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Hypnosis 101 Behavior Modifcation

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Hypnosis 101 :

HYPNOSIS 101, International Association of Counselors and Therapist Certification Training program. Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy has been Providing Hypnosis Training and Services since 1996. MIH provides Basic and Advance training and certification for hypnotist/hypnotherapist. CEUs KSBN SP 1049-1009 and several other Hypnosis Professional Associations. This is an Intensive training program designed for the individual that desires to develop a private practice in hypnosis. The focus of the class is behavior modification and is the beginning level of training for the individual. Advance Training and support is also provided though Monthly chapter meetings and Monthly "HOW TO" Workshops and a Mid American Conference on June 14, 2008. Please go to the MIH website for more detail, www.hypnosismo.com
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