Journey to the Heart/ Thermo Therapeutics Articles - Table of Contents
  • "The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation"  by Ernesto Ortiz
    Introduction to the Akashic Records.Enlighten yourself to greatness and let go of the past and fears that hold you back. Welcome the end of the cosmic cycle with a new empowered YOU!! . May 2012
    Seven ways to enjoy life to the full extent of possibilities.. July 2009
  • "Tian Di Bamboo Massage - The Art of Massage with Bamboo"  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    Tian Di Bamboo Massage, is a new and unique style of bodywork, that incorporates many aspects of TCM, Traditional Chinese medicine. Working with bamboo will save your hands and wrists, and will make your work deeper and more effective.. May 2008
  • "Why Sacred Travel?"  by Ernesto Ortiz
    Imagine yourself in a distant land, where you can be totally absorbed by the culture, people, beauty and spirituality of the place.... This is part of why we travel to Sacred Places.. November 2007
  • "Why people don’t believe they can live their dreams?"  by Ernesto Ortiz
    In today's worlds we are faced with obstacles and distractions, we embark on a journey to better ourselves and we develop dreams... Many of which we can never realize... Why? We are our own worst enemy and saboteur.... October 2007
  • "PUT YOURSELF IN THE FUN ZONE"  by Ernesto Ortiz
    How many times have you woken up in the morning and think, I am already spent, or say I just can't get started, how about "I feel drained". What do you have to do to bring yourself back to have fun and enjoy your life.. June 2007
  • "The Akashic Records, One Sure Constant Thing…"  by Ernesto Ortiz
    The Akashic Records as the guiding Light we need during this time.... January 2007
    How Imaginal Cells Play a major role within our DNA and how to Hela and understand by using the Akashic Records. January 2007
  • "Beyond Pleasure and Pain: Through Integrative/Shamanic Breathwork"  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    How Integrative Breathworks activate your subconscious and helps heal old wounds. January 2007
  • "TRANCE DANCE"  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    Trance Dance as we know if is a blend of ancient rituals with a modern twist it is a way of recognizing our ancient heritage and apply it to our modern lifestyle.. January 2007
  • "TRIBAL TRANCE DANCE"  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    Experience the magic of Trance Dance... Sweat your prayer as you meditate in motion. January 2007
  • "TWELVE SIGNS OF AWAKENING"  by By: Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    I have talk lately with many of my clients and friends and a repeated theme it’s been going around. Many of them have expressed feelings that they don’t quite understand..... January 2007
  • "Success Plan "  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    Here is a recipe for the winter, one that not only will help you in the now but will help you in planning your tomorrow. I wish you much success in all that you do.. January 2007
  • "THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY"  by Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST
    If there is ever evidence that the world is in turmoil it is now. We have seen many ups and downs in our lifetime regardless as to how old we are..... January 2007