United States
Phone 530-265-4766

Marjorie L. Rand, Ph.D.
I have a private practice in Manhattan Beach CA. (South Bay) and Brentwood, CA. My speciality is Developmental Psychology, object relations, somatic psychotherapy and pre and perinatal psychotherapy and relationship counseling. I have been a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years. I also teach meditation, yoga and consciousness seminars.
Manhattan Beach
Marjorie Rand

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
United States
Phone 310-937-0053
Fax 937-0053
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