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The Song of The Healing Crystal Bowls

Gardena - Friday, November 18th 2005 - Jay S Schwed


The Song of The Healing Crystal Bowls

In the ancient lands of Atlantis, the healers travelled from door to door with a 'healing' Crystal Bowl called the Faience Bowl. It was tuned to the note of F# for the high heart. The ancients believed that the way to facilitate healing is by opening the high heart that connects the hearts of all beings. Today we refer to this as the Thymus Gland, the center for your immunity system,.

Jays performance/presentation features a replica of the ancient Faience Bowl along with a colorful variety of 13 other 'singing' Crystal Bowls and 5 Tibetan Bowls. To add to this sound/vibration experience Jay includes 'sound infused' aromatherapy mists, (sprayed intermittantly) to stimulate the sense of smell and magical morphing lights that are placed inside of the bowls to create an incredible visual experience.

This is an incredible journey that has been presented throughout the Western United States in a variety of churches, healing centers and yoga studios. Jay has also given presentations at recovery centers, for autistic children, people with ADHD, people with bipolar disorder and a wide variety of locations. The effects of the sound is incredible.

Jay has been a health care practitioner since the early 80's with specialties in Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki.

November 19th @7:30PM

Crystal Dreams Spiritual Growth and Healing Center

2913 W 156th Street

Gardena, CA

For more information please call 1-310-516-0727

Please remember to bring your favorite pillow, blanket and floor mat to lay on, as this is best experienced laying on the floor in a circle around Jay. There will also be chairs to sit on.

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