Why Money Is Elusive

by Anne Brewer
Author and Founder of InterLink

Many of you are focusing on removing toxic emotions from your physical and emotional body in an effort to eliminate unproductive behavior traits. You have learned the principles of creative visualization for manifestation, and you have arrived at understanding how to generate pure, positive thoughts and feelings in order to get what you want. However, money continues to elude some of you. You are perplexed because you know you have altered or expanded your limiting thoughts, and you live in a reality that you feel responsible for creating through the keen direction of your desires. Why, then, is the green material that buys abundance in twentieth century society so difficult to attain?

Unfortunately, despite your individual attempts to clear barriers to manifestation, you live in a group consciousness that carries several energy patterns that cause interference, thereby creating a circuitous effect that results in what is aptly termed "spinning your wheels." In order to align with the energy of money, you need to understand those patterns and clear them, because they are present in your field of consciousness even if you are not intentionally supporting them. Fortunately, once a substantial enough number of people clear these patterns, critical mass is reached and the conflicting program is successfully deleted from everyone's energy field.

Patterns Interfering with Manifesting Money

The three patterns that interfere with effortlessly attaining money are:

1. Money is the end result.

Prior to the creation of the paper money system (e.g., greenbacks, checks, commercial credit cards) which currently represents the vehicle for purchasing material goods, people manifested abundance by focusing on the end result. In other words, bountiful sustenance was often the result of goods and services that were bartered. This placed the focus of materialization on the necessary item, perhaps a bale of hay or a head of cattle or a new pair of shoes, without the intercession of an intermediary vehicle called money. People focused their desire on the item they needed rather than a vehicle they could exchange to obtain that item. Manifestation yielded more successful results for two reasons: 1) the desire remained strong and focused rather than diluted because it was directed toward the coveted item rather than an intermediary vehicle like money; and 2) there was a direct correlation between the activity of the individual and the item desired, that is, the activities that propelled the individual toward the desired item focused purely on that item rather than requiring activity to generate an interim item such as money which creates interference. When working with manifestation energy, it is very important to focus on the end result (desired item or situation) and not the vehicle (money).

2. Money is not spiritual.

This is a constant theme that runs through your social consciousness. You have been well-trained by your spiritual institutions to believe that enlightenment is attained by those free from material ties. This concept greatly assisted religious organizations who benefited from your wealth, convincing you to donate a percentage of your personal assets so the priests could perform their work for God, something you were told that a layperson such as yourself was not qualified to do. Even today, when you no longer are required to financially support the building of a Gothic or Romanesque church or Byzantine basilica in your community, there is an energy pattern or imprint that has formed on your subconscious due to past lifetime programming which reprimands you when you attempt to manifest for self-gain. Understand, those in charge of the money systems of the planet continue to support the concept that money is not spiritual because it is a very effective control device. If you feel unworthy of your creations, that is, manifestations, you will be blocked from generating wealth. When you live in a constant state of desire versus the realization of your desires, you are financially impotent. You want, but you never have. And, when you are rendered powerless, you are not an obstacle to those in control of the money system and what it generates for them. In other words, there is less for you and more for them! Contrary to popular belief, creation energy is spiritual. It is a spiritual act to create just like the Divine Creator created when using energy to manifest the universe and all its material gifts. Therefore, manifestation or creation is just about as close to the Divine Creator as you can get. It is time to change the program that says wealth runs contrary to spirituality.

3. Money = "can't have."

There is an unspoken energy that comes with every desire you manifest. It is based on the polarity principles of the planet that provide an opposite condition for every situation. The intent of polarity is to provide contrast so you can identify your desires. Once you have identified your desires, you are meant to create them. However, because every desire has a duality counterpoint (e.g., health/sickness; success/failure; wealth/poverty; and so forth), you resonate with the counterpoint at the same time that you resonate with the desire. Whether it was directly communicated to you or learned via observation, it became clear to you early in life that limitations (counterpoints) were present with every desire. Perhaps when you said you wanted to live in a mansion, your parents said you would never be able to afford it. Or, when you fancied yourself as an Olympic star, the statements made by the commentators regarding the stiffness of the competition gave you a realization of how few actually win a medal (much less get to the Olympics). You have a pattern that aligns "money" with its counterpoint, whether it be "lack" or "poverty" or "only available to the rich and lucky." Essentially, your subconscious runs a societal program that says "money = can't have." You must extract yourself from this polarity in order to manifest.

Reversing the Pattern of Lack

Identification is the first step toward adjusting the three patterns that limit your access to money. Once you understand how you have been programmed, you can alter the logic. Be sure when you manifest that you focus on the end result rather than going for the green. And, feel good about your level of spirituality when manifesting because you are fulfilling your role as a Creator in a physical realm that supports this form of creation. Finally, reverse the pattern of "lack" in your energy field by performing the following exercise:

  • Light an indigo candle with a dollar bill that has already been ignited on one end by a match or a lighter. Be sure to place a piece of foil or a cookie sheet under the candle, or place it in a Pyrex bowl on the stove to prevent any fire damage. If you cannot find an indigo candle, you can purchase two colors that would combine to make indigo and light both candles at the same time. Put the lit dollar bill in the bowl next to the candle, and allow it to finish burning.

  • (SAY THREE TIMES EACH:) "Creator of All Beings, Archangel Zadkiel from the Realm of Creative Visualization and Materialization, Gods and Goddesses of Manifestation, Angels of the Unification Energy for Planet Earth.

  • (SAY:) "I request the reversal of the following three energy imprints that I currently carry as described in the information I just read: 1) Money is the end result; 2) Money is not spiritual; 3) Money = can't have. I ask that you assist me in extracting from these patterns established in the group consciousness in order to align totally and completely with the true principles of manifestation as an act of creation. I also ask that you reverse any other imprints that block my manifestation abilities of which I might not be conscious. My intention is to use my manifestation to support Creator truth and represent the highest good of all. If I should deviate from this path, please intercede and gently remind me of my vow."

  • (INTONE THE FOLLOWING SACRED CHANT THREE TIMES:) "Shank taah uurrr shah (emphasis on the "uurrr")." These ancient tones align your manifestation energy with creation.

  • (SAY THREE TIMES:) "Thank you."

  • Let the candle burn until it is extinguished. If you are leaving the house or going to sleep, blow out the candle for safety reasons.

    By completing the described ritual, you have essentially extracted yourself from the mass consciousness thought forms that obstruct your manifestation skills. Keep yourself separate from that consciousness by focusing on your own manifestations. In other words, applaud your successes, both large (your dream house) and small (the perfect parking spot). Do not allow the observations of others to interfere with your new consciousness because, chances are, most will provide negative rather than positive input. In fact, we strongly advise you to keep your manifestation intentions to yourself since there are many naysayers that surround you. Minimize the negative input you receive from those who do not yet understand they are equally capable of creating what they want. This will enable you to move more quickly into your new reality, an expanded view of your new manifestation power.

    Anne Brewer helps her clients remove barriers to health, wealth, and happiness. She conducts seminars and private sessions on such topics as Finding Your Perfect Mate, Eliminating Obstacles to Prosperity, etc. Her client base extends internationally and her articles frequently appear in new age publications like The Sedona Journal of Emergence, Pathfinder, and The Edge. She wrote Power of Twelve, A New Approach to Personal Empowerment about her experience in expanding personal power by repatterning her genetic blueprint. Her second book, Breaking Free to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, 100's of Powerful Healing Processes, outlines many of the healing modalities she uses with her clients. Crystal Broadcasting, her most recent book, teaches a process about using crystal energy and sacred geometry to hold affirmations. Visit Anne's website at www.annebrewer.com.

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