Flower Essences for Evolutionary Healing

by Elizabeth Chandler
Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Creator of Fleuressences

How would you like to take a flower essence that cleared negative affirmations held in your energy field that generations of your family had thought to be true? Or would you prefer an essence to enliven the threefold flame of divine power, wisdom and love in the chalice of your heart chakra? How about an essence that enhances your telepathic abilities? Flower essences "… have energetic effects at much higher levels…and often have very different therapeutic effects…"(Gerber, p.87) than the dried flower petals or the oil extracted from the flower. A review of the literature includes a broad spectrum of uses for essences including physical, neurological, emotional, realignment of subtle anatomy, improvement of psychic development, and softening the response to anti-cancer treatments.

Flowers have been used for thousands of years for healing purposes. Most of us know that dried chamomile flowers infused to make a tea, calm, soothe and help you sleep. The oil from rose petals is created to make an extract that clears heat, stabilizes the heart and relieves irritability. When we start to utilize flowers at the essence level we juice up the wattage, we raise the frequency, or think of it has a treatment for all of the layers of our energetic system, not just the physical body. It is useful to remember that we are just 5% physical body and 95% energetic body. It makes sense to treat more than just the physical body. This includes the chakra system outside the body that is like an antenna, reaching up into the cosmos, tuning to different frequencies.

In the practice of making flower essences for healing purposes, nothing physical is transferred into the solution. The actual essence is the electromagnetic pattern of the flower. Just as there are nutritional elements found in the plants useful for the health of the physical body, so in turn are there patterns of biomagnetic energies discharged by the flowers on other frequency levels for the health of various energetic layers of your body's energy system. If you were to take a Kirlian photograph during the process of extracting a flower essence into a bowl of purified water you would see a mist-like imprint of the flower with small trailings of light moving into the water. In this process, you are working with the ethereal vibration of the plant, its life force, its etheric imprint.

It is fascinating to learn that these essences "…travel at slightly faster that the speed of light…"(Gurudas, p. 28) as they move from the physical body into other levels of the energy field. This process is greatly enhanced if the flower essence is stabilized in something other than alcohol. Red Shiso is an excellent "vehicle" for the essences because when taken into our body in any form"… helps us to become "a superconductor," able to more easily and comfortably hold greater light energy…and it amplifies the healing energies of the essences."(Sheehan, p.15). The actual pathway that the flower essences take to move through the physical body to the energetic bodies is complex. For the purposes of this article it will have to suffice to note that the remedy almost immediately settles mid-way between the circulatory (blood) and nervous systems. The two systems contain quartz-like properties and an electromagnetic current. The essence moves in the current to the energy meridians, and from there to the subtle bodies, the chakras or returns to the physical body to the cellular level. (Gurudas, p.27-29).

The scope of healing available through flower essences is truly miraculous and ever expanding. Many essences work on an emotional level. Arrowhead encourages the purity of God emotion instead of the roller coaster emotions we often experience. Scarlet runner bean helps us to face our fears with courage rather than running away from them. There are flowers to loosen old habits, clear depression and keep us walking on our divine path no matter what the obstacles. There is a flower that is one of the most ancient on earth and holds the blueprint for the energy field of an enlightened human!

Essence companies that are using red shiso as their solution base are finding that many essences can be used at one time for specific challenges or goals. Combination formulas that contain up to 15 (or more) different flower essences hold the energetic shifts for improved communications with divine guidance, greater abundance and ability to manifest, enhanced spiritual partnerships, better energetic protection for healers, increased sensitivities to the fairy realm, and solutions for challenged animals. Personal formulas can be made up by flower essence practitioners that specifically address the shifts that will help individuals make their next step in evolutionary healing and spiritual growth.

Flower essences represent a radical step in new ways to clear and shift our energy field into higher states of vibrational purity. It is said that "…Releasing spiritual and medicinal properties stored in the flowers is one of the great keys to unfolding God's plan on the earth plane…"(Gurudas, p.5). Our experience of Heaven on Earth is beginning to evolve at faster levels as more reach higher stages of consciousness. Flower essences are of invaluable assistance at this level to hold us in shifts that others can then tune to. Relish in the wonder of our life here on earth, immerse your levels of beingness in the essence of the flowers. How could it be any more beautiful.


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Elizabeth Chandler is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and healer with 25 years of experience. She is author of a handbook on a form of energy healing and her company Fleuressences creates personalized and combination flower essence formulas for healing and spiritual growth. Elizabeth lives in Northern Wisconsin and can be reached at 715/272-1593 or e-mail lizjchan@hotmail.com. Visit her websites at: www.fleuressences.com and www.lahochi.com.

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