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Las Vegas, NV - Monday, December 29th 2008 - Ellizebeth has worked as a Psychic/guide and counselor for most of her life. It always seemed to come naturally. As a child I already new things weren't as we saw them. I have been through many woes in life but have been given the gift to help others not have to go through all of the negativity that life seems offer. There is an answer to why we only really see and remember the bad stuff I have learned to live from the positive viewpoint of life and offer the way and means to see the same perspective to others.

Life does seem like a jungle at times. but it really is the Adventure Of Your Life. I offer assistance in Learning how to begin the adventure. No longer will you wonder which path to take or how to get out of the heat. It all begins with how we look at things and see them. When in the jungle we get so caught up in the vines that block our path we forget how to cut through them and forget that we can choose a different path. The heat that drains us is what gives us our motivation to move to a cooler calmer place.

My mission is to show everyone who is brought to me that your dreams and heart's desire really can come true. I have the key and will teach you how to get there. BEGIN THE ADVENTURE CALL: 702-896-7195

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More than 25 years of experience in Clairvoyant Readings/tarot
Reiki Master, Certified Life Purpose Consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister and spiritual counselor.

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It May look like a Jungle out there but it is really the Adventure Of Your Life!

I'll show you how to have a smile on your face and begin this positive adventure! Serving the community of spiritual seekers for more than 25 years. Profound Clairvoyant/psychic readings, Past, present and future, business, career and words from those that have past and gone on to the other side. Connecting your numerology and astrology to your readings.
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Hypnosis for removing what blocks you from having the sucessful happy life you desire!
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