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Wilbraham, MA - Thursday, March 03rd 2005 - WILBRAHAM-If it is true we are the sum of all our experiences, then all sides of the equation are not always good, said healer CJ Martes. But she said with the aid of spiritual awakening and the techniques of a process called "soul clearing" it is possible to remove the negative imprints that prevent us from progressing in our lives.

Always one who enjoyed working with people, Martes has had a number of spiritual experiences that she believes were God's way of of showing her the path she was supposed to take. So within the last two years, the Kansas City, MO native has conducted workshops throughout the United States and other countries to help people achieve happier, more fullfilled lives.

Martes will be coming to Awakening Heart in Wilbraham United Church to both describe her own experiences as well as work with others to fully understand and balance their own lives.

On Friday March 4, from 7pm to 8:30pm she will be giving a public lecture called "Awaken your Angel Within" that will introduct people to the subject of soul clearing. Then on Saturday and Sunday she will be giving a training to those who wish to learn how to identify and release negative memories that have impacted the patterns in one's life.

More information on these programs can be obtained by calling Awakening Heart at 596-8488.

Martes said the concept of her work is called Akashic Field Therapy (a name is trademarking), and involves finding information about our lives in the energy around everyone that comes from God - then calling for the release of what is holding us back and its replacement with a more positive framework.

"In the workshop, I use a series of charts that describe certain kinds of trauma and emotional states to help people identify what they've felt," she said. "And then we go a step further and help people understand what the imprints were stored for or what their souls were trying to learn from them.

"We ask for their release and then I give them follow-up work (yoga, journaling or some other approach) to do on their own to continue the procress. After all, it is the client's choice what to do with the information."

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, Martes said her family was heavily rooted in the medical field and she attended Catholic school growing up. After experiencing a variety of spiritual messages from God through angels, she said she knew she wanted to share what she had learned with others.

"When I became so wide awake to the energy around us I could touch people's hands and feel what had happened to them," she said. "But I didn't want to just do palm reading. I wanted to do something practical that would help them live better lives. I believe that God inteads for us to live happy, fulfilled lives."

After studying with a variety of new age and spiritual practitioners, she said she came to offer her own programs and feedback has been considerable on what she offers.

"Most of the people who are drawn to this type of therapy are open to it because doodrs keep shutting on their careers, families or relationships and they have exhausted a lot of other alternatives," she said, "But once their Akashic Records are known to them, the vast majority of people who communicate with me after these sessions say it has made a very positive impact on their lives."

She said she became aware of Awakening Heart through a holistic therapist name Sandra McKee who lives in Connecticut and had worked with the spiritual health center in the past.

In time, Martes hopes to conduct conclusive research on the long-term benefits of soul clearing on clients.

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Douglas Farmer, Staff Writer

About CJ Martes:
A powerful mystic and spiritual teacher, CJ Martes has spent the past twenty-five years touching the lives of thousands of people in over 50 different countries with her amazing insights.

Known for her ability to openly communicate with angels in order to support and guide others through difficult times, she's lovingly known as an Angel on Earth to many who know her.

CJ's life was changed forever in 1997 when she received an unexpected visit from a group of 13 Seraphim Angels. They not only helped her to heal during a very difficult time in her life, but made some startling predictions about CJ's path and her purpose.

During their initial visits with her, they spoke often about a book that she was destined to write which they called Angel Incarnate. This book Angel Incarnate: One Birth is the fulfillment of their predictions and is inspired by a True Story.

Since that fateful day, the Seraphim have continued their daily communication with CJ in order to assist her work to inspire others to believe that they are truly powerful beyond measure.

She and her wonderful husband David have raised four children and enjoy living in the Midwest.

To learn more about this incredible book and CJ's work:

http://www.angelincarnate.com or http://www.cjmartes.com