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Chakra Balancing
Sep 18 to 19, 2019
Understanding and Balancing Chakras with Touch Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound, Aromatherapy, Visualization. (WORKSHOP)

Time: 11:00AM – 4:00PM
Fees: $75 Registration and non-refundable Deposit required
to book and pay online go to: www.TheReikiHealingCenter.com
All fees must be paid before or on the day of training. Cash, check, paypal
Preregistration required

Place: The Reiki Healing Center
www.TheReikiHealingCenter.com barbara.carlton111@gmail.com
phone: 585-349-3400 or 607-522-4568

Chakras are energy centers that are responsible for energy metabolism and are transfer points for our thoughts and emotions. Chakras affect the physical functioning of our endocrine glands and vital organs. The chakra activity affects our physical and mental state; when we are balanced we feel happy and well, and so achieving maximum vitality and health.

Daily stress results in our chakras becoming imbalanced and that results in physical and emotional weakness, disorders or diseases.

Barbara teaches you how you can heal by balancing chakras with Energy Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound, and Visualization.

We will be doing a Chakra meditation and instruction on how to balance chakras. Practice time is included for giving treatments, using Touch Therapy, Crystals, Color, Light, Sound (using tuning forks), and Visualization.

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Carlton, Rev. is a renowned Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master and Teacher Registration #84288, treating and teaching since 2002 and affiliated with The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP). Qualified Kundalini Reiki Master, Seichim Master, IET Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Color, Sound and Light Therapist. Barbara uses various techniques including Brain Gymnastics, Priesthood Symbols, and Shambhala Middle Pillar Healing Techniques. Barbara is also certified as a SSPT (REM)Practitioner, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Laser Acupuncture and Quantum Warp (LLLT) Low Level Laser Therapy.

Barbara also certified as: ‘Advanced Healer in Energy Therapies’ with Kathy Greene, Tonawanda, NY (Crystal and Gem Healing, Theta Healing, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Self Healing, Pendulum Healing, Archangel Michael (cutting of cords), Use of Intuition and neutralizing core disturbance, Re- connection of Soul Fragments, Vortex Healing, Color Healing, Introduction into Medical Chi Kung, Stone Healings and Placements, Use of healing tools in Advanced Healing Techniques.

The Reiki Healing Center & Lemuria Gift Store, www.TheReikiHealingCenter.com barbara.carlton111@gmail.com

Time 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
2 evenings
Ticket 65
Location The Reiki Healing Center, Sarah Anne,56 Fielding Rd
Rochester, NY
URL View WebSite
Contact barbara.carlton111@gmail.com 585-349-3400


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