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Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

Sacred Geometry is the key to understanding the way the universe is designed. Called the language of light and science of compassion, its images and shapes are embedded in DNA, mandalas, pyramids, crystals and well, everything. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or Yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. Now the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck introduces an entirely new way for you to gain access to this wisdom and unlock its power.

128 page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards in a beautifully boxed set.
ISBN 1-879181-73-8 $35.00

Category:Spiritual - Art
Price: $35.00
Member:Francene Hart
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Shipping: $10
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Size: 128 pages
Weight: 2.0 lbs.

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