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Healing Products
Class: Rings of Oden - Module 1 of 3
Oct 19, 2019
Rings of Oden, MODULE 1 of 3: Empowered Healing with Net-Neutral Ionic Technology In Module 1, participants learn the history behind the creation of the Rings, experience single, multiple and sacred geometric patterns for self-healing with the Rings of Oden, and learn to utilize the Rings for increasing their healing potential working on others.

Experience configurations to enhance mental clarity, endocrine and chakra balance, immune system function, cleanse and strengthen the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, enhance intuition/3rd Eye, reduce stress and relax muscles, and much more.

Unleash the power of this versatile, multi-dimensional new energy source! Presented by Founders Sue and Aaron Singleton. 7.2 contact hours

NOTE: Module 1 is prerequisite for Modules 2 and 3.

ABOUT The Rings of Oden Net-Neutral Ionic Technology
The Medicine of the Future is Here!
What is Net-Neutral Ionic Energy? How does this revolutionary new technology work? Neutral Ionic Healing Products are a collection of carrier tools for Net-Neutral Ionic Energy. Energy is embedded into each carrier tool by the exclusive EOL Neutral Ion Generator Device (IG-N), a light energy generator, which converts positive and negative ions into a stream of particles in which each particle has both positive and negative ionic potential (net-neutral particles).

Light resonance is accelerated and amplified, and attuned to specific frequencies that create a new energy vibration that was previously unknown. Darkness, or illness, is primarily the absence or distortion of light or inadequate energy vibrational frequencies. The ionic energy converts and focuses light into motion, which resonates the subatomic particles of mass, thereby weakening the magnetic field that holds together the structure of the atom. The body's Inner Knowing takes either the positive or negative charge it needs for healing, and discharges the rest.

The Rings of Oden combine Sacred Geometry, DNA Re-Patterning, Crop Circles, and Cell Microbiology concepts as part of a revolutionary technology, "Net-Neutral Ionic Energy". Their energy vortex opens stuck areas, increasing light resonance in the body. This causes denser, "stuck" areas to open and flow normally. The spiraling vortex of energy created by the Rings is very powerful, and adaptable to numerous healing applications for both practitioners and laypeople. Multiple Ring configurations are placed in specific Sacred Geometry formations that create frequencies to release viruses, solvents, balance the endocrine system, re-create the energies of sacred temples and sites, etc. Hundreds of configurations are detailed and organized into chapters on emotional healing, releasing illness residues, specific toxins, general physical health applications, chakra and endocrine healing and balancing, working with color, meditations, sacred sites, karmic clearing, light-body transition, and much more.

Time 09:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Ticket 85
Location 21 Water Street
Amesbury, MA
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Contact Call our administrative office at (978) 834-0341 or email Info@TheWayToBalance.com


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