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Hypnotherapy can help you eliminate those 'bad habits'

The Brampton Guardian, - Wednesday, February 02nd 2005 - Hypnotherapy can help you eliminate those 'bad habits'

IVONA ZAGER, Special to The Guardian

It's that time of the year when many of us are getting ready for those New Year's resolutions. Well, for some it might just feel like a heavily-loaded carriage that you are going to harness yourself to, and just pull it for as long as you can. That in most cases would be a few days, sometimes couple of weeks. After that, it usually ends on a sidetrack and waits for the next New Year.

So, what is wrong with good intentions, will power, and knowing a lot about what to do, and what not to do in order to be healthy, happy, and prosperous? Nothing. It is like making a floral arrangement from cut flowers: You may be able to find that ideal balance of color, shape, texture, weight, light, and scent, and then enjoy its beauty for a few days. But if you want it to last, you just have to recognize that a root is an integral part of a plant, and you cannot cut it off, and expect the plant to live.

The same is true for somebody's good intentions, will power, and wisdom: They need to be rooted and nourished from the vast resources of the subconscious mind. With hypnosis, you can access these resources, and turn your New Year's resolutions into lasting achievements.

We are unaware of most of the happenings within our body, and mind. They are being run with astounding speed, complexity, and intelligence. But, aren't we, at some level, the very authors of all of that? We can't do it by will (consciously), but we do it automatically, subconsciously, at ease.

Many automatic behaviours, like walking, driving, or smoking, are first being formed through controlled repetitions. Once they are mastered, we let them become automatic, to free our conscious capabilities for other tasks. That is the plus side. The bad news is automatic (habitual) behaviours are very hard to change by conscious efforts. This is simply because a new, forming behaviour just cannot compete in strength with a habitual one. Fortunately, there are ways to introduce a new behaviour directly into the subconscious mind, and in such a way challenge a bad habit with adequate strength.

That is why with hypnotherapy it is so much easier to quit smoking, lose weight, stop biting nails, or get rid of any other bad habit.

Not only habits become rigid. Many of our convictions and attitudes, once formed, seem to live lives of their own, hardly influenced by new experience or information. Sometimes it is to our advantage, but when that is not the case, proper intervention can bring a lot of relief and healing.

A good hypnotherapist would help you recognize the culprits, and then would take you through a process of replacing the damaging attitudes with ones that you can benefit from.

Many people just hope that with the New Year, their fear, depression, feeling of emptiness, attachment to a relationship that ended, or whatever hurts, that it just will go away.

Time is a great healer, but slow. With hypnotherapy those states and emotions can be addressed much faster.

The subconscious mind stores all memories. With hypnosis, it is possible to go "back in time" to the situation where the negative state started, to become aware of the source of the problem in a controlled way, and then apply proper therapeutic intervention.

All of the above was hypnotherapy for trouble shooting, but there is more to it. If for your New Year's resolutions you are coming up with something like "I am going to become a golf pro", or "I am going to live life to the fullest", or "I am going to tone my muscles and shape my body" with a little hypnotic exercise it can get within your reach so much easier; because it is always easier to do something, when you have done it before.

With hypnosis, you can experience things before you actually do them in reality for the very first time, with the advantage of an absolutely perfect experience.

Thank you for participating in this very short introduction to hypnotherapy.

You can learn more and experience hypnosis, by participating in Tuesday night workshops at the Counseling Hypnotherapy Center, 10 George Street North, which are being held to celebrate upcoming on Jan. 4, 2005 the annual Hypnosis Day Worldwide.

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Article submitted by Ivona Zager, M.A., C.Ht., OACCPP. Counseling Hypnotherapy Center.

The Brampton Guardian, - Wednesday, February 02nd 2005 - IVONA ZAGER, M.A., C.Ht., OACCPP, Counseling Hypnotherapy Center

The complex reaction of an organism which switches to a higher gear in response to an actual or anticipated higher demand for resources is called stress. We need to address all those more demanding situations, so we do need stress.

A problem arises when stress lasts too long without an opportunity for regeneration of all participating systems. Replenishing of the resources takes place when we relax or sleep, and when the body is being supplied with all the needed nutrients.

With our demanding lives, in order to secure adequate time for rest, we have to be truly wise about responding to stress. The ideal situation would be if one could produce just the right stress level, and only when needed.

At the very center of a person's stress response system is their ability to tolerate uncertainty. We just never are in the position to know for sure what is going to happen. Many people respond to it with anxiety, or generic stress; just unspecified readiness for some action. Such a state keeps exhausting their bodies and minds.

Self-confidence is a great helper in tolerating uncertainty. People who trust their ability to handle situations will not raise their stress level in anticipation, but only in the actual situation.

Being self-confident is not about being sure that everything is always going to turn out the way you want. A person's reality is built up of informed guesses; his/her future lies all in the domain of possibilities. Concluding here that it is a human thing to err is just redundant (So if you stop expecting yourself to be perfect either at home or on the job that would be reasonable.)

Manage to be confident

This general life scenario being similar for everybody, some people manage to be much more confident than others. How do they do that? Here are a few hints:

Learn relaxation techniques. That will put you in charge of your stress level. Knowing that you can relax whenever you wish to boosts your self-confidence too.

Work on your thinking styles. "I am smart", "I am capable", "I did so well in a few similar situations, so why not in this one" is a type of thought that you would benefit from. Whereas the self-defeating style: "I will never be able to do that", "I never seem to get anything right" will just work as self-fulfilling prophecies. When your internal voice is negative, or critical, try to make it sound ridiculous, maybe like Donald Duck.

When you have the urge to remind yourself what you have done wrong in your life, be very specific about it. Narrow it down to the particular situation when it happened. Don't generalize from there. So instead of saying 'I am a loser", say that you didn't succeed in that certain situation. Avoid dwelling on your shortcomings.

Put things in perspective. It is very rarely "now or never".

Remember things you are good at. Always feed on your success: recognize yourself, credit yourself for them, enjoy them, remember and recall them.

Write down your tasks and plan for them. Don't keep them all in mind at all times, because that would contribute to your anxiety (and stress) level.

Live behind experiences that you don't need to dwell upon any more.

When frustrated, identify the obstacle and decide if it's possible to find a solution. If yes, be truly honest with yourself and decide if you are willing to make the effort, spend the time, and contribute whatever resources are needed.

If not, treat it as if it was impossible: give it up and let go of it (the sooner the better).

Get enough sleep.

Exercise regularly.

Eat healthy. Eat what your body needs. When somebody takes care of their car, they are very careful to "feed" it fuel, not for example pop, and just the right grade of fuel; and when giving it oil, they never would double the amount, or give the wrong oil.

If they did that, the car will not be able to function properly. But many people do it to themselves with ease, eating all sorts of things that their bodies don't need, just hoping the body will be able to handle it, that somehow, it's O.K. Well, it isn't.

Behaving differently

Some of the pieces of advice given above might seem much easier said than done. Often, consciously knowing what would be the smart thing to do, we find ourselves straggling with feeling compelled to behave differently.

That often is the result of lack of alignment of what we want consciously, with what we want on our subconscious level. Like when somebody knows that they should stop smoking, but that old strong habit just thrives in his/her subconscious, proving stronger than any conscious decision.

That is where hypnotherapy is such a great help, because it enables one to achieve that conscious-subconscious agreement in a fast and lasting manner.

You may find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you with stress, anxiety, self-confidence, weight management, smoking, habit change, fear, depression, pain management, motivation, goal setting, success, and in many more cases.

The Counseling Hypnotherapy Center offers free consultations, meant to enable all interested to have their questions answered, and if they wish to, they may find out how it feels to be hypnotized.

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Article submitted by Ivona Zager, M.A., C.Ht., OACCPP, Counseling Hypnotherapy Center

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