Distance Healing
- How It Works

By Samuel Thadeus Short
Co-coordinator of AntesianPrayerTeam.com

Distance healing is a simple, effective way to impact someone even if they are miles away. The beauty about utilizing distant healing is that you don’t need extensive training to do it. All that is needed is intent, a sincere desire to help people and a willingness to sit or lie quietly.

Here is a simplified version of distance healing that you can use to send healing to the victims of the hurricane:

1. First, find a quiet space and begin by taking a few deep breaths. As you breathe, imagine that you can actually feel energy moving from your feet to the top of your head on the inhale, and then circulating down to the feet as you exhale.

2. As you continue to breathe, concentrate and see yourself sending energy to those you are supporting in prayer and healing. In the case where you do not know the person, simply visualize a rose opening and closing as you feel energy going out to them using their name and location to channel the Divine Healing Energy.

3. You can “see” or feel the energy that is running through your body as light, Divine Love, or however you choose to define it. The important thing is to feel it moving with your breath. Feel the Spirit, as energy, coursing in and through your body and then sending it to those in need. Keep breathing!

4. As you breathe, imagine that there is a Divine orchestration which is providing solutions quickly, easily and powerfully in a state of wonderful grace. You can use a surrogate object to help focus your energy if you choose; instead of the cupped hands, a pillow, candle, or some other physical object.

Remember that the purpose of this activity is to envision abundance continuing to arrive miraculously to assist, feed, nourish and heal the people in the people requesting support in their prayers and healing concerns. It is an alternative to focusing your attention and energy on everything that is not going well. Knowing that the past cannot be changed, envision creative and supporting solutions beautifully created from the greatest good in people.

5. As you continue with this exercise, holding the person in vision (or rose) and extending love to them, allow for any number of healing miracles to occur.

6. Pray for the highest spirit to take over in their lives. See that nothing is too big for Spirit for that which created the entire Universe and it has already extended everything we need to be perfect spiritual, mental and physical beings complete, whole and perfect in everyway.

The founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, tested distant healing with Richard Gordon (author of “Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal”). Dr. Shealy discovered that Mr. Gordon’s distant healing was able to affect other people’s brainwaves as measured by an electroencephalograph machine. Upon further testing with his most difficult chronic pain patients, Dr. Shealy found that it brought about significant pain relief. This suggests that people can improve the power of their prayers and affect healing from a distance.

What Is Healing About?

Healing can only come from within us. Our healing can be supported and nurtured in the most important and endearing ways by family, friends and therapists but can only be brought about by ourselves. Our healing is about attending to our own awesomeness. We heal ourselves when we attend to our awesomeness in a deeply compassionate way, the way we would attend to a dear friend who is hurting. It is part of our Divine nature and reflects our connection with the Divine. It is the very act of bringing our loving attention, rather than our judgment, to our awesomeness that brings about and continues our healing.

This is an ongoing and lifelong process for each one of us. It is about becoming more fully ourselves in mind, body, heart and spirit. The energetic fields of the human being transcend time and space. These energies comprise the hologram of Self and Soul, and this is what is permanent. The body as we know it is illusory. The physical body is transient in this process. In the true healing process, the hologram is what is, what was, and what will be.

Because these energetic fields transcend time and space, and are expressive of the Universal Presence, they are therefore ever-present, always. We can train ourselves to recognize this presence.

If you are familiar with the Kabbalah, it can help you to visualize this flow of creative life force. The Kabbalah is a metaphorical demonstration of how energy becomes matter. Universal Love is distributed through a spiral pattern, flowing life force from the Source through the energy bridges of the human being. The manifestation principle of this energetic is Shekhinah, the Presence. This transfluence of energy is you.

Samuel Thadeus Short is co-coordinator of the Antesian Prayer Team, the Antesian Road To Enlightenment and publisher of the Antesian Letter Newsletter. The Antesian Prayer Team is a free service of over a hundred healers and prayer supporters who support the prayer and healing concerns of those requesting assistance through distance healing. The team receives a list of people requesting help and each healer and prayer supporter member of the team attends to the request in their own way. Some use disciplines such as Reiki, and Johrei while others use the power of prayer. E-mail: antesian@sbcglobal.net or visit antesianprayerteam.org

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