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Casting A Light On Affordable Supplements
How To Avoid Over Priced Herbal Supplements

- Tuesday, August 10th 2004 - More and more, we are being bombarded by TV, radio and prints ads touting a score of new products all boasting the title "All Natural" or the ever popular "All Organic". Unfortunately for many, the price that accompanies these products is rather unnatural. Mark-ups as high as 500% are standard.

The rise in mark up becomes even more pronounced when you look at products sold through the ever-popular Network Marketing companies. By playing to people's fear of disease and their desire to 'get rich quick' these companies enroll thousands of people to buy and consume the 'latest discovery'. In many cases these products are little more than proprietary blends of herbal formulas that have been used for centuries.

So, how does the consumer guard against over-priced, over-stated claims for simple herbal supplements. The answer is easier than one would think - a simple search on the Internet can lead you to dozens of sites with information concerning inexpensive alternatives to highly advertised (meaning expensive)products.

You can also get answers to your questions by contacting a trained herbalist. They can guide you to exactly what you may need. Avoid getting your advice from the clerk at your local health food store, however. For the most part they're not trained as herbalists, but they are trained in product sales.

Don't trust either of these methods? Okay here's one you might like to try...find out what's in these products, go to a herbal or health food store and buy the ingredients yourself. For the cost of one bottle of these products you can usually get a couple of pounds of the bulk herbs and make the stuff up yourself.

Don't worry - the proprietary blend police won't break down your door. Unless you're going to sell the stuff commercially, you can recreate any product out there. Just be careful if you use this method...some herbs can have harmful interactions so do your homework before you set that lab up in your kitchen. For more information on this or other herbal topics visit or send your e-mail to

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