• "Maiden, Mother, Crone: Gardens of the Sisterhood"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    In troubling times, the garden welcomes you to the age old mystery of symbolic fertility, growth and wisdom of the land. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood, the journey of maiden, mother, crone.. October 2012
  • "Princess or Doormat * Which are You?"  by by Ann Marie O'Dell
    . March 2011
  • "TELEPATHIC LOVE * 9-1-1 Get Out of My Head"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Telepathic Love, what exactly is it? Straight or Gay, what if you are so tired of thinking of someone you want to scream? Here are some tips on how to make that dream lover go the next level or get out of your head.. January 2011
  • "Tips For Finding a Good Reader"  by by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Here are tips on finding a professional Psychic Reader and how to determine accuracy.. January 2011
  • "TAROT SYMBOLISM * why certify?"  by by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Its a new enlightened era....but certified professionals want certified readers. . January 2011
  • "Are more spiritulaists leaving long relationships? "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    One day you wake up and you just KNOW its time to leave. Your partner is sullen, negative and frankly sees your "spirituality" as obnoxious. Your light worker friends stay away. The joy is gone within you.. July 2010
  • "Wild Succulent Crone Gathering"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    In a gypsy scarf I dance barefoot amongst my wise woman sisters, celebrating my strength in being alone, fearlessly, at the wild succulent crone gathering.. June 2010
  • "OH MY GOD NOT 2012 AGAIN"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    My feeling is, just like the financial crash that happened over night in Wall Street, 9-11 and oil spill, when our demise happens there will not be a planned date or time o clock.. June 2010
  • "Dating Site Profiles* Reading Between the Lines "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Are you saying things in your dating profile that can be read the wrong way? You may not even see it! Your getting responses but no one stays and they are not your type. Here are some tips and a video.. February 2010
  • "Creating Books or Art with Tarot "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Did you know you can use Tarot to end writers block? Tarot can also help you create the theme of a painting or sculpture you feel ready to start. In fact having your own cards just for building the outline plot of a book, a blog or school essay can be a powerful tool. There's nothing magical about it. Like ink blot tests, Tarot brings out the issues, dramas and spiritual questions within you, and through symbol association helps build the plot or art work, essay or blog you are creating. Tarot is the best tool for ending writers block or a creative dry spell there is! The possibilities in using Tarot as a teaching aid for creativity in class are wonderfully New Age. Here are some examples:. February 2010
  • "CHAKRA SWEATERS * What does your favorite sweater say about you?"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    What sweater do you reach for when your feeling absolutely YOU?   Usually it's the one you've had forever. You feel comforted, relaxed and at peace in your Chakra Sweater.  Every time you grab for it your in for a laid back day or creative focus. Your personal Ommm time is often shared with your favorite Chakra sweater.. . November 2009
  • "SPIRITUAL MIDWIVES BIRTH YOUR LIGHT...1-2-3 Push!"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Delivering a new enlightened you comes AFTER the pain of depression, illness and helplessness. It may feel as if you are being tested. The light and dark “essence” fight within you and it feels as if you will never be happy again.. November 2009
  • "PREDICTION 2009 l President Obama's Historical Legacy"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    What will President Obama's historical legacy be? If prayer is the telephone line to the Universe and God, what happens when the world prays for a world power to go down? How are the goals of "S.D.S." and "The Oath Keepers" the same? Heath Care, Afghanistan and the diplomatic role of President Obama will make this era one to never forget.. November 2009
  • "LOVING THE COLD MAN"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    She felt like she was throwing a knife into her own big toe. It wasn’t that she purposely looked for cold men. They were drawn to her strength. It was exciting for them to see her passionate and vulnerable. . November 2009
  • "SWINE FLU 2009 – Symptoms, Survival, Spreading "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    How does it feel to have Swine Flu? How long does it last? How is it spread? Where did it come from? Will it Kill you? Why are ATM Machines & Money a major carrier? What stock is soaring due to Flu? {Update! One hour after writing this blog...CNN reported the number of confirmed Swine Flu cases doubled from 20 to 40 in Queens, New York.} . April 2009
    Susan was 47 and had never been kissed. In a frumpy dress, thick eye brows and old lady shoes her Angel voice God Smacked the world. Her voice, so rich and beautiful, made thousands cry in Joy. But wait a minute! There’s more to this story. What’s really between the lines of this true Cindarella story?. April 2009
  • "What is an Angel Reading?"  by Ann Marie O'Dell * Intuitive Reader 38 Yrs.
    What is an Angel? Do Angels need names? How do we connect with our Angels? What is an Angel Reading? How can you be sure of the readers truth? Why should you get an Angel Reading? Here is some information. March 2009
  • "Doing One More Thing..... Can Ruin it All"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Learning when to stop while we are ahead is an art. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson we have to learn from taking on too much on our plate, or saying more then we should have. The art of “less is more” is powerful. . March 2009
  • "How to have a Summer Drum Circle "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    The drums beneath the starry sky give a sense of primitive organic oneness with the Universe. Some of the watchers begin to dance. The fire leaps and prayers of spiritual intent for peace and healing reverberate into the sky. The drums stop suddenly, and the “better good” begins. A drum circle adds magic and bonding unity to summer events.. March 2009
    Embryonic Stem Cell Research is seen as important as the discovery of the wheel. Its impact on healing burn victims, disease, horrific deformities and paralysis will be so excitiing world scintists join together in a massive healing renaissance. Its effect on 2012 is surprising...Prediction by Ann Marie O'Dell *March 9th, 2009 . March 2009
  • "Rush Limbaugh – The Art of Radio Dictatorship {less government control?]"  by Annie O'Dell
    Strangling with a cyber wire the throats, lives or career of those that go against him, Rush's Republican Conservative audience screams “USA! USA!” Is this an example of less government control? . March 2009
  • "Read Palms! You will be a hit at Summer Parties"  by Annie O'Dell
    Try Palm Reading to break the ice at parties and dates. Everyone wants to know about themselves. Once the word gets out you can Palm Read people will be hounding you at parties and clubs. . March 2009
  • "Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, Obama & Contagious Excitement"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Rush Limbaugh's golden microphone bully ramps, Ron Paul's dire worry, Obamas peace message, all rely on Contagious Excitement for mass appeal. Which message are you drawn to; and why? . February 2009
  • "The Spiritual Umbilical Cord between Humans and Pets: When you’re Soul Mate Animal Dies "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    In the heart of most old dogs is the fear of deserting its pack. Their mysterious spiritual umbilical cord to us transcends logic and takes us to the world of telepathy.. January 2009
  • "Reiki for House Plants"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    After I certified in Reiki Healing I realized my excitement in sharing my gift was not shared by my conservative community. I practiced on House Plants with amazing results.. December 2008
  • "Blocking Telepathic Old Lovers"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Still dreaming about an old love? Why can’t you find closure? Maybe you are leaving old telepathic portal doors open. Try this exercise.. December 2008
    Ann Marie, Certified Master Tarot Channeler 37 years, peers through the Tarot as if little 3-D posters on to your life. Her Co Host, "Lily," is a Disembodied Church Ghost that speaks through a creaking rocking chair. November 2008
  • "When Good Friends turn Ugly {Psychic Addiction}"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Recently a favorite and beloved client found them selves in a crisis. They called as many psychics as they could for their opinion. This they reasoned was “getting a full picture” of what was really going on. Unfortunately, within a short amount of time, they spent over $300.00. Rent came, and so did the phone bill. . October 2008
  • "{Foretold News 10/10/08 }Sister Othelia's Psychic Reading for Mr Financial Crisis "  by Ann Marie O'Dell {Sister Othelia}
    I got a visit this morning from the world. In a raspy, breathless voice, 2 bruised eyes and tattered suit coat it stopped by for a Psychic Reading. I sat it down, gave it a cup of hot chocolate, and read on the following sick dynamics in its life.. October 2008
  • "Shaman Women"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Sacred Black Hills Spirit, Bunny Sings Wolf, awed our listeners with Native Wisdom and music laced with chimes, thunder and lightning. Her profound wisdom on Shaman women, remarked some, made them cry with joy. October 2008
  • "FAT Jeans; Freedom to be Imperfect."  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    As I slide my Fat Jeans off the top shelf, making ready for 5 pounds of winter weight, I find myself feeling both scared and FREE! I embrace my inner child and rebel against fashon. I want to play, let go and have fun.. October 2008
  • "A Psychics Story of Acceptance in a Small Town"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Eight years ago I quit my job of 22 years to become a full time Psychic. This was when the economy was booming. In Yr 2000 credit card spending was at its peak. So were Psychic reading calls.. September 2008
  • " Love Letter Ecstasy"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    The history of love letters is powerful. In museums messages from Napoleon to Antoinette still steam with ecstasy beneath glass: “Returning soon. Don’t wash.” Love letters give us a glimpse of the passion.. September 2008
  • "Sarah - 65 Yr old Hottie * ancient story, modern truths"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    She was 65 and so incredibly beautiful she was stolen from her husband by an Egyptian Pharaoh. In that time being beautiful meant the first to be kidnapped, raped or killed.. September 2008
  • ""Bitch Pills" was Written Across a Bandaged Bottle of Vitamins "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Compassionately, I say "That’s right. Bitch Pill. Go to Wal-Mart and buy your self a nice big bottle of vitamins, or if you are holistic purchase a brand from your Health Food Store." . September 2008
  • " Is It Rude to Call the Dead Back?"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    The medium gazed into the audience, as if listening. “HARRY.” he looked into the audience. “I’m defiantly getting a message from “Harry”…... September 2008
  • " Poisoning your Body with Unclean Crystals?."  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    My blood pressure was low but my body was tremoring. At night my sleep was ragged. During Spring gardening I shed my Smokey Crystal necklace and magnetic copper bracelet. My body rythem calmed.. September 2008
  • "A.D.D. Animal Communication"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    As a child, the hardest part of being A.D.D. {“Additional Dimension Disorder‘},was feeling that in life I never made the grade point average so therefore must be “less.” I found communication with animals comforting and easy. . September 2008
  • "A powerful Sexual Aphrodisiac that brings Him back "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    You meet, feel the instant chemistry and gaze into each others eyes with desire. The need to be in a closer encounter is achingly powerful. Timing and intension are everything. When we give someone something fascinating to think about….to work for….to be intrigued by, we see them back. What if we don’t? . September 2008
  • "Torn through the Veil! He died and came back. What did he see?"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    He was tall and lanky, wood beads wrapped around his wrist. Don was a P.H.D. that died one day. From the other side of the veil Arms reached out to him. Called back, he was ripped through the veil to return to life with the gift of Spirit Communication....and four foreign languages. . September 2008
  • "Buiding a Healing Music Collection for your Practice, Yoga or Meditation?"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    The moment Judy walked into the healing room for her session the sound of beautiful soothing music wrapped around her. She immediately relaxed. Her Intuitive Healer realized her mothering image was defined by the quality of the soothing music she played. . September 2008
  • "Autumn Depression & Unfullfilled Summer Plans"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Something about the end of Autumn has many feeling blue. It seems one morning we wake up and realize the plans we made for summer did not come through as we hoped. Worse, they came and went so quickly there is a feeling of “is this all?” . September 2008
  • "When He Leaves ...{but keeps coming back!}"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    David left “for good” just like three other times. He said he would be back for his stuff on the weekend. He didn’t. Four weeks later a pair of his dirty underwear was still on the floor and three of his shirts were folded on top of Nancy’s dresser. . September 2008
  • "Jealousy"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    Email reading for a jealous wife: 1} HOW DOES MY HUSBAND FEEL ABOUT ME? The following comes up: He thinks about you ALL THE TIME. In so many ways you were, {and still are} the perfect woman he envisioned for himself. . September 2008
  • "Your Favorite Old Sweater - Chakra color frequencies"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    What color is your favorite old sweater? Color emits frequencies of emotional dynamics. Who are you? Your favorite Autumn Sweater may say volumes about you. Match your sweater's Chakra color with its emotional frequency.. September 2008
  • "Big Natural Women"  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    All through history the curvy voluptuous body of woman was seen as beautiful. Big Natural Women walk through history seen in gauze, togas and nude paintings. Big natural women represented health, easy child birth, and wonderful food. . September 2008
  • "10 - 10 - 10 Want a new baby? Car? House? This is a powerful decision making tool. "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    A new car, house, baby or job can be decided apon with 10-10-10. “You know what it is?” my coffee sister asked. “No”…..”What?” . September 2008
  • "Step In a Wasp Nest? Pull your Foot out if it hurts. "  by Ann Marie O'Dell
    What is it that makes us stay with jobs, love or friends that make trouble for us? We feel they treat us badly and it hurts. Yet we stay. Why? Isn’t it common sense to pull your foot out of a raging wasp nest?. September 2008