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Applied Kinesiology Schools
InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching Webinar
Jun 01 to Dec 29, 2018
Are you a coach looking to add a power to your toolkit or do you want coaching certification?

InnerSpeak is a tool that gives you the ability to shift your reality by removing the old beliefs, fears, programming and misconceptions that keep you stuck in a place where you have to settle for less than you deserve. While I offer private sessions to clear these blocks, you get much more for your time and money if you learn this process for yourself!

Once you are confident with clearing your own blocks, you are ready to create a profitable coaching business by assisting others to do the same!

This is an all-inclusive certification package that includes:

Four ninty minute online training classes in the InnerSpeak Method
InnerSpeak binder to hold all your materials
Business Accelleration Tactics
BONUS – my books and meditation downloads
BONUS - 3 private practice sessions with me
At the conclusion of this online series you will be able to conduct InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching sessions on yourself and others. You can create your own coaching business or add this tool to your existing one. Certificate of completion is provided.

Email me - Jean@JeanAdrienne.com for more information or to register

Time 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Home Study with One-on -One Support
Cost $555
Location Webinar
Tallahassee FL
URL View WebSite
Contact Jean Adrienne- 404-934-0714 www.inner-speak.com/classes.php


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