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A Place of Healing, LLC
A Place of Healing, LLC, located in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan, offers Personal and Remote Rising Star Healing Sessions, Prema Birthing Sessions, 22-Strand DNA Activations, Personal and Remote Reiki Sessions and Donna Eden Energy Sessions. The Center also offers Reiki Healing for animals.

Classes offered include: Rising Star Teacher Initiations, More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops, Reiki I and II, and Gifts of the Spirit (a class on meditation and channeling).

Battle Creek
Susan M. Brundage
200 West Michigan
Battle Creek, MI 49017
United States
Phone (269) 441-0987

Accent Vibrational Healing with Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Kathryn Manning
Working in concert with the universal life force of Usui Reiki, Kathryn Manning employs this soothing, supportive energy with the powerful healing harmonic vibrations of her celtic harp and voice to help her clients cope with pain and health issues on many levels.

Kate will also train people for self care with Traditional Usui Reiki, and also to combine it with the Celtic Harp.

Reiki and vibrational therapies have been used in the modern Western scientific arena for many years now. Their use in the Eastern healing arts has never stopped. Western musicians have used sound and music as a healing modality since ancient Greek times with Pythagoras. Sound vibrations have recently been tested for use on conditions such as tumors and inducing the relaxation response. Reiki has been used by doctors and nurses for over 20 years in hospitals and private practice.

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and international areas ...
St. Paul
Kathryn Manning
Sound Healer/Musician, Reiki Teacher
St. Paul, MN 55102
United States
Phone 651.222.2781

Healing Channels
Rosa Haritos, PhD, CHt, is a Spiritual Channel, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher. She believes in order to heal physical and emotional illness one must address underlying spiritual imbalances. Her extensive knowledge of Western medicine works hand in hand with her gifts as a spiritual channel. She offers an array of healing modalities: Channeled and Distance Healing, Shamanic Healing, Crystal Light Therapy, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Spiritual Regression. She teaches workshops in mediumship and shamanic healing and maintains a private practice in Boulder Colorado.
Rosa Haritos
4084 Eleuthera Ct
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone (303) 482-2789

Oakledge Polarity
Patricia's Polarity work is augmented by Reiki,Therapeutic Touch and basic

CranioSacral Therapies.

"Awaken to the Splendor of Your Essence"

About Polarity:

Working with the energy systems of the body,polarity is a unique combination of modalities including massage of head, neck and feet, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure and polarity yoga. Each energy balancing session is tailored to the individual to clear the way for a myriad of healing possibilities.

About Reiki:

Combining a gentle hands on technique and sacred symbols,the practitioner becomes a channel for the healing Reiki energy. The client's being will self-direct this energy as needed. This work produces a deep state of relaxation, decreases stress and promotes healing.

About Therapeutic Touch:

Working in the energy field, this modality is a gentle clearing and cleansing technique to address blocks and release them for optimum flow of the energy systems.

About CranioSacral Therapy:

Working with the CranioSacral system, the practitioner uses extremely gentle manipulation (weight no more than 5 grams) to assist the body's own self regulating mechanisms.

Benefits of a Session:

Although the benefits can be limitless, here are a few of the most commonly acheived:

Pain relief, pysical, mental, emotional and spirtual balance, support through life transistion(s), stress reduction, self awareness, vitality, clarity, deep relaxation, inner guidance.

This work is about making contact with that part of one's being that is referred to as the "inner healer".

Elements of a session:

A brief consultation at the beginning of the session allows the practioner and the individual to set goals. In a warm, tranquil space, complete with soft music and soothing aromatherapy, the client rests fully clothed on a bodywork table. Each session begins with an affirmation, head, neck and foot massage and reflexology. Specific element work is performed to meet the needs of the individual. This may include the modalities mentioned above as well as color and sound therapies. Some time is spent at the completion of the bodywork to explore specific guidance that may have surfaced during the session,(e.g., animal totems, guides, symbolic representations). Succesive sessions build on a foundation to afford greater holding of alignment which serves to sustain forward movement through life. This work facilitates access to the inner essence and supports the life force.

Patricia Keene
private home office
Auburn, ME 04210
United States
Phone 207-240-9974