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Looking for the Energy to Heal Yourself [archived 2007 press article]
-Reiki Article-Written by Reporter: Pat Rogers of "The Press" Manorville & The Moriches ,N.Y. Edition: Host: Patty Alessi Reiki Master Teacher, Transformational Breathwork Trainer/Teacher, and Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie

Mastic,N.Y. - Friday, April 17th 2020 - Article by Reporter-Pat Rogers

" The Press" 2007 Archived Article

Reiki master Patty Alessi stands and warmly welcomes people to have a seat in the circle of chairs set up in a room at the Brookhaven Town Community Center in Mastic. People file in with friends or family, or alone. Each takes a seat.

A heart-shaped box is passed around. Intentions for a miracle you would like to see happen in your life are written on a small piece of paper and slipped into the top of the box. After the group is assembled, Ms. Alessi addresses the attendees.

The weekly Reiki session has begun.

On a recent Thursday, about 20 people gathered. The session is made up of people wanting to receive Reiki and practitioners who are qualified to give it. Most people have been there before. A few have not, wanting to try it after hearing about the healing benefits of Reiki from a friend or relative.

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing art that received the name Reiki in the 1800s in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, according to Ms. Alessi, a Moriches resident. What Reiki does, simply put, is harness energy from the universe and direct it to entry points lined with Chakra points in the body.

Chakras keep a person's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health balanced. They are believed to be the entry points where Universal Life Force Energy connects.

Once the energy enters, it freely flows to wherever it is needed the most. It is a painless process delivered in a nurturing atmosphere. Reiki is all about creating balance and having people feel better.

We don't claim we heal, but if a body can relax, the body has a chance to heal itself,Ms. Alessi said. The practice is peaceful, and people feel peaceful afterward.

Reiki is good for everyone, Ms. Alessi said. This includes adults, children, babies and animals. To set the mood and generate positive energy for the group, Ms. Alessi begins with song. Lyric sheets are passed around, and the group sings two songs with themes of love for self and love for others.

Group meditation with guided imagery is next. Rhythmic music plays while Ms. Alessi gives direction on relaxing specific parts of the body. She then asks each person to select for themselves an intention a specific request for healing.

The healing intention can be emotional or physical. Like alleviating pain from cancer or surgery or a persistent medical condition. Or stopping pain from the end of a romantic relationship. Or from the death of a loved one. Or releasing emotional hurt caused by the actions of others.

Intentions are private during the guided meditation. As Ms. Alessi continues the meditation, she asks people to note which colors come into view. Each of the body's seven Chakras are said to have a specific color associated with it. Afterward, Ms. Alessi takes her place at the head of the circle and asks if anyone wants to share.

A few people reply. Some reveal their intention. Others detail images that came to mind. All relay a color seen. Ms. Alessi then moves the session to the Reiki portion. A count is taken of the people wanting to receive, and conversely, the number of Reiki practitioners in the room.

In this session, one practitioner is available for two people. Chairs are moved and pairs form. People receiving face each other to help generate additional positive energy. The lights dim. The Reiki begins.

Most close their eyes while sitting comfortably in a chair. Hands are mostly placed a few inches above the body. The treatment lasts about 15 minutes. Then practitioners pair up and give each other Reiki treatments.

Reiki feels different each time it is administered, and can vary by practitioner, Ms. Alessi said. Most times, the person feels warmth or heat. A tingling sensation is common. Sometimes, though, nothing is felt at all but that doesn't mean energy isn't being transferred, she said.

She also pointed out that anyone can perform Reiki, or train to be a Reiki practitioner. To become a practitioner, workshops or classes are taken. Reiki training consists of several levels of mastery and bestows different treatment parameters. The first level allows giving Reiki to friends and family. Level two allows the person to give Reiki to others. The ultimate achievement is that of a Reiki master.

Ms. Alessi is a dual master of Reiki, having studied in different schools of Reiki. She also facilitates healing through transformational breath work, guided imagery meditation, life coaching and The Work of Byron Katie, a healing practice developed by self-help author Byron Katie said to be a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all the suffering in the world.Ms. Alessi also trains people to become Reiki practitioners.

One of the beautiful parts of being a practitioner, she said, is that the person giving Reiki also receives it. Equally satisfying is knowing that after a person receives Reiki, they can give themselves a treatment for 24 to 48 hours.

With Reiki, the more you give, the more you receive,Ms. Alessi said. Every time you receive Reiki, the benefits build. It ïs cumulative.

Attendees at Ms. Alessi's recent Reiki circle were eager to share ways Reiki has benefited their lives.

Neil Richardson of Shirley became a Reiki master after it helped him recover from a stroke he suffered decades ago. "It changed my life and it completely healed me from my stroke",Mr. Richardson said. "Reiki is an amazing thing."

Ms. Alessi leads a Reiki circle every Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at the town Recreational Center at 15 Herkimer Street in Mastic. Donations are accepted. Call 281-7655 for information. The second Tuesday of each month, Ms. Alessi leads an inquiry circle based on The Work of Byron Katie at the center from 12:30 to 2 p.m. On March 23, she will lead Breathing for Healing at the Center Moriches Library on Main Street from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., and a stress reduction series based on The Work of Bryon Katie will be held at the library in April.

In addition to group sessions, Ms. Alessi has a private practice in which she delivers Reiki and the other healing modalities. Individual sessions range from $50 for a mini-session to $100hr/ $130 90mins full session. For more information, call 834-7066, or visit


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Article by Reporter-Pat Rogers
" The Press" 2007 Archived Article
Manorville & The Moriches, New York Edition
How To Regain Our Spiritual Dignity / Tools For Your Toolbox
Negative Thinking..." When We Always Believe What We Think"...

New York/ Long Island - Friday, April 17th 2020 -

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How to Regain Our Spiritual Dignity/ Tools For Your Toolbox/ Negative Thinking... "When We Always Believe What We Think"...

"Transforming Darkness Into Light" When we believe that what we think is always true, and its causing stress... It's a lie. Our Integrity, Health and Spiritual dignity is ignored. We take hold of a thought and imprison it. We won't let it speak it's truth. It becomes bound and gagged. The Negative "Thinker", then becomes chief, judge and jury. We have the keys to the jail yet we dig our heels in and won't put the keys into the lock to freedom. There is no investigation. No questions. It's buried away.

What we think can Create ... What really happens is that we do bury it, imprison it etc, and these things then become metabolized burrowed somewhere in the Physical Body, Psyche, and blocks up Spirit . Thoughts...It's too painful to look at,so we stuff it somewhere. At some level consciously or sub-consciously we accommodate the unwanted guest/ or pest. Lodging it all somewhere. Multiplied with other stressful thoughts and feelings that have not been questioned . Negative thought begins to take on form. We are creating and manifesting...addiction,depressions,cancers,cyst, chronic illness,etc. We get to hold onto illness,thoughts, opinions and projections. If we want to... We also have a choice; that will raise the standards. Where can we get rid of negativity? Einstein theorized that energy can be transformed.Energy doesn't disappear. So negative perceptions and beliefs can be looked at as energy, yes? Here is some food for thought. We are not always in negative thought, some are flies we see and some just get by us with out our noticing. We can choose peace. A process, of course. Question your thoughts, and Breathe.

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For More Information:
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