Seeking, Asking and Knocking:
Steps To the Higher Self

by JoyBeth / Author, Counselor and Spiritual Healer

"Seek and you will find.
Ask and you will receive.
Knock and the door will be opened."

I heard these three sentences a lot when I was a child. In my child's mind, "Seek and you will find" worked fairly well when I had to find something I'd lost. "Ask and you will receive" didn't tend to work, especially if I asked for something expensive. "Knock and the door will be opened" didn't make much sense to me, but I kept trying it anyway. Sometimes the doors would open and sometimes not, but even if the door did open and a person appeared, I didn't know what was suppose to happen next.

As I grew older and began earnestly trying to figure out what life was really about, these three sentences fascinated me. Somewhere deep inside, I felt that they had a ring of truth about them. So, I began experimenting with SEEKING, ASKING AND KNOCKING. I found out that the process of seeking, asking, and knocking required several things from me. I had to have at least an idea about what I wanted and the clearer I was about what I wanted the more likely it was to become real.

Another thing I learned was that in seeking, asking and knocking, DOING became real important in achieving the results. I couldn't just scream out my wants to the Universe and then become a couch potato. I had to pick up and follow through on the clues given me about how to manifest my desire. In addition, I discovered that the more selfish my need was the harder I had to work to make it come true. If I used anger or resentment in order to motivate me, I'd often end up in the middle of a frustrating mess. If I sought, asked and knocked out of love for others and myself, then the results would often come quicker and better than I had originally thought they might. I also grew to understand that I had better be ready to accept the results and all the changes that naturally come. When I'd seek, ask and knock from desires that were just passing or not thoroughly thought through, I'd be unprepared to integrate the results into my life.

Along the way, I learned that "Seek, Ask, and Knock" were indeed Universal Laws to be utilized in our Earthly lives. At about the same time, I discovered that these laws did indeed work consistently if I sought, asked, and knocked with faith while listening to the spirit or Soul within. My "lower personality" really isn't as knowledgeable as my "Higher Self." I could manifest what I needed by listening to my Soul's guidance and then following through with "doing" on the physical and mental levels.

These are the activities I learned to do in order to allow Seeking, Asking and Knocking to help me achieve what I need to during my journey here on Earth:

1. "Seek and you will find" - I become aware of an idea or desire that comes to my conscious mind, get quiet, relaxed and ask myself, "Where does this idea come from? What does it mean for me and my world?" I listen and watch for information and understandings. I then pray that this idea will be developed for my highest good. I work through any negative reasons involved in my desires and channel my energies into reasons that feel good and make sense in my life as a whole. I remain open to all images, thoughts and feelings that then arise. Sometimes I utilize right brain activities such as brainstorming, free association, and dreamwork as I explore my idea or desire. Always, I look at the essence behind the desire and seek to clarify my intention and motivation. If I want added financial income, then the essence may be that I really am desiring material freedom to be and express myself without financial limitations. If I can get and maintain a high level of enthusiasm for my desire, I am ready for the next step.

2. "Ask and you will receive" - In this stage, I focus on picturing and wording my idea or desire in a way that is clear as to what I want, leaving the details of how it comes into my life to the Higher Energies. I might make a collage or draw what represents my desire, journal about what I want, sing and dance my intentions, and practice affirmations while doing a variety of things that put my idea or desire out into my life and the Universe. Asking includes using prayer and meditation to remain connected with the clarity and positive intent of my Higher Self.

If I stumble upon any doubts and fears, I release them reworking the misbeliefs that keep me feeling limited or unworthy.

3. "Knock and the door will be opened" - Here I wait, watch and listen for information and help that may come through a variety of ways. When I feel and see a clear direction, I'll "knock" by doing what I'm guided to do. I've grown to understand that if I am following The Divine Source's guidance, then my way will be relatively smooth. If I'm trying to control the situations based on lower self-expectations, then I often seem to "run up against a brick wall." I find that inner guidance provides me far more choices and creative ways to get things done than just my rational mind. I keep tuning inward to receive the knowledge of new doors to knock upon using my outward abilities available to follow through.

While some details and activities I am guided to do in cocreating my life will often be as different as the situations themselves, I find the steps of "Seeking, Asking and Knocking" are absolutely essential to living my life in joy and success.

Copyright JoyBeth 2001

JoyBeth has served as a counselor, educator, spiritual healer, mystic and metaphysician with both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. She is a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality Candidate. She has published two companion books, Beyond Belief Into Knowing: My Soul's Journey and A Soul's Delight: Your Step-By-Step Higher Self Integration Journey through Trafford Publishing. These two books together, through her autobiographical stories and explanations and the how-to book concepts, resources, and practical activities, speak to our human condition and the need for SoulWork. As a joyfully passionate lover of the multisensory and multidimensional life Soul Awareness allows us to fully participate in, she is dedicated to Soul Consciousness and Evolution and Soul Attunement through The Higher Self Integration Process. She can be contacted through

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