Alternatives To Vaccinations

by Keith Post, ND
Naturopathic Physician And Massage Therapist

Epidemiological studies and graphs prove that all of the current vaccines were introduced at the point where the incidence and severity of the various infectious epidemics were already declining. Many researchers attribute these declines as being due to the disease running its' natural course, increased cleanliness in cities and hospitals and increased awareness of the vectors of spread. Propaganda by the media and public health authorities, fueled by the financial backing of drug companies, continues to give vaccination programs the bulk of the credit, while vaccines continue to wreak havoc.

Approximately 4 million children in the U.S. are vaccinated each year. Of these, approximately 10,000 adverse reactions are reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. About 15 percent of these are serious enough to result in hospitalization, life-threatening illnesses, permanent neurological damage or death. There is even information emerging that vaccinations can make recipients more susceptible to developing cancer later in life. One researcher has yet to find a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person! And, it will astound you to know that there have never been any long-term controlled studies of any vaccine published in any of the world's medical journals.

Here are some special notes for parents. In the State of Oregon, when registering your child at school, you will be asked to complete a CIS form. On this form, there are places to claim a medical exemption, which needs to be signed by a physician, or a religious exemption. After this, your child will not be given the usual vaccines, but there is always the possibility that the state public health office will ask that unvaccinated children stay home during an epidemic. You can also request the safer Pertussis-free DT vaccine, as opposed to the standard DPT vaccine.

Secondly, if you have a child whom you believe has suffered permanent neurological damage, you do have legal recourse. In 1986, Congress established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, due to the wave of lawsuits that were flooding the courts. Please note that claims must be made within three years of the first appearance of symptoms or within two years of death. Also, if you accept the reward, you will lose any right to sue the manufacturer of the vaccine. For more information, contact an attorney who is familiar with filing such claims.

Finally, once you know what is contained in the vaccines, you will probably never allow it to be given to your children. Besides the viral or bacterial DNA or RNA that encourages antibody formation, adjuvants and fillers may include:
  • Aborted human fetal tissue
  • Dead animal tissues, such as chicken embryo, rabbit brain and dog or monkey kidney
  • Pig, horse or calf blood
  • Toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde (think embalming fluid) or phenol
  • Antibiotics and yeast (think Candidiasis)
  • Toxic heavy metal compounds made out of aluminum or mercury. The mercury compound is called thimerosal and is the subject of current litigation, because many parents and researchers link it to the alarming increase in post-vaccination autism.
  • Then, there is the question as to how well vaccinations actually work. Just recently, I received a communicable disease summary from the State of Oregon's public health office. Apparently, over the past two years, a small epidemic of pertussis or "whooping cough," as most know it by has been occurring. Summaries can be read online at:

    Quoting from the issue dated June 15, 2004: "Surpassing a 25-year high in 2002, Oregon had a 40-year high in the number of Pertussis cases reported; nationally, Oregon had the fourth highest incidence, with a rate 3.5 times the national average. Despite increasing immunization rates in Oregon children, pertussis holds the dubious distinction of being the only vaccine-preventable disease increasing in reported incidence." (1)

    I wonder why. Could it be that vaccines really don't work all that well? It might interest you to know that only one European country still routinely vaccinates against Pertussis, as it is notorious for its' tendency to fail and to cause severe side effects.

    For further information on the subject of vaccines, go to:
    See also graphs at

    Homeopathic Immunizations

    Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was introduced by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 based on the "law of similars" or the principle that "like cures like." It is non-suppressive in nature, encouraging the body to increase its' immune function in specific directions, rather attempting to suppress various symptoms of disease. So, by giving a very small amount of a potentized substance that would normally cause a condition, the body's innate immune system reacts by healing the condition.

    Vaccinations and allergy shots also work on this principle, however the difference is with the amount of morbific material used and the toxic substances accompanying them. Consider this: homeopathic preparations are so incredibly dilute that no traces of the remedy are visible to the naked eye under a standard microscope. As such, they do not always lead to an antibody formation in the blood, which is why they are criticized by some that don't know history as being ineffective or inferior. It is important to note, however, that antibody formation is not essential for the protective effects. We can't see it, but we know it woks.

    Since its inception over 200 years ago, homeopathic medicine has been used to successfully prevent and/or treat many of the plagues of infectious disease which have swept Europe, India and the United States, especially in the late 1800s. When given prophylactically, the incidence of contracting a disease was far less, symptoms tended to be much milder and mortality rates were much lower than in those people treated using suppressive medicines. In fact, homeopathic immunizations, although not officially called that at the time, were already being practiced by many physicians before the advent of vaccination programs.

    Here are some more recent examples. During the 1957 polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, the remedy Lathyrus sativa was given to protect thousands of people. Of those, not one case of polio was reported. (2) Also, between 1956 and 1961, Lathyrus was given prophylactically to 50,000 people worldwide. Of these thousands, only one case developed non-paralytic polio. No cases of paralytic polio were reported. (3)

    Isaac Golden is an Australian physician and world authority on homeoprophylaxis, the use of homeopathic medicines for specific disease prevention. He has been teaching homeopathy since 1990 and has written eight books on the subject. Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, now in its' fifth edition, contains the documentation of the results of a ten year study designed by the author involving 1305 respondents. Questionnaires were sent out each year to the parents of children receiving homeopathic immunizations. (4)

    Side effects from the homeopathic immunizations were found to occur in an average of 10% of those treated and were all mild in nature, since there are actually no toxic substances present in the remedies. Practitioners usually refer to side effects of this nature as a "healing crisis", which in the case of an infant, would actually be of a miasmatic or inherited origin.

    A common example of a "healing crisis" would be that of the common cold. You have no fears, as you sense that the body is simply "cleaning house," so to speak. In fact, after the cold had ended, people usually notice that their senses feel more alive. This is because the excess mucous load has been relieved.

    In Golden's study, there was an overall 2% failure rate (or a 98% success rate). This included all children, those who were exposed to a disease and those who were not. A more indicative statistic is that for those who were actually exposed to a disease, there was an 11% failure rate (or 89% success rate) and the symptoms were quite mild. This actually compares quite favorably with vaccination statistics. (4)

    This book and others on similar topics are available through The Minimum Price Homeopathic Books ( or Homeopathic Educational Services (

    Here is the protocol that I employ when giving homeopathic immunizations. In order to err on the side of caution, I dispense one remedy at a time, with one dose given every two weeks for a total of three doses per remedy. The entire course of seven remedies requires about 42 weeks and can be started at any age or it can be spread out over the first five years of life. All doses are administered orally.

    Maintaining a healthy immune system

    Probably the most important factor in staying healthy is to maintain a healthy immune system through positive dietary and lifestyle choices. This means avoiding junk food diets, getting enough restful sleep, sharing a positive mental attitude, adopting a harmonious, low stress lifestyle and manifesting your life's purpose. Then, when an epidemic comes along, your immune system is able to deal with it.

    Years ago, in some parts of the country, when one child came down with the measles, parents would host a neighborhood slumber party, so all of the children of that age group could experience and be done with the measles. The children would then have lifelong immunity with no ill after-effects. Somehow, with all of our science and technology, we have gone a long ways away from natural, wholesome living. Our view of the world is a fearful one, where there is always a "war" being waged against some disease or other. Is that really progress?


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    Keith Post, ND, LMT is a board-licensed naturopathic physician and massage therapist in SW Portland. You can reach him at (503) 244-5708 and/or request his monthly newsletter at All of his writings and other useful information are archived at

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