Time for a Heart-ware Change

by Diana Harris
Intuitive Counselor, Medium and Teacher

What does it mean to Love? I pause a moment to reflect upon what Love means to me. I realize that my definition of it has evolved since the days of my youth. Thank goodness! I have discovered, along the way that Love is not an emotion that is trapped in the chest. It is more than a feeling - it is an awareness of ourselves and others. It is inclusive rather than exclusive. I think now that - Love is not fully Love until it is allowed to express itself. Love is action - an outward affirmation of God within Us. It has many faces - some are passionate, some may even be fierce, and others are soft in repose. Love comes in many forms but it only has one Heart. And, we have never been separate from it.

It seems ironic that we live in the era coined the "Information Age", yet we accept so much disinformation as truth. It is time for a collective "Heart-ware" change. I think that we have become confused, not by Love itself but by our vision of it. On subtle and not so subtle levels, we have been led to believe that the love portrayed in childhood fairy tales, in romance novels, or in the sensation driven dramas of TV and tabloids are real. With these as references for love, it is no wonder that many of us perceive ourselves as lacking, unlovable, alone, and/or not perfect enough. To add to this disconnect, the word Love has been relegated to mean almost anything - a crush, a happy feeling, a rush of desire, and a myriad of other emotions. Love has even been used as a weapon, an obligatory and empty statement of affection, and as a standard closing on a letter.

We want to know what Love is! Intuitively, all of us know that there is something more to it. Our Souls yearn for something deeper and more meaningful. We are a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - seeking the magic outside ourselves that never really left us. Dorothy, after quite a journey, made it home on her own with a bit of encouragement and faith. All of us are seekers searching for the Love that feels home. Like Dorothy, we will discover that Love has been here, all along. It is the wisdom of our Hearts, God, and our spiritual DNA.

We sometimes fail to recognize Love, as it comes in unfamiliar packaging and sometimes on unfamiliar ground. This Love asks us to know ourselves and to fully participate in the human experience to embrace the gifts and the lessons of the light and the shadow.

Carter Heyward in a Passion for Justice eloquently defines this higher octave of Love:

...Love is a choice - not simply, or necessarily, a rational choice, but rather a willingness to be present to others without pretense or guile. Love is a conversion to humanity - a willingness to participate with others in the healing of a broken world and broken lives. Love is the choice to experience life as a member of the human family, a partner in the Dance of Life, rather than as an alien in the world or as a deity above the world, aloof and apart from human flesh."

I admit that it is challenging to love the world in its current state of affairs, just as it is challenging to love unconditionally. Real Love means to love ourselves and others unsplit off from our frailties, flaws, and gifts. It takes a great deal of courage, honesty, understanding, and forgiveness to be present for that level of Loving. Are we ready to commit to Love in the higher octave? I believe so. We are already on the Path.

This piece by Diana was recently featured in the book compilation: "Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love" by Caroline Shearer, Feb 2011.

Diana Harris is a nationally recognized intuitive counselor, psychic medium, healer, and teacher. She is frequently sought for the accuracy of her intuitive services, mediumship abilities, and dynamic workshops. Diana has a deep connection to Mother Earth and works with her Wisdom Keepers. She travels throughout the US to conduct transformational workshops, speak at conferences, and offer mediumship or intuitive counseling. Ms. Harris reaches audiences worldwide through her writing and radio engagements. She is often a contributing writer to Wisdom Magazine, Spirit Side, Kinetics, Inspiration, and other holistic journals. Her short stories were most recently featured in the book, Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love. Diana is currently working on two new book projects. Learn more about her work at: sacredspiraldance.com and dianaharris.com

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