Ms. Solaris BlueRaven Press Information
Eye of the Remote Areas Beyond 52
Transmissions From a Dying Planet with Adam GoRightly, Interview with Solaris BlueRaven pertaining to Remote projects in covert technology, Mk Ultra,Electronic Harassment,parties involved.

Global - Tuesday, March 23rd 2010 -

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Ms. Solaris BlueRaven

Boulder, Colorado
United States
Adam GoRightly,Vysgoth

About Ms. Solaris BlueRaven :
Solaris BlueRaven is a genuine Multidimensional psychic, multi-universal translater,RV,MT Healer,clairvoyant,clairaudient,clairsentient being and Craft HPS.

Solaris is a systems buster for Mk Ultra related projects. She has been a test pilot for Artificial Telepathy and Artificial Intelligence programs. She is a Public Speaker on Ascension, Covert Technology and a published Author. She has worked in the field of map making and surveillance.

For more information on psychotronic mk ultra oriented projects see her YouTube channel Medusastorm001 or listen to her radio shows Hyperspace on the Dark Matter Digital Network or Ravenstar's Witching Hour on Ms. BlueRaven is a certified Black Belt instructor.