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Colonic Hydrotherapy
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Genesis Health Ministries
Advocating and teaching the Ann Wigmore Living Foods Lifestyle which encompasses the use of wheatgrass, lightly fermented foods, sprouting, indoor and outdoor gardening, colon health and connecting with the healer within. Telephone consultation is available regarding application of the Living Foods Lifestyle and the establishment of Living Foods Lifestyle support groups in your area.
Eaton Rapids
Hiawatha Cromer
7881 Columbia Highway
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
United States
Phone 517-663-1637

Green Moon Wholelife Care
Experience a whole new sense of well being. State-of-the-art colonic irrigation and nutritional counseling in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Maureen Pellegrini, C.C.T.
99 Rockland Road
Piermont, NY 10976-1312
United States
Phone 845.359.1222

Healthy Focus
Healthy Focus concerns just that. You cannot have a healthy focus and a sick focus at the same time. Optimal health addresses all of who you are: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. This is wholism. Healthy Focus provides: colonic therapy, whole-food nutritional counsel, essential oil treatments, iridology, and lifestyle coaching -- modalities that address all of you. We honor your "biological individuality" -- your uniqueness. Health IS a Law and also a way of life.
Newton E Bunce 3rd.
810 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
Phone 9284456859
Fax 7780218

Holisitic Center For Wellness
Holistic Center For Wellness And Day Spa

Offering Weight Management, Herbal Counseling, Anorexia and Bulimia, Theapeutic, Massage, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Colon Rejuvenation, Reflexology, Yoga Classes and personal Sessions, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling,

Brenda Barry

Redding, CA
United States
Phone 530-226-7764

Hydro Health offers colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonics) and ear candling. We also supply a variety of nutritional supplements. Hydro Health is in a beautiful spa like environment with qualified and knowledgeable therapists to aid you in your journey to optimal health. We use a state-of -the-art water purification system with UV light sterilzation so you cleanse with the purest water possible. Hydro-Health is in a beautiful spa environment, using all disposable equipment. We are centrally located to all the Los Angeles area.

If you feel tired, bloated, sluggish, constipated, have low sex drive, poor complexion, and poor sleep, you may want to consider cleaning your colon to help rid yourself of accumulated toxins and debris. Colonics is a simple and natural procedure to help restore vibrant health.

Kameron Gross
17547 Ventura Blvd 104
Encino, CA 91316
United States
Phone 818-935-9400

Inner Awakening Healing Center
Inner Awakening Healing Center focuses on an individuals healing needs in a compassionate and nurturing environment. We offer a comprehensive package of detoxification services through Colon Hydrotherapy, Probiotic Balancing, Detoxification/Nutrition Consultation, Reiki, Massage, Grape Seed Wraps, Ionic Foot Spa and Far-Infrared Sauna. We carry a full line of nutritional and digestive products that aid in boosting the immune system and rebuilding the digestive tract.

Clients can come early before their appointment and take advantage of our immune boosting therapies by using the Rebounder or Chi Machines for FREE. This stimulates the immune system and will enhance the colon hydrotherapy experience.

This center is I-ACT Certified at the Advanced Level and Nationally Board Certified. www.i-act.org
Jane Guyette
80 Eureka Square #111
Pacifica, CA 94044
United States
Phone 650.355.7364

International School for Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc.
Cathy Shea is a known expert in the field of colon therapy education since 1992. She holds a license in Florida and teaches a 100-hour certification every month. Call to be qualified.
Juno Beach
Cathy Shea
13878 Oleander Avenue
Juno Beach, FL 33408
United States
Phone 561.775.9912
Fax 561.625.3775

ISIS Holistic Clinic
Confidential, caring and certified, we are the oldest holistic clinic in Boston. ISIS has successfully treated more than 3500 patients since 1944. 80% of our new patients are sent by someone we have already treated! We provide ever-evolving therapies beginning with a Personalized Holistic Assessment, a one hour private appointment with us to determine how best to help you. It includes Contact Reflex Analysis muscle testing, symptomology analysis and nutritional therapy. We provide many body therapies including colonic hydrotherapy, bodywork, internal detoxification programs, spa therapy, women's naturopathic advice, energetic healing.
K. Sterling Clickner
1652 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02445
United States
Phone 617-734-4708

Jill Schneider
Juice Fasting retreat by the ocean or mountain hot springs. Lose weight, cleanse your colon, get rejuvenated by just drinking the best organic juices, fresh potassium broth, detox tea and lots of water to "flush" away any and all compacted debris in your colon and toxins in your body. Rest, read, do yoga, swim, walk the beach, listen to the sounds of the ocean, write, meditate, reflect and commune with your higher energies during this holy time of fasting. Jill Schneider, Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs, guides you and supports you in your process of healing and wellness.
delray beach
Jill Schneider

delray beach, FL 33484
United States
Phone (561) 638-8873
Fax (561) 638-4938

Jill Schneider
Juice Fasting retreat in either the mountains and hot springs or by the ocean. Lose weight, cleanse your colon, get rejuvenated by just drinking the best organic juices, fresh potassium broth, detox tea and lots of water to "flush" away any and all compacted debris in your colon and toxins in your body in general. Rest, read, do yoga, swim, walk, listen to the sounds of nature, write, meditate, reflect and commune with your higher energies during this holy time of fasting. Jill Schneider, Director of Circle of Life Holistic Programs, guides you and supports you in your process of healing and wellness.
Delray Beach
Jill Schneider

Delray Beach, FL 33484
United States
Phone (561) 638-8873

Joyce M. Walker LMT, LCT
Colon hydrotherapy (a high enema) is the slow inflow of warm purified (ultra violet, carbon fiter, and particle filter)water into the large intestine using disposable instruments. The treatment is gentle and done in a professional manner. It is a method of cleaning out the bowel and restoring regular bowel habits. It is a soaking process that loosens the encrusted material on the bowel wall, so that the wall is more flexible and moves better during elimination. This helps to lead to a cleaner body through more efficient elimination of wastes. Heat and massage to the abdominal area during the treatment helps the process. An alkaline diet with plenty of water and exercise helps your entire body.The Garden of Life Company has products to help the digestive system such as Primal Defense Ultra and Omega Zyme. The phone # is 1-800-622-8986. The Synergy Company at phone # 1-800-723-0277 has certified organic products such as Pure Radiance C and The Ultimate Superfood Formula. For a delicious snack see www.livingfoodsnacks.com referred by Joyce Walker. To help the bowel and the immune system you could get Native American Tea for a donation. Call Alice Bisset at 260-344-1442. Or go www.eartherbs.com for the same thing in a 2 oz. tincture of Chaga. Just a different form of the same mushroom. Please see www.240506.naturerich.net for your outer body cleansing with mineral soap. Something that I have found to help me tremendously has been alkaline water. Go to www.affinity4alkalinity.com and view. It has made a real difference in my health. Or you could call Brooke Peterson at 561-628-1845 to get information refereed by Joyce Walker. I also offer reflexology. Thank you for your time.
Lake Worth
Joyce M. Walker
3923 Lake Worth Road, Suite 101; Lake Worth Professional Center
Lake Worth, FL 33461-4049
United States
Phone 561-433-2822

Laura Von Scherling CMT ~ Massage~BodyWork~Yoga~Amazon Herb Nutritional Consultation~
In the world of Alternative Healing Arts, there are so many modalities and pathways of health to experience, and my Specialty is to help clarify the funtions and purposes of these different supplements and modalities that are available to help us achieve our health objectives, and to provide a resource for these products and services.

Healing begins within, and the body, mind and emotions, must be nourished with minerals and trace minerals that we just don't get in our regular diet.

The products that have helped me in my own healing, and continue to maintain my health, are the Amazon Herb Rainforest Formulas.When you experience the "Greater", the "Lesser" drops away easily.

The Rainforest Health Pak is the perfect Whole Body Cleansing and Rejuvenating program to begin with. The Value Pak gives a three month supply (or more) at a huge discount. Once the body has been thoroughly cleansed, nourished and balanced, you can benefit from the other formulas that focus and address other particular health issues on an interventional level, rather than just a maintenance level. Check out abc.amazonherb.net for more detailed information about these amazing herbs.
Laura Von Scherling
Desert Hot Springs
, CA 92240
United States
Phone 760-668-2448

Massageworks Spa & Fitness, Inc.
We are a day spa in Central Florida close to Disney.
Services include: massage (relaxing, therapeutic, hot stone, neuromuscular, etc.), body wraps, aroma steam, body scrubs, cellulite reduction treatments, microdermabrasion/facial, colonics, yoga and group fitness classes.
In combination with our salon we offer half and full day packages. Specializing in Bridal Services and small group functions. Approved insurance accepted.

Marilyn Farah
405 Church Street
Kissimmee, FL 43741
United States
Phone 407-932-0300
Fax 407-932-3317

Millan Chessman

Home colonic cleansing kit, same results as professional colonics at a fraction of the price.

Natural health and nutrition products are also available.

Millan Chessman is a colon hydrotherapist with 22 years experience, and has authored the first book about professional colonics.
San Diego
Millan Chessman

San Diego, CA 92020
United States
Phone 1-800-311-8222

Naturopathic Doctor
The Wellness Institute is a holistic clinic located in Toronto. It is home to variety of holistic practitioners providing the following services:

Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Registered Massage Therapy,

Aromatherapy, Custom Orthotics, Sensitivity Testing

Clinical Nutrition, Bowen Therapy, Detoxification Wraps, Women's Health, and Diagnostic Blood Work. Dr. Taras Rodak is the Naturopathic doctor and clinic director at the Wellness Institute.

Dr. Taras Rodak
954 Royal York Road
Toronto, ONT M8X 2E5
Phone 416-234-1888
Fax 416-234-0006

I enjoy educating people and giving them options to improve their energy levels - to guide them to optimum health through reflexology, colon therapy and high-tech nutritional supplements. The nutritional products are very powerful anti-oxidents (Microhydrin), Vitamin O, Enzymes (Maximizer, Gammazymes)and green powders (Spirulina and Green Phytopower).

I also enjoy teaching REFLEXOLOGY to CERTIFICATION level.

Toronto (East York)
Mary-Kay Perris
93 Frater Ave.
Toronto (East York), ON M4C 2H7
Phone (416) 429-3457

Nutrition Therapy
I provide:

1. Colon hydrotherapy,

2. Cleansing programs,

3. Nutritional counseling,

4. Ear candling,

5. Electro-lymphatic therapy.

For 17 years I've been helping clients by means of these services with loving care. People have experienced many health improvements and great cleansing. I take a lot of time to personally treat each client.

Most people who have eaten red meat, dairy products & refined food made with white flour, are carrying 5 to 15 lbs. of fecal matter stuck to the wall of their colon. Colon therapy really helps to clean all that built-up matter out of the colon.

During the first colonic, I give people a complete nutritional consultation, so you get 2 treatments for the price of one.

Electro-lymphatic therapy is actually a wonderful preliminary treatment to colonics. It cleanses toxins out of the lymph system, by applying a massager which is powered by a neon-photon beam generator. This massager covers all the lymph nodes & pathways of the body.

Ear candling helps clear the ears of wax & debris, usually helping the client feel much better in their ears & sinuses.

Please call for an appointment.

Judy Michno


Judy Michno
159 E. 3rd Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025
United States
Phone 760-781-1383

Patricia A. Aldrich, N.D.,C.N.C
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Iridologist, Colonics, Bodywork -
Patricia Aldrich, N.D., CNC understands the eyes as the window to the health of the body.

Orion Twp
Patricia Aldrich
1971 Silverbell Road
Orion Twp, MI 48362
United States
Phone 248-693-6499

Paula Perkins, Colon Hydrotherapist https://www.facebook.com/colondetoxification/
Hello Friends! I have closed my colon hydrotherapy business. However, I can still do muscle testing and emotional release if you like. Just leave me a voicemail. Thankyou!
Paula Perkins
7345 MIddlebrook Pk., The Alex Bldg. , Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN 37909
United States
Phone 865-951-9382

Reuel Ari and Mariko Yamamoto
Digestive Wellness Center offers Certification Classes in Colon Therapy and Digestive Wellness, Free Articles and Information, Colonics, Supplements of the Highest Quality, Wellness Coaching, Soul Coaching, Personal Blessing Ceremonies, Sacred Space Clearing, Feng Shui Readings, Feng Shui Classes and much, much more.
Reuel Hesterman
450 Jordan Road / Suite 9
Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone 928-203-0653
Fax 928-204-2061
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