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Genesis Tree of Life Wellness
Tree of Life Yoga & Wellness Center is a multidimensional practice offering a variety of holistic modalities, classes and workshops:

Healing modalities include:

Natural Hygiene

Nutritional Counseling

Therapeutic Counseling

Energy Balancing

BioSyntonic Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Fitness Training

Cranio-sacral therapy

Reiki Healing Circle


Classes and workshops:

Yoga, Pilates, Bellydance, ballroom dance, modern dance, meditation, breathwork, fitness
Forest Hills
Rene David Alkalay
102-02 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
United States
Phone 718-544-5997
Fax 718 544-5488

gypsy maggie rose
Channeled angel energy in readings and direct healing....

Contact with guardian angel in healing meditation
Reiki+ Angel Healing Reiki+ Crystal healing Reiki + Massage Reiki+ Guided Meditation to Healing Temples.

Ear candle with guided meditation or reiki

Past life work to heal the present situation or help with release of a habit......

Tarot Reading.....
Medium Readings....
Spiritual Councelling ....
Guided Meditation....
Massage .

maggie sinton
p.o box 1056 canningvale west aust
perth, wa 6147
Phone 93519346
Fax 9351 9346

HC Wellness Center & Spa
Healthy Connection, Inc. was founded in 2004 to provide alternative body detoxification therapies and to assist clients in achieving complete wellness without the use of drugs. We offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Aqua-Chi Foot-spa, Ear Coning, Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, FAR-Infrared Sauna, Chinese Herbs, Essential Oils, and a complete line of Herbs and Vitamins.

The office is located in Gastonia, North Carolina, about 12 miles from Charlotte.

Office hours:Monday - Friday 9 am to 7pm

Evenings and Saturdays by appointment


Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

All services are by appointment only


Donna Brown
1308 E. Garrison Blvd
Gastonia, NC 28054
United States
Phone 704-823-1577

Healing America _ Scalar Energy Nutritionals
New_Revvida tm
Extreme Body Fuel

Balanced energy support like you've never experienced before!
For a quick energy lift that lasts. Sound nutrition for energy and endurance
RevvidaTM is a truly balanced energy drink. It contains caffeine and guarana for immediate energy, but also adds cutting-edge ingredients that support energy production at the cellular level, improve mental clarity, help slow down the effects of aging on energy production and counter the negative impact of stress. These ingredients include a complete and powerful B-vitamin complex, D-ribose, alpha lipoic acid, rhodiola rosea, pyruvate, lecithin, betaine, magnesium and trace minerals.

     RevvidaTM is packaged as a dry powder in convenient, individual serving packets. You mix it in water or juice to provide a delicious source of balanced energy. This packaging ensures freshness and full potency. If you are among the people who could use more energy, try the drink that will give you a balanced boost - try RevvidaTM today!

Nectavida_ Worlds Finest super supplement
is the most scientifically documented Super Supplement ingredients list in history backed by over 346,000 medical studies and published reports as listed on Medline."

Néctavida is the best way to take control of your health future with one, guaranteed-fresh, easy-to-use, great tasting, maximum-potency, once-a-day liquid supplement. Never before has there been a supplement that packed so much life-enhancing power into a single bottle, and done so cost effectively.

Getting all the nutritional benefit and support that Néctavida offers from any other combination of products would cost literally hundreds of dollars per month. But, for no more than the cost of your morning coffee, the powerful ingredients in Néctavida can help you enjoy a wide range of benefits. With all these potential benefits you should clearly see why

The introduction of doctor recommended Néctavida - is the most potent source of these scientifically discovered all-natural ingredients to date (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more). Néctavida is simply a better-health breakthrough.

Your Body recieves 100% of Daily Values for all vitamins and minerals and trace minerals. Nectavida Supplies essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and potent phytonutrients from Noni, Goji, Mangosteen and more in one delicious daily drink.

Wholesale Purchasing at www.gohealingamerica.com?dealerid=18297 . Click Signup and choose preferred customer option for discount or call orderline at 1-877-688-1117 and give customer service ID# 18297 to recieve discount Mon - Friday 9-6 CST

Colon /Liver / Blood Detoxification
The Healing America Holistic Alternative Health Program and Products are designed to Cleanse and rebuild all 13 systems of the body. Your Body has a blue-print for perfect health. Proper Detoxifcation, nutrition and a slight lifestyle change are the tools Your body needs and requires to self-heal.

Hundreds of testimonials on site!

We also have targeted natural formulas for cancers, diabetes , arthritis, menopause, constipation, pain, parasite elimination, Etc.Our Program has been beneficial for many with Lupus, MS, Alzhemiers,Parkinsons and many other diseases and illnesses

Product technical calls with Dr. Roy Brabham and guests Saturday Mornings at 12noon EST. The number is 1-580-474-3300 pin 8325#

All products and product Kits are exclusively "Scalar Energy Enhanced" tm
Phil Carcia
23 Wayside Rd
Worcester, MA 01605
United States
Phone 1-508-856-0677

Healing Pearls International, Inc.
By using the Healing Broom, one can increase circulation of "Qi" (or energy) and blood, either to an area of concern or throughout the whole body. The stimulation caused by the broom and one's holding of breath and tensing of the muscles affects many levels. It causes the cells to vibrate into an excited state, thus giving more energy to the internal body. It decreases lactic acid and breaks up toxic accumulations. It will also greatly increase the amount of Qi in the area being stimulated. This in turn will release stagnation in the meridians and increase the Qi flow to the internal organs. The Healing Broom is a 2 part tool that can combine acupressure,acupunture,reflexology,massage,and magnetic therapy.
Michael O'Connor
133 oak St
Methuen, MA 01844
United States
Phone 978-738-9838

Health Freedom Resources
The finest and most effective natural healing through cleansing, diet and herbal remedies. Providing both education and product support.
Ronald Radstrom
611 - D South Myrtle Ave.
Clearwater, FL
United States
Phone 727-443-7711
Fax 442-4139

Holisitic Center For Wellness
Holistic Center For Wellness And Day Spa

Offering Weight Management, Herbal Counseling, Anorexia and Bulimia, Theapeutic, Massage, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Colon Rejuvenation, Reflexology, Yoga Classes and personal Sessions, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling,

Brenda Barry

Redding, CA
United States
Phone 530-226-7764

Holistic Naturopathic Center
Dr. Glenn B. Gero, N.D., D.Sc., R.H. (AHG), M.E.S., C.L.C.

Registered, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Nutritionist/D.Sc. Nutrition

Certified Biofeedback and Heartmath Practitioner

Certified Lifestyle Counselor® & Holistic Life Coach

Master Herbalist - Registered - American Herbalist Guild

Medical, Corrective and Post-rehabilitative Exercise Specialist

Please visit www.holisticnaturopath.com

Dr. Glenn Gero
256 Colfax Avenue
Clifton, 07013
United States
Phone 973-471-5758
Fax 973-471-1776

Hydro Health offers colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonics) and ear candling. We also supply a variety of nutritional supplements. Hydro Health is in a beautiful spa like environment with qualified and knowledgeable therapists to aid you in your journey to optimal health. We use a state-of -the-art water purification system with UV light sterilzation so you cleanse with the purest water possible. Hydro-Health is in a beautiful spa environment, using all disposable equipment. We are centrally located to all the Los Angeles area.

If you feel tired, bloated, sluggish, constipated, have low sex drive, poor complexion, and poor sleep, you may want to consider cleaning your colon to help rid yourself of accumulated toxins and debris. Colonics is a simple and natural procedure to help restore vibrant health.

Kameron Gross
17547 Ventura Blvd 104
Encino, CA 91316
United States
Phone 818-935-9400

Intuitive Concepts, Inc.
Feng Shui is about managing the energy in your life, both the positive and negative so that you can live an enhanced life in an empowered environment. Results are measurable and quantifiable. I have a favorite saying, "manage your environment consciously or unconsciously it manages you." Therefore, I work on "changing the world one business, one home, and one person at a time."

. 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

. 1st Feng Shui Master to Formerly be a Vice President for a Fortune 100 Company

. 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed by a Major U.S. University

. 1st Feng Shui Master to Speak at a Medical Convention

. 1st LEED & Feng Shui Auto Dealership

. 1st U.S. Feng Shui’d Medical Clinic

. 1st U.S. Feng-Shui Constructed Office Building

. 1st U.S. Feng-Shui'd Non-profit Headquarters

. 1st Texas and Ohio Feng Shui’d Medical Clinics

. 1st U.S. Dance Studio Designed According to Feng Shui Principles

My clients call me the "Feng Shui Results Lady" which is a testament to my work. So, I invite you to contact me at IntuitiveConcepts.com so I can help you with a commercial, residential, or personal analysis for you, your residence or your business.
Diana Garber
P.O. Box 899
Sunbury, OH 43074
United States
Phone 866-689-6891

ISIS Holistic Clinic
Confidential, caring and certified, we are the oldest holistic clinic in Boston. ISIS has successfully treated more than 3500 patients since 1944. 80% of our new patients are sent by someone we have already treated! We provide ever-evolving therapies beginning with a Personalized Holistic Assessment, a one hour private appointment with us to determine how best to help you. It includes Contact Reflex Analysis muscle testing, symptomology analysis and nutritional therapy. We provide many body therapies including colonic hydrotherapy, bodywork, internal detoxification programs, spa therapy, women's naturopathic advice, energetic healing.
K. Sterling Clickner
1652 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02445
United States
Phone 617-734-4708

Jeri Reid, Biological Terrain Educational Microscopy
Jeri Reid is a progressive Health and Wellness Educator, a Biological Terrain Educational Microscopist, presenting Educational Live and Dry Blood Cell Microscopy. During a BTEM session clients learn how to gain optimal health based on how the fluids of the body are organized or disorganized. Jeri’s extensive studies of Acid/Base physiology, 5 microscopy courses, several personal development workshops with 25 years of experiences in holistic health are of great value in educating you about finding the direct path to better health.

Jeri Reid has a proven track record with many testimonials of clients of diverse backgrounds, from prognosis as serious as death to refining the athlete’s capabilities.

If you have been sick or tired and looking for better health, Jeri's positive track record empowering people to regain vitality is extensive. Understanding the dynamics of the blood and how you may improve the quality is a powerful and effective approach for obtaining excellent health.

If your blood is healthy, the whole body will follow!

Live and Dry Blood Educational Analysis

You don't have to come to Jeri, for best results, she comes to you!! Travelling the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii

Call Today for a free consult! 860.463.5109 or email jeri@jerireid.com



Phone 860.463.5109

Jill Schneider
Juice Fasting retreat by the ocean or mountain hot springs. Lose weight, cleanse your colon, get rejuvenated by just drinking the best organic juices, fresh potassium broth, detox tea and lots of water to "flush" away any and all compacted debris in your colon and toxins in your body. Rest, read, do yoga, swim, walk the beach, listen to the sounds of the ocean, write, meditate, reflect and commune with your higher energies during this holy time of fasting. Jill Schneider, Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs, guides you and supports you in your process of healing and wellness.
delray beach
Jill Schneider

delray beach, FL 33484
United States
Phone (561) 638-8873
Fax (561) 638-4938

Jill Schneider
Juice Fasting retreat in either the mountains and hot springs or by the ocean. Lose weight, cleanse your colon, get rejuvenated by just drinking the best organic juices, fresh potassium broth, detox tea and lots of water to "flush" away any and all compacted debris in your colon and toxins in your body in general. Rest, read, do yoga, swim, walk, listen to the sounds of nature, write, meditate, reflect and commune with your higher energies during this holy time of fasting. Jill Schneider, Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs, guides you and supports you in your process of healing and wellness.
Delray Beach
Jill Schneider

Delray Beach, FL 33484
United States
Phone (561) 638-8873

Light Journey Retreats
As a nature and health guide–ess in yoga and nutrition (25 years), Laurel White has combined all that she has studied and learned, to offer YOGA DETOX RETREATS, on Maui, in Hawaii.

On the north shore of Maui, overlooking Hookipa Beach, our daily program includes: yoga, meditation, outdoor infrared sauna, indoor aromatherapy jacuzzi bath, hiking, swimming, organic juice and raw meals, herbs, colonics, and massage. This is the fast track to total health".

As a sports enthusiast she has just added YOGA SURF MAUI to the list of programs offered. See website for more details: www.lightjourneyretreats.com
Laurel White
P.O. Box 791353
Paia, HI 96779
United States
Phone (808) 870-8573

Millan Chessman

Home colonic cleansing kit, same results as professional colonics at a fraction of the price.

Natural health and nutrition products are also available.

Millan Chessman is a colon hydrotherapist with 22 years experience, and has authored the first book about professional colonics.
San Diego
Millan Chessman

San Diego, CA 92020
United States
Phone 1-800-311-8222

Natural Healing Path
We are a natural health clinic with a spa environment. Offering Suddenly Slender's inch loss body wrap (only licensed center in King county up to the BC border!). Also offering massage, reflexology, acupuncture, far infrared sauna treatments, non surgical facials, spray tanning, medicinal grade supplements and orthopedic products and offer chi vitalizer treatments to all our guests. As an added benefit, we take insurance claims! We are different from most 'spas' as we do not do hair or nails since the smells from these services cause toxic fumes and makes some people have adverse reactions. Instead we offer only natural services and products believing that we already live in a toxic world, why add more to it. We ship through out the U.S. and you can order on line at naturalhealingpath.com in our own shopping cart or for Oasis products www.ageisafeeling.com/nhp and have it shipped directly.
Shanna Lea
3435 California Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116
United States
Phone 206-933-0107
Fax 206.935.4449

Natural Health Practitioner & Educator
We offer herbal supplements, Canadian Forest Tree Essences, Blessed Herbs Whole Body Internal Cleansing Kits, and Sageant Cellular Food supplements wholesale and retail. Certification classes are offered to become a Natural Health Practitioner in Iridology, (Iridology C.E.U.'s given for nurses), Essence Therapy, Herb Specialist, and Soul Evolution Counselors. Our Practice consists of a complete health evaluation using Iridology and Bio-Chemical Blood Analysis and a program designed for you to reach your ultimate goal mind/body/spirit.
Alicia Rocco
732 McDaniel Ave.
Minerva, OH 44657
United States
Phone 330-868-5353
Fax 330-868-4988

Peace within Ayurveda
Peace within Ayurveda offers a full spectrum of Ayurvedic services. Consultations in Joyful living, Pancha Karma rejuvenation retreats, Ayurvedic massage and bliss therapies, and Therapists Trainings are our specialties.

We are located in a wildlife sanctuary amidst thousands of acres of pristene nature overlooking Ashland, Oregon.
Myrica Morningstar
2545 N. Valley View Rd
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone 541-840-5272

Reverend Anne Clock
Full Moon Sweat Lodge Ceremony





Structure Clearings


Dream Analysis

Salt Lake City
Anne Clock
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
United States
Phone 801-272-4372
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