The Powerful Solfeggio Frequencies: Why These Ancient Tones
Were 'Lost'

By Lyndsey Watson
Sound Therapist and Director of the River of Song Center for Vibrational Balance

"You're only as sick as your secrets," I remember a good friend in early recovery telling me. Well, I now know this goes for the whole human race. I recently found out about one big centuries-old secret that isn't secret any longer thanks to Dr. Joseph Puleo whose mystical story is captured in a book called The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

In my quest as a sound therapist, I have always been drawn to tuning forks. In the early days of my fledgling practice, I experienced many but didn't actually purchase any to add to my practice. Then, in 2001 by chance (right!), I had the privilege to experience some specialized tuning forks calibrated to the frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio Scale. You know how you just KNOW when something is right for you? You resonate with it. Why these tones resonated with me became very clear when I learned about the secret.

So what is it about this secret that Dr. Puleo uncovered? As I understand it through my studies with David Hulse, D.D. (originator of SomaEnergetics™) the tones of the Ancient Solfeggio Scale had been given to the church many years ago for a very spiritual purpose. People came to Mass which, at the time, was done in Latin. When people sang these musical tones (usually in chants), it was very powerful - they cut through all of the limited thought forms into the deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing insights beyond belief systems. It seems that simply because the frequencies of the tones within the scale facilitated vibrational healing states and higher awareness in the masses who sang them, the Church eventually suppressed the use of the special frequencies. In addition, the Church originally commissioned over 150 chants (Gregorian) that utilized the tones. However, in approximately 1050 A.D. the Church purged or "lost" the chants, most likely not intending to, but nonetheless denying the masses the opportunity for their own vibrational healing through sacred sound. Consequently, the stage was set for vibrational disharmony in people's lives via sound frequency.

At the same time, instruments which used to play music in these sacred tones were tuned using a method called "Just Intonation". Beginning in the 16th century, however, the tuning method began evolving into what is currently used today in all music of the Western world - the "12-Tone Equal Temperament Method." Why is this important for us to know? Surprisingly, altering the tuning method changed the frequency of musical tones; and different tonal frequencies affect the energy systems of our body, our health and our well-being in much the same way that high-voltage transmitters, microwave ovens and televisions do.

Naturally, the alteration of these frequencies weakened the spiritual impact of the Church's hymns. According to Professor Willi Apel (as reported in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, "Because the music held mathematical resonance, frequencies capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more 'God-like', the changes affected alterations in conceptual thought as well, further distancing humanity from God."

In the book The Just Intonation Primer, the author David B. Doty shows that if the quality of compositions that are keyed to the ancient "Just Intonation" method could be described, such terms as "clarity", "purity", "smoothness", and "stability" come readily to mind. He further observed that music composed to fit the "12-Tone Equal Temperament" method (the tuning method utilized for the last 250 years) sounds "rough", "restless" or "muddy" in comparison. Because there are limited musical combinations available to composers with the current method, it essentially places music "in a box of limitation". Consequently, since all music in our contemporary world (from commercials to modern hymns and symphonies) has been composed to utilize the "12-Tone Equal Temperament" method, they all have vibrational limits. As a result, the limited vibrational frequency of the tones of modern music can create situations such as "boxed in thinking", stuffed and suppressed emotions and fear-based "lack" consciousness - all of which tend to manifest into physical symptoms of "dis-ease". Our modern music may be "music to your ears", but it was originally intended to be music for the soul, or the "secret ear.", according to Dr. Hulse.

So now I understand my attraction to the tuning forks calibrated to these once "lost" frequencies. The tones naturally stimulate the vibration of expanded creativity, easier problem solving and holistic health. The potential exists for us to change our wellbeing and that of our world by the reintroduction of these ancient tones and tuning method. (Currently, an example of this is already showing up in present-day application via the 528 hz frequency - MI in the Solfeggio Scale - which is being utilized by researchers to repair genetic DNA in the laboratory.) How exciting is that?!

The secret is out - thank goodness nothing stays hidden from the human spirit forever. It is my hope that our collective vibration will be raised significantly simply by being informed of the "lost" Ancient Solfeggio frequencies and bringing them back into our bodies whether by singing, chanting, toning - or tuning forks.

Lyndsey Watson is the founder and director of the River of Song Center for Vibrational Balance in Wrentham, MA ( She is a certified Level III SomaEnergetics™ practioner and instructor, and a certified SpiritSong™ teacher trained by Mary Elizabeth Wheeler and Shawna Carol. She has been in private practice, leading song circles and practicing spirit singing herself for ten years. Lyndsey is also an ordained minister and professional singer/songwriter (her CD VibraChant, utilizing the ancient frequencies, is available on her website.

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