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My Love We Are Going Home
Is fiction not often truer than fact?

Cape Town - Sunday, February 19th 2006 - My Love We Are Going Home as a novel is not just a factual guideline to biological ascension, but a beautiful and intriguing romance. It is one of those gripping tales that urge one to quickly just read the next page in order to come closer to the conclusion. At times I have found myself reading rather quickly through the profound messages of POWAH, a Higher Consciousness Guide, whose excerpts on ascension can assist all to return Home in a more conscious way, just to get to the pages filled with passion, suspense and love.

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Nadine May
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Cape Town, Western Province
South Africa
Ph. +2721 7827451
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Read Nadine's two visionary fiction novels and you will find that they make you think.
Paul Van Houten from: New Age Magazine

About Nadine May:
I’m a visionary fiction novelist. My aim is to write about what possible future we could have if we have reached a full awakening.

My novels are works of fiction but the story could be real. I write about the ascension journey, meaning awakening to full

consciousness. Each novel has a workbook linked so the reader can fully partake in the same journey my characters do.

This first workbook titled the language of light has many creative mind-drawing exercises that will trigger the language of the soul of each artist from within.

My mind-drawing workshops and the following genetic decoding workshop (see covers a decoding method for biological ascension unique to each individual. My first ascension novel that I advertise through this my website is an account of people who are investigating biological ascension and how their lives change as they move through the course into Higher levels of reality.