Chakras and the Multidimensional Human

by Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje)
Sound Healer, Workshop Leader and Owner of

Believe it or not, we are all master magicians - skilled in the science of Thought-form and Reality Engineering ... it is our nature, it is who we are. The following composition will outline and provide insight into the innate human mechanism of alchemy, the assemblage known as the ‘Crown Chakra’.

The Sixth Chakra (Ajna)

Commonly known as ‘The Third-Eye,’ the sixth chakra is the governing center of consciousness. Within this dynamic spinning wheel of energy is found the applications needed to create a happy, healthy, rewarding life. The fully awakened ‘Ajna’ sits firmly within the seat of undifferentiated awareness. Here is the context wherein the dance of mind and body move in the rhythmic patterns of physical healing. To enter this portal we must find an instrument (a vehicle) that will help open the door to the comprehension and acknowledgment of our own self-worth. The chosen vehicle must resonate true and powerfully within you for the passageway is commonly littered with the causalities of life; the diminished bodies of inborn goodness, natural wisdom and self-love.

Within my personal model of reality, Tibetan Buddhism, and it’s associated sacred sound instruments, pave the path of awakening. It is most important to remember however that this is only one among many routes to understanding. Whatever method, practice, medium, system, philosophy or modality you choose, the seeds of self-realization planted will reanimate and restore these intricate qualities inherent within each of us - no matter how long they have laid dormant. This, in-turn, will simulate physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual reconnection.

Attributes of the 6th Chakra:
location; between eyebrows,
sacred geometry; 5 pointed star,
physical connection; pituitary gland,
planetary connection; our Moon,
gemstone connection; stones of truest blue (Sapphire, Lapis, Tanzanite),
metal; silver
color; Indigo
sound; ‘aum’, (C+)
physical awareness/character; union of male/female energies (Shiva/Shakti)

The sixth chakra is potent and critical yet merely one link on this daisy-chain of self-exploration. The next chakra is known as the ‘Soma’ Chakra where the nectar of transcendent understanding is pooled.

The SOMA Chakra

The SOMA Chakra is not as well known, veiled in the shadow of the ‘Third-Eye’, however positioned here are important and worthy distinctive forces.

The ‘Soma’ is also known as Amria Chakra - which means ‘the Nectar of the Crescent Moon’. This chakra provides the framework for the ‘A-KA-THA’ - the inverted triangle, symbol of feminine energy, and the great seat of Shiva & Parvati consciousness. This impelling energy represents the realization of our inherent animation to create, preserve and dissolve; the foundational embryos which lay dormant within the First (Root) Chakra.

The Shiva/Parvati union is the expression of three aspects of consciousness: ‘Knowing, Feeling & Doing’; the emanation of truth, beauty and goodness. The realization that these forms existing, within all expressions of life, is the expression of the highest state of living. To incorporate them into your life is the highest state of realization.

Symbolically, Shiva provides the stimulus to awaken the Shakti and draw her wisdom into union with him. When first awakened she is a furious serpent whose breath is fire. She proceeds upward from her nest within the root chakra via the path of ‘Sarasvati’ and soon the ego subsides. Sarasvati is the goddess of eloquence and transcendent-knowledge . She is depicted as a graceful woman, holding a lute (sound), a book (wisdom), a rosary (mantra prayer), a conch (pronouncement utterance). a bell (transience), a plow (cultivation) and a bow (determination). The fully awakened ‘Soma’ is the ultimate union of Shiva and Shakti within which non-dualistic realization is achieved. Such potency is pooled physically, within us, in the energetic union of two brain glands; pituitary and pineal. The pituitary governs the stuff of physical incarnation (method). The pineal establishing transcendent (spiritual) awareness/awakening (wisdom).

Attributes of the Soma Chakra:
body location; middle of forehead,
sacred geometry; inverted triangle,
physical connection; pineal gland,
planetary connection; the Moon,
gemstone connection; diamond
metal; silver
color; white
sound; ‘aum’,
physical awareness/character; union of male/female energies (Shiva/Shakti) within the spiritual plane.

The Soma creates a underpinning for the powerful thousand petaled ‘Sahasrara’ (7th) Chakra.

The Seventh Chakra

The Seventh Chakra is ‘The dwelling place without support - the void.’ The seventh chakra completes the ‘Crown’ chakra triad matrix and is comprised of physical, mental and spiritual energetic characters. When these components are fully awakened they co-mingle and merge, dancing in Tantric harmony, until separation is no longer apparent. Planes of conscious awareness reaches immortality level; all action stops and non-dualistic balance is achieved. Within this state of unconscious consciousness, known as ‘Samadhi’, the complete being is unified and liberated from the illusion of an individual self. Once the ‘Crown’ has been fully wakened it can no longer return to dormancy. The ego loses it’s exclusive stronghold on the mind and is replaced with the compassion and wisdom found within the knowledge of ‘oneness with all life’. In turn, such understanding naturally provides a context where joy, harmony and serenity can be experienced and expressed freely.

Techniques to stimulate this chakra vary but are common within spiritual practice; (meditation, reflection, fasting, yoga, tai chi, sacred sound, ...). Whatever path you choose it is essential to remain emotionally stable and energetically grounded. This center of spiritual connection, the ‘Sahasrara’ chakra, must be allowed to open naturally. When you are prepared to except this part of self it will bloom spontaneously.

Attributes of the Crown ‘Sahasrara’ Chakra:
body location; top of cranium,
sacred geometry; a lotus whose petals are fully opened,
planetary connection; Universal,
gemstone connection; violet colored (ie. amethyst or alexandrite),
metal; platinum,
color; violet
sound; ‘aum’ (the universal cord),
astrological association; Aquarius,

The Eighth Chakra (transpersonal)

Enter the realm of transcendence and the consequence of descriptive conundrum. Any word, concept, diagram or reality used to describe this state of realization will ultimately diminish it’s understanding. How does one portray the unseen, the beyond experience, the non-phenomenon? It can only be defined in approximate terms which are fundamentally that-which-it-is-not. All human understanding is predicated on the existence of ‘other’. A point, a consciousness, an experience or existence, can only be known within a relative counterpoint. Without this point of reference not even ‘nothing’ can be.

For a Being to willingly step into such an undefinable realm is the utmost ‘leap of faith’, yet it is just such a step that provides freedom from the suffering of our current immortal predicament of life, death and rebirth.

The conscious mind, and its attached physical/spiritual components, falls into six categories. A Being’s current point of departure on the path of uttermost recognition (transcendence) is depend on where his/her reality dwells:

Hell-Being, someone living in a torturous reality;

Hungry Ghost, a being that is greatly confused and can not fill the emptiness which they carry inside;

Animals, or beings not processing human self awareness, a diffused self;

Human, just enough identity to question existence and understand suffering;

Titans, powerful beings in a constant state of flux, and dissatisfaction;

Gods, a blissful experience within the perimeters of phenomena, (within the realm of suffering).

Debarkation onto the path of transcendence, (leading to the transpersonal, non-dualistic domain of Enlightenment), can therefore be launched from within the emotional states associated with these six territories of existence; destruction (death, guilt, shame), entrapment (desire, lust, fear), release (courage, trust), transformation (acceptance, harmony), revelation (unconditional love) or transfiguration (joy).

Recognize that these states are not experienced exclusive to one another, but are often visited within simultaneous moments.

No matter where we start on this sublime journey the character of the path is elementally the same; the natural unfolding of the Eight Fold Elemental Flow:

Earth Element; here the edges of our conscience are hard and well defined. Life is viewed through the veils of fear and frustration.

As awareness matures this view melts into Water Element; fluid patterns of opportunity and trust intertwine with experience.

As water dissolves the Fire Element ascends and knowingness, without sensory impute, surfaces.

This in turn merges into Wind Element were energetic packets of boundless compassion take flight and fuses with Luminous Element a realm of vastness devoid of matter.

Within this plot of awareness is realized harmonious interconnected and inexhaustible love. Even this state of bless must evolve and disintegrate into Radiance. This is the province of perfection, oneness, spear energy which disappears into Dark Light. Description no longer applies as conscience of Self ends, exhausted of time/space possibilities. Only the most accomplished spiritual pilgrims touch this non-place but once touched vanishes into Transparency; The Buddha Mind.

This is our collective destiny, the pure land we can only catch glimpses of from our time/space learning tree, but from where we have come and to were we are surely evolving to.

Richard Rudis, (Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, in Asia as well as the States, for over twenty five years and is a American practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism. When in Tibet in 1996 he was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa and was given the Tibetan name Sonam Dorje; (Meritorious Thunderbolt). He has been teaching Dharma/Vibrational healing workshops with the Himalayan (Buddhist) Sacred Sound Instruments and their healing potential across the US for over twelve years and is considered most knowledgeable in this esoteric field. As the owner of the Illuminarium and, (retail locations specializing in Sacred Eastern Artifacts and Dharma teachings), he represents the artifacts of many Tibetan/Buddhist Lamas and communities. He holds degrees in Fine Arts and English from Stateside universities. He is a recognized photographic artist having studied with notables in the field; Paul Capreonegro, William Parker and Ansel Adams. He has taught the “Zen of Photography” at University level, and has been guess lecturer at various schools across New England.

Visit his website at for a current listing of Buddhist and Hindu artifacts (ancient and contemporary). Also visit the newest website at for current availability of ancient, sacred Himalayan healing instruments. When in San Diego, Ca. visit the Shi-Ho Gallery at 2002 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar and view museum quality Himalayan statuary. To receive the Dharma oriented newsletter, Dharma Tapestry, (which includes scheduled events & special offers), email (place Dharma Tapestry in subject line).

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