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Calling All Red Heads! New for 2010
Conversations with Red Audio CD series of Universal Teachings! Practical application of Spiritual Understandings.

Warkworth - Monday, January 25th 2010 - New for 2010 : “ Conversations With Red”

Calling all Red Heads

New From Oakendell!

Krow and Wendy are excited to offer Crystal clear studio recordings of “Conversations with Red”. These fascinating discussions with the Council of Elders are recorded monthly, building an ongoing library of Universal knowledge for your further enlightenment and listening pleasure.

January's release: 2012: An Earth Odyssey - Prophesies, earth changes and the shift in social consciousness

Don't be afraid, be informed.

The changes coming in 2012 are not doom and gloom —

it's an opportunity for change, in loving balance with the planet.

Find out how you can make the transition easier.

Red says, "We (The Council of Elders) hold ourselves outside of time and place but we interface with those of you on the physical realm

of the earth plane in the capacity as counsel, as elders.

We bring with us today information, overview and insight to the places that your world is heading with hopes that we can assist you

through this transition time and help all of you to find

your true hearts' desire."

February’s release: A Quest for Love - Evolution of Relationship, Soul Mates, Healing the Gap Between Masculine & Feminine.

In Time for your Valentine, A Quest for Love covers the origins of the universe built on Love to how this has become the most serious gap on earth.

How do we heal the gap between Masculine and Feminine and evolve to the state of Bliss that we all year for? How do we find our balance no matter what gender we find ourselves in each lifetime?

So much is addressed here in this CD that folks are saying...“ Quest for Love should be mandatory listening for anyone in a relationship,or anyone wanting to be in a relationship.” DC.

New CDs available every month. Complete details on our websites:

CDs are $15 each (incl. tax, S&H).

Visit our websites for information or to order your copy!

Serious Red Heads! Don’t miss a month! You can order your 2010 subscription and look forward to a new teaching CD each Month.

Possible upcoming topics: Birth, Death and the Cycle of Soul,Healing Yourself,Manifestations of Disease, Parenting the New Children, Manifesting your Dreams, Role of the Feminine and Masculine, Addictions Understood, Sacred Sexuality, Origins of the Universe, Understanding God, Changing Role of Religion, Prophesies, Evolution of Human Consciousness, Elves, Fairies Myth or Magic, Parallel Realities, and, well.. it's unlimited really.

Got a topic for a Conversation with Red?

Email your ideas to Wendy and Krow

We know you will be as excited as we are to share this knowledge and get it out into the world. In an effort to prevent pirating, and cultivate circle community, we ask that you encourage your friends to purchase their own copies to continue supporting our endeavors in bringing this information through. Please forward this email to friends and colleagues who will benefit from these new Conversations with Red. Thank you! Together we can change the world.

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Wendy Murdoch, Krow Fischer and the Council of Elders
Weavers Of Light A Channelled book of knowledge for our changing times.
Book release

warkworth - Thursday, December 14th 2006 - A manual on conscious living, Weavers of Light outlines how we create our collective realities according to our belief structures and imprints. It shows us how we have been creating these realities since the beginning of life on Earth, and how this has evolved into the complexities in which we currently live. It offers insights and understandings, as well as very concrete tools for changing our conscious belief structures as individuals, and thereby changing the collective social realities that we have been manifesting on the Earth, our beloved teacher.

“You are all childr4en of the Creators and you are all given the same access. What you believe and perceive of yourself and your relationship with creation is what you weave into your realities. This is a time of great opportunity that has not been here for a long time. You can take this opportunity and make that leap in consciousness that is required to bring all of Earth to a state of grace. It is not meant that only a few masters benefit from the magic of the land or the skies, it is meant as a birthright for all souls”.

This book was channelled from a group of souls known as The Council of Elders, Record Keepers, or Ancient Ones. This collective group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years, and they continue to bring fresh insights and understandings, as we expand our conscious ability to comprehend.

As our soul evolution continues, we are now ready to understand new concepts of reality, and are willing to take further responsibility for our co-creation here.

When the students are ready….The book will be here.

You can order you book directly from us at Oakendell, through e-mail or phone. (705) 924-3852

Cost is $30.00 tax included. Shipping extra if required.

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Ph. (705) 924-3852
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